Costco Free Grocery Box (Nov) Is It Real-Check The Post!

Costco Free Grocery Box (Nov) Is It Real-Check The Post!

Costco Free Grocery Box (Nov) Is It Real-Check The Post! >> The report is based on research to help many readers to save them from being scammed. Please check the details now.

Costco Free Grocery Box: The write-up helps many readers update them with the latest and hottest news trendy in the world. Recently one of the stories is going viral on social media in the United States and globally. 

The CEO of one of the famous companies stated on the Facebook page that they declared to offer free food boxes to the people on behalf of the birthday celebration. 

Please read the full post to know whether the news Costco Free Grocery Box Scam or not.

What is Costco Free Grocery Box?

The news reported on social media by a Costco CEO, Walter Jelinek, claims to offer free food boxes for those who comment within twenty-four-hours. This news is trending in the United States and worldwide that has individual red flags raised. 

Please read the postCostco Free Grocery Box if you have already commented on the post to save yourself from a scam.

What is written on the Facebook Page?

The fake team or scammer reports the news below; we received it after searching over the internet.

“The news declares Competition Alert! Has the name of CEO of Costco, Walter Craig Jelinek.

On behalf of the birthday celebration, every person who comments or shares immediately will get Grocery Box delivered to the door before the end of November. The food box is limited to one package per person and contains grocery and vouchers.”

Is the Report Costco Free Grocery Box Scam or not?

The news is a trick to gain many comments, shares, and views for the page in the CEO of a famous company. They state that each person who comments and shares the news online will get Costco Free Grocery Box this Christmas. 

Based on the thorough research, we carried out; a red flag rises against the report. Because the official news has many spelling mistakes and any CEO has no right to declare this kind of information on social media. 

Is it a scam? Yes, it is a scam based on the factors mentioned in the research carried out.

What if you have already commented on the scam news?

Please beware of the fake news which spreads quickly over the internet. Suppose you have already messaged or commented on the story’s Facebook page.

In that case, the fraud may take your personal details and information, or your account can be hacked, or they may send you a spam message, or the link may take you to a dangerous website as well. 

So please delete the comment and unlike it to save you from being scammed from Costco Free Grocery Box Scam.


The Costco free food scam reported recently claims to give away a food box and gift voucher to those who comment or share on the Facebook page within 24hours. 

This news is fake because many grammatical and spelling are reported, and no CEO is allowed to declare this kind of info online. Therefore save yourself from this kind of scam news; the scammer may take your personal details and direct you to a dangerous website. 

If you know anything about the latest news Costco Free Grocery Box, which is going viral on the internet, please write in the comments section below.

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