Payday Express Group Scam (Dec) Know About This Scam!

Payday Express Group Scam (Dec) Know About This Scam!

Payday Express Group Scam (Dec) Know About This Scam! >> The write-up shares details of the new payday scam, which is making people worried and anxious.  

A new type of scam is surfacing where scammers call residents in the United States to intimidate them and collect the unpaid Payday loans they have never borrowed. It is called the Payday Express Group Scam, and people must stay alert of such scams.    

Many people in America usually take payday loans to cover unexpected bills and expenses. As a result, they have to pay off such high-interest loans on payday. What if you receive continuous calls from scammers to pay off the payday loans you never borrowed in the first place? Please read to learn more about the scam.

What is Payday Express Group Scam?

Payday Express is the trusted financial service company in the United States, dealing in payday loans, money transfers, and more. The company provides short-term payday loans to all eligible working professionals.     

However, a new scam has been circulating online that claims that someone from the company is calling the American residents and asking them to repay the payday loan they have not borrowed

People confirm someone called Robert Brown is calling them on behalf of Payday Express Group and sharing a reference number and asking them to pay the loan they have owed. It is a type of Payday Express Group Scam because people who have received calls have not borrowed any payday loan.

These are scam calls, and people must avoid them or report them at the forum. Many people are blocking the number to avoid the scam text and calls from the person.

What is the Scam All About?

Well, the scam is related to the payday loan. The scam involves calling random people in America or sending them scam texts on their mobile phones. The text message includes a reference number for the payday loan. As per the text message, recipients have borrowed a payday loan from the Payday Express Group and need to repay it at the earliest.

Since it is a part of Payday Express Group Scam, it must not be entertained by people. Many people have reported the scam to the authorities and blocked the number to avoid calls and text messages. 

Everyone is receiving calls and text messages from the same person with the name Robert Brown, and everyone is getting a reference number from the company. 

People’s Reaction About This Scam Calls and Messages

Over hundreds of people have received text messages and calls from the scammer Robert Brown and every time, the same person calls and sends messages to the residents in America. People are now getting frustrated with the scammer and reporting his calls and messages online to the authorities. 

People are sharing their experiences on scam websites. They are reporting the Payday Express Group Scam with the expectation that some actions would be taken. Finally, people are reporting the scam, blocking the number permanently to avoid receiving calls and messages. 

Final Verdict

People in America are worried after receiving calls and messages from scammers to repay the payday loan which they have not borrowed in the first place. Payday Express Group is a reputed and trusted financial service company, and it will never do such a scam.

If you receive such scam calls and messages, report them immediately to avoid getting tricked. If you have anything to add about the Payday Express Group Scam, please write it down in the comments section below.

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