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Onyoky Reviews (Dec) Check If It Is Scam Or Legit?

Onyoky Reviews (Dec) Check If It Is Scam Or Legit
Onyoky Reviews (Dec) Check If It Is Scam Or Legit? >> Please read this review about the website that shares essential information about the portal that deals with fitness wear, and we will let you know about its legitimacy.

Winters are the season for exercise and mediation. To start up your routine with fitness wear; do you wish to buy the clothes? Are you worried about where to buy them? Then Onyoky Reviews is here with the solution.

This post shares the details of the website, which is and claims to serve the people in the United States with tremendous policies.

The website is too new and before trusting any such portal, make sure the company is legit and trustworthy. Please stay tuned to this online feedback to collect all the required information.

What is

It is the portal at which you can buy the clothing stuff for all men, women and kids. Have you ever tried or visited this online site? If not, then Onyoky Reviews could tell all the facilities of the website.

The company deals with fitness wears for everyone. The list includes bottom wears, joggers, printed t-shirts and many more. It has different sections for everyone and a size chart to create less confusion while shopping.

It also shares the reviews on the official page and offers return and refund policies. The products are available at reasonable charges.

Specifications of the Website

  • Website –
  • Established – 2020-11-30
  • Products – Fitness wear for everyone
  • Contact no – (317) 418-5798
  • Email address –
  • Address – 28 North Whittier St, Bow, New Hampshire, 3304 United States
  • Shipping – Within 1-3 business days
  • Delivery time – Depends on the courier team
  • Return – Within 14 days from date of delivery
  • Refund – Within seven business days
  • Payment – PayPal

Positive Pointers of the Website 

  • The website deals with clothes for everyone, including kids.
  • It works on the valid HTTPS connection, as per the Onyoky Reviews
  • It shares all the contact details on the website.
  • The website holds many customer reviews on its official page.
  • The payment procedure is safe and secure.
  • The company claims the best quality of products.
  • It offers return and refund on all without sale items.

Negative Pointers of the Website

  • The website shares the wrong address on the website.
  • The website lacks a social media presence.
  • Negative customer reviews are found on the internet, which implies that the reviews on the website are fake
  • The company holds the trust index of 1%.
  • The domain of the website is created 18 days ago.
  • No valid traffic is available on the website.
  • No return policy is available on the international order.
  • Only one mode is accepted for the payment.

Is Legit?

Onyoky Reviews found that the website is 18 days old and deals with fantastic designs of fitness wear.

The website has an HTTPS connection and shares almost all the details of the company on the official page. The prices of products are excellent, and return policy forms the corner for satisfaction.

But looking forward to the detailed survey there are many red flags for the site. It starts with the invalid address of the company, which is the residential house, not a company or any shop. Another negative point states that the return is only applicable to the address of the United States, and no return is accepted over international deliveries.

The trust index and low traffic rates are the facts that conclude the site to be highly suspicious and a possible scam.

Onyoky Reviews from the Customers

The website shares many customer reviews on the official page which shows the love and satisfaction of the customer towards the material and quality of clothes.

While checking out the other details, some negative reviews are found on the internet claiming the site to be a possible scam and finding the way to get the money back. These statements by the users conclude the company a potential scam portal and clarify that the reviews on the official page are a fraud to attract the customers.

Final Verdict

The online reviews can help you in gathering the essential facts about any portal. Onyoky Reviews shares the same and concludes the platform a fraud place for shopping.

The survey states that the company does not allow customers to purchase more than $105 and steals personal information. Many scam websites deal with the same policies.

Therefore, is highly suspicious and a possible scam platform that holds the invalid address, fake reviews, and unnatural prices. Be safe while trusting such sites for shopping. Assuring all the personal details and reviews of the company is essential before investing the single penny into it.

If you have some different opinions or queries about the website or Onyoky Reviews, then please drop it in the comment section below. 

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  1. OnyOky is a scam site, buyer/shopper beware!!! They will provide a bogus tracking number to PayPal which UPS has no record of shipment, won’t answer phone, email or contact from website.

  2. I to was victimized by this fraudulent Seller’s Account that PayPal continues to allow to remain active even though all of their Seller’s Information and contact numbers are fraudulent. PayPal further re-directed my Purchase Payment to a totally fraudulent email account not associated with the Onyoky Company. PayPal refusal to honor their Buyers Protection Guarantee and refund the buyer their money supports PayPal’s direct criminal participation in this illegal fraud scheme. When PayPal aids and abet criminals in defrauding consumers for personal gain then the PayPal Corporation Must remove itself as a Secure Payment Company for consumers. PayPal can no longer be Trusted to monopolize the financial market as a Payment Processing Entity.
    D. Smith

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