is Jinne Ann Legit {July} Read This Review Before You Buy

is Jinne Ann Legit {July} Read This Review Before You Buy

is Jinne Ann Legit {July} Read This Review Before You Buy -> The website provides refurbished branded watches and gadgets, earphones, solar torches and lights, electric fireplaces, storage racks, and toys.Do you keep on reviewing and searching for new online websites? If so, this article will provide you great assistance. Are we doing a review of a site named Jinne Ann to help you find Is Jinne Ann Legit? Please stick with us and read the entire content until the end. You will be able to figure out if this sit is real or just a scam.

Several portals are coming up every single day selling all household things or even custom products. 

 All such fascinated things lure people to the site and prompt them to order items without knowing much about it.

The website delivers to several countries, including the United State, although shipping charges are not clarified anywhere on the site.

Is Jinne Ann a legit site for shopping or not?

Jinne Ann Reviews appear to less over the internet. Hence, relying on reviews to make a mind to buy products from the site seems risky.

A deep dig is needed to evaluate if it is a legit site because a lack of authentic reviews and disorganized products and without much investment in the website designing makes it look like a scam site.

Nothing can be ascertained without knowing more details about it.

What is the Jinne Ann?

This website provides all custom products which even includes refurbished items. It includes everything from needy household items to sport and hobby and even storage structures which require assembling.

It is a portal for all needy products that every house might require at some point in time. The price range also appears every decent.

Although, the reliability of the site cannot be assured without analysis more specifications about it.

Precise specifications Jinne Ann:

  • Website Type- Custom Products including watches and gadgets, earphones, solar torches and lights, electric fireplaces, battery toy cars, etc. 
  • Shipping charge- It provides standard delivery within 15-25 days. For express shipping, it takes 7 to 12 days. No details about the shipping charge is available.
  • Return- It accepts returns within 14 days of delivery. The refund gets processed after receiving the returned product. No information is available about the exchange of commodities.
  • Contact details-Address: not shared
  • Phone: 0635-12586324
  • Email:
  • Payment- It accepts payments through cards and online wallets.

Does Jinne Ann have any pros for shopping?

  • The website accepts returns within 14 days of delivery, and that is a good thing.
  • The entire collection of custom products for household need or even sport and hobby are too good to resist.
  • The price range of the products appears decent and as per the displayed quality of the products.

Does Jinne Ann have any cons for shopping?

  • The website has no option of an exchange of the products.
  • The site does not possess any safe and secure payment gateway.
  • The website has no structured categorization of the products for ease of finding what to buy.
  • There are too few reviews about the site to make it reliable for shopping.
  • No mailing address is shared by the website, which again raises some doubts about its authenticity and existence.
  • There appears to be no guarantee that the consumer will receive the product after placing an order.

What did consumers say about Jinne Ann? 

There are hardly any reviews available about the site, and most of them are negative. 

Hence there is no point looking for only reviews. 

Talking about the website, it does lack several aspects that make it fishy to invest by shopping from it.

There is a big chance that the consumer might not receive the product or even might receive a real low-quality product. So there appears a risk of not just faith but also losing money.

Concluding note:

Many websites are running by fooling people and making money. Among those, maximum sites are not well designed and display profitable and tempting products at reasonable prices.

This website also appears to be falling among that list by lacking mailing address, no COD option, and unstructured categories of products.

Further, there is no information that since when this portal is being run and by whom. So it is best to reach the website by email or phone before placing an order. Else the best thing is to refrain from shopping altogether from such sites to prevent any loss.

Do not forget lucrative, and decently priced things are just a way to tempt the consumers.

0 thoughts on “is Jinne Ann Legit {July} Read This Review Before You Buy

  1. I’ve been trying to reach the email address you provided to no avail !! Even tried direct contact with the store Jinne Ann, to not avail. Looks like I’ve been scammed as no tracking number, although requested, has been provided.

    Needless to say I’m not happy!

  2. I purchased a kayak for $98 I have not received it and I’ve tried sending emails to the address listed as to a delivery date and have not gotten a response back. I would hope and pray you are a liget company. I would apply any feed back order number 1161

  3. I wish I had checked out this site first. Everything you will read about not getting product, no response fro seller, etc is true.

    If you read this before you place your order, I urge you not to. Not because I say so but because so many others are saying the same thing.

    1. I ordered on June 23rd and have received no tracking number or verification of shipment either. I emailed a while ago and have also received no response. I have contacted my bank and reporter the company as fraudulent.

  4. I purchased the same $98 kayak on June 22 (order #3053) and have not received it yet. I have sent several emails to and haven’t received a response back. I paid through PayPal so will try get my money back if someone doesn’t respond

    1. I also bought a kayak from jinne ann then payment went to like a ninja inc. I was given a false tracking number that said was delivered thru usps when I called them they said package weighed 2 ounces and it went to a different address.Scam. Scam.

  5. Wow…I ordered a bike for my husband a couple weeks ago. After reading all the comments, looks like I’ve been scammed!! Time to report these scum bags…Danggit

  6. I bought a bike for 67.00 June 24th and have else do several emails with no response! This was for my son and we’re praying we haven’t been scammed but looks like we have! People suck!!!

  7. having the same problem with them,i ordered a kayak and no response from them and its been 3 weeks,i opened a claim with paypal,hopefully they will get my money back.

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