Picrew.me Among Us (Nov 2020) Create Your Own Avatar!

Picrew.me Among Us (Nov 2020) Create Your Own Avatar!

Picrew.me Among Us (Nov 2020) Create Your Own Avatar! >> This article will talk about software, in its early design phase that lets you create your avatars for the game Among Us.

Have you played the popular game Among Us? The game has gained so much traction in the past few months that you should try it out. With Picrew.me Among Usyou will also be able to design your characters for the game, which makes it all the more fun.

The game is exciting, and we can easily conclude that from the high rating it has received online. People across the world and Brazil, the Philippines, and the United States seem to enjoy the entire concept of the game. 

Let’s dive into a review of the game and the new software doing the rounds on the Internet. 

About the game Among Us

The game is set up in a space theme and can be played by multiple players. There are crewmates and imposters, and you will be one of the two. The crewmates have tasks to complete and to identify the imposter. In the meanwhile, the imposter tries to disrupt the tasks and kill the crewmates. 

Recently, Picrew.me Among Us has added another feature to the game, making it enjoyable. It is still in the initial build phase but has intrigued a number of gamers already.

What is Picrew? 

Picrew is an image-maker platform in which you can create images and avatars for the game Among Us. Head to this website, where you have ample options to design the avatar of your choice by using the features available. 

As mentioned by the developer, this image-maker is still in its early development phase, and you will see many additions to it like Outfits, Pets, more hats, pins, more colors, etc.

With Picrew.me Among Us, you can change all and any features of your avatar and play around with the options. Once you are satisfied, click on the complete button. You will be able to download the image and also share it on your social media accounts.

A Few More Information

Innersloth’s owners do not own the software, and it is only for individual and non-commercial uses. The developer is quite open to suggestions and has mentioned his social media handles where you can make suggestions to make this software better. 

You can share your designs and your tips on the developer’s Twitter handle, which has a few hundred followers. As long as you give proper credits, the developer does not seem to have any problem with you sharing the artwork. 

Final Views 

As mentioned above, Among Us is one of the most popular games ever since the pandemic has forced a lot of people to stay indoors. Gamers are looking for additional features to make the game more interesting for them and Picrew.me Among Us gives them that independence.

Dear Readers, if you have played the game or you have designed a character using this software; please share your views with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you. 

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