Ousykt Telescope Reviews {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Ousykt Telescope Reviews {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Ousykt Telescope Reviews {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Thus, the article mentioned above is for a product which is Ousykt Telescope, love the experience.

Stargazing and looking at the beautiful sky is just a unique experience. Isn’t it?

If you are also such a star gazing loving person, and need some great equipment to feel the experience, stay with us here.

A telescope is one of the highly coveted things to own by the lovers of astrology. With the boom of ecommerce, now people won’t have to hustle around from one place to the other in search of a perfect telescope. Getting one is now just a matter of a few clicks. Today, we are going to write Ousykt Telescope Reviews. It is a website based in the United States.

Additionally, we will review some best telescopes for beginners like- Celestron Astro Master Telescope, TELMU Telescope, Toyer Bee Telescope, etc.

We think that the users will get adequate information about the website and this product on the website.

What is Outsykt?

Outsykt is a website that offers some of the best products at the most affordable price. Based in the United States, the website is powered by Shopify. Various products are available on the site, such as Mobile Phone holder, telescope, toys for dogs, etc. We are going to review a particular effect on the website.

Stay tuned with us to know more about international designer clothes and accessories available on Amazon with 4-star+ ratings and innumerable positive customer reviews like- GRACE KARIN Pencil Pants, TRENDOUX Winter Gloves, COOFANDY Men’s Casual Shirt, Sperry Women Boots, etc.

Today, we are going to review Ousykt Telescope Reviews.  The telescope has a waterproof prism that allows users to enjoy travelling, wildlife hunts, and campaigning. The product has its dimensions as 3.25*2.12*6.19 inches. The item weighs 1.5 pounds. With a 12*55 high power magnification, this telescope provides a beautiful insight into the astrological space. 

This Gosky telescope comes with a twist-up eyecup that makes it a great companion to the dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof bag. With the rubber body, this one is worth getting. The price of the telescope is 49.99$.

For Ousykt Telescope Reviews, one must know that the telescope comes with a telescope, a carrying bag with a strap, an adapter, lens protection cover, and a cleaning cloth.

Specifications of the website: 

  • URL: https://ousykt.com/
  • Products Available: Telescope, Boots, clothes, gloves, and many more.
  • Mode of Payment:  PayPal, Amex card, Visa, JCB, etc.
  • Phone number: Not mentioned
  • Email address: service@ousykt.com 
  • Address: Not mentioned.
  • Days of delivery: 7-14 days.
  • Time of Shipping: 2-4 weeks.

Pros of buying from Ousykt.com
  • There are many products available on the site.
  • Ousykt.com is not currently listed as a suspicious site.
  • There are many products available on the site.
  • We do not find any suspicious words in the domain name of Ousykt.com.
  • The site offers 45 days hassle-free return policy.
  • The site uses a secure and safe HTTPS secure connection.
  • You can pay in more than ten currencies on the site.
  • The e-shop offers free shipping above $50.
  • Newsletter subscription is also available on the site.
Cons of buying from Ousykt.com
  • The domain name of this site is linked to one or more sites that are fraudulent.
  • The life expectancy of the domain is relatively short.
  • The majority of the reviews are negative.
  • The social media icons of the site are not working.
  • The site seems to be not much popular online.
  • The trust score is only 2%, which is quite awful.
  • The text is copied and pasted.
  • The site is not focused on any target audience.

Is Ouskyt legit?

The website offers the telescope at only 49.95$. The website is a new one, as it is made in June 2020. It has been noticed that most of the scam websites are the ones that have been driven less than six months ago.

Also, the products on this website are offered at a low price. It is a common aspect that is commonly seen in the scam websites. There is also no contact number mentioned for the website, which is another thing to note for Ousykt Telescope Reviews. 

Are you worried now? Well, you don’t have to as now it’s the time to read about the most promising brands which are easily readily available on Amazon: Gosky High-definition Monoeyed Telescope, Cordura Fabric Free Soldier Men’s Boot, and 281Z PUNISHER Combat Cotton Long-Sleeves stretchable Shirts

  1. Gosky High-definition Monoeyed TelescopeIt has an immediate smartphone holder. 

BAK4 Prism high-definition waterproof one-eyed telescope for a fantastic jungle trip with camping.

