Pampama com Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Pampama com Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Pampama com Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam? >> This article will give you a clear picture of a website selling many essential products.

Do you always search online for shopping? Are you a regular online shopper? If so, this article will be beneficial for you. In this article, we will find out more information about with the help of Pampama com Reviews

As the trend of shopping daily necessities online is increasing, more fraud websites are also skyrocketing. Therefore, it is essential to know the full details of the site before purchasing anything. 

In this article, we will review and find out whether this United Statesbased website is trustworthy or not. This website sells multiple products, including home decor, kid’s toys, and many essential commodities. 

For reviewing the website, we have done in-depth research on every detail of the. As this site is newly registered, it is less popular, and therefore, you should make the buying decision carefully. 

Let us start our reviews.

What is Pampama com? is an online shopping website where you can buy daily necessities and essential products. Some of the site’s highlighting products include gift items for men, women, fishing rods, fishing reel, accessories, electrical, home & garden products, and many more. Also, the prices of all the products are quite reasonable. 

Nevertheless, you should not be attracted by the website interface and the product’s prices. Instead, it is essential to find out more details of the website. As we have done an in-depth investigation, we find out that the website does not have any ‘About Us’ page. Also, the social media icons at the bottom of the site are fake. 

However, before making any decision, you must read reviews and find out whether buying from this site is worthy. 


  • Website type: multiple essential products
  • URL:
  • Address: 2407 Austin Avenue, Savannah, Georgia – 31401 
  • Email ID:
  • Phone number: 800-257-7633
  • Shipping cost: Free Shipping worldwide
  • Payment mode: Not mentioned
  • Refund: Applicable to some conditions
  • Return: Applicable

Pros of buying from Pampama com 

  • Wide variety of products are available on the site
  • All the products have a reasonable rate
  • The website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • There is a provision of free Shipping worldwide

Cons of buying from Pampama com

  • About us, the page is missing from the website, which is not a good sign. 
  • The site is recently registered and is not much popular.
  • Many categories in the menu option do not display any product
  • The interface of the website matches with many other suspicious and scam sites
  • The social media icons are not in operation
  • Payment mode is not clear

Is Legit? 

It is essential to find out if the website is legit or not before you buy anything from it. So, we will tell you in detail about this website’s legitimacy. As the website have a very new registered domain, it is hard to find its trustworthiness. 

The legitimacy of this site is doubtful because of many reasons. First, you will not find many customer reviews online. Second, the owner’s information is missing. Last, a lack of social media presence. 

What are Customer Reviews for this site? 

As already discussed, this website is registered only a few days before, less than a month, and does not have any customer reviews. The site has not gained popularity among online users. So, such a website can always raise doubt among the users.

When you search for an item online, make sure it has enough customer reviews to help you make the right decision. As this website is new, you should not buy anything from it and wait for some time to find its legitimacy. 

Final verdict

You must come to know every detail of the website you are planning to buy something from. After researching everything on this site, we have concluded that it can be a scam.

Though few customer reviews are available and the website is only 20 days old, it has a lot of suspicious signs. Here you will not find any owner information on the website, so you will not come to know who all are behind this site. Moreover, social media icons are fake, which again creates doubt, and a legit site will never make such mistakes. 

Overall, you should not buy anything from this website for now and wait for more reviews online. If you have purchased anything from this website, please share your experience with us and help other customers to know more about this site. 

0 thoughts on “Pampama com Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

  1. Fake… website- their FB version has likes from 2 -4 people none from USA. the number you call asks for money your & cr card to give you a prize you won. No real person. And the address does not exist.

  2. I actually made a purchase from this website over two weeks ago and have not heard from them about the item I ordered and now reading this am sure I was scammed. Do not purchase from this site! What to do now?

  3. I purchased from this website and have not heard from them. I have reach out many times. NOTHING. The phone number on the site is a advertisement. I used because it was with paypal I will be reporting this to them.

  4. I too purchased from this place. No notification of shipping. Called the number got a royal run around for other products. Got two other numbers. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  5. Definitely a scam. We purchased a fishing pole and this company doesn’t exist. We’ve tried many times to reach them and their emails also come back as undelivered. Total scam. They are just fishing for credit card information.

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