Features – 

  • This monocular telescope has a quick smartphone holder for the perfect photoshoot 
  • This Gosky model comes with Water-resistance quality 
  • Suitable for traveling, campaign, wildlife photography, hiking, hunting, and many more 
  • Provided with comfortable leather holder 
  • Inside the package- 
    • A Monocular Telescope (12×55) 
    • Hand holder 
    • A Nylon carry bag 
    • Lens protection rubber covers 
    • Non-scratching cloth piece 
    • Digital accessories 
  • Product details- 
  • Product weight- 1.5 pounds (15.85oz) 
  • waterproof – yes 
  • Fog and dustproof- yes
  • Adjustable Tripod mount head 
  • Prism- BAK-4 Prism 
  • Field of View- 325ft/ 1000yds
  • Field Angle- 6.5 Degrees 
  • Rubber armor 
  • Comfortable mobile holder

Pros of Gosky Monocular High-definition Telescope
  • For image quality-check, different photographs are provided
  • A comparison table with many other similar products are available
  • Includes smartphone adapter
  • 4.4-star ratings out of 5 stars by customers.
  • A rubber protecting shield is covering the device.
Cons of Gosky Monocular High-definition Telescope
  • Cons of Gosky Monocular High-definition Telescope
  • Unavailable in multiple locations
  • Cannot fulfill indoor purposes
  • Delicate product.

  1. Cordura Fabric Free Soldier Men’s BootThese are strong and long-lasting Leather desert and military boots for men 

Features – 

  • Lightweight Fabric of the footwear 
  • A size chart is available for variations in foot size.
  • Very convenient and satisfying at desert places 
  • Adjustable insole 
  • Best suited for jungle hunting, desert areas, and stony places.
  • Quick-drying 
  • Air-free holes for breathing 
  • Product details- 
    • Brand name- Free Soldier 
    • Product weight – 1.5 kgs with package 
    • Fabric Quality – Light weighting Leather 
    • Advised users – Men 
    • Water resistance and quality control 
    • Thread lace

Pros of Free Soldier Tactical Boots
  • Size Variations
  • Color Variations
  • Variations in delivery locations
  • Maximum positive reviews by more than 400 customers in terms of comfort and durability
  • Best Product Quality according to Amazon ratings
Cons of Free Soldier Boots
  • Available only for men

  1. 281Z PUNISHER Combat Cotton Long-Sleeves stretchable Shirts: Comfortable outdoor Stretchable wearing for men in a lightweight fabric. 


  • Fabric- Premium Organic Cotton 
  • Brand- Punisher Combat 
  • Model- 281Z 
  • Tan free full sleeves 
  • Comfortable wearing in sports, climbing, trekking 
  • A size chart is available for varieties in body size.
  • Suitable for uniform purpose 
  • Gives macho fashionable look to the buyer 
  • It’s a machine-wash product that can be handled with care and comfort.
  • Avoid using bleach and do dry cleaning.

Pros of Punisher Combat Cotton t-shirt
  • Size Variations is available for a perfect fit
  • Available in multiple locations
  • Very soft and durable cotton fabric
  • Overall customer ratings are 4.8star out of 5 stars
  • Proven quality-check in field conditions
Cons of Punisher Combat Cotton t-shirt
  • No color variations
  • Suggested only for men

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews are an integral aspect of establishing the authenticity of a website. However, despite repeated searches, there has been nothing substantial that was found related to the website. 

There is no section available on the website that allows users to write their reviews on the website. The website also doesn’t have any presence on social media handles where the users can write their studies related to the website.

It is a concerning factor for Ousykt Telescope Reviews. There seems nothing that will provide legitimacy to the website; hence, it is a potential scam.

We find some of the negative Ousykt Telescope Reviews by the customers on other platforms and recommending others to stay away from it.

Final Verdict

Thus, we couldn’t find much information about the website, so purchasing a product from this website can make the user wash his hands off his hard-earned money and personal information. 

Also, the price of the product is too reasonable to be true. So, that was our take on Ousykt Telescope Reviews; we hope now you can make a well-informed decision regarding the purchase of this product.

Thus, we would ask our users to refrain from making any purchase from the website.

Also, if you have any first-hand experience with the website, you can write to us in the comments section below, as it will help the users make a well-informed decision regarding the same.

0 thoughts on “Ousykt Telescope Reviews {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. I purchased a luxury pkg and have heard nothing. Now the purchase order form shows no page found. I’m led to believe this is a scam. Sad a perfect gift. A truth issue I had is gone.

  2. It may be a language problem but Astrology is the belief that the position of stars trillions of miles away somehow affect you personally and Astronomy is the study of stars and other celestial objects.

  3. I ordered this telescope and in trying to use it I realize that the video was not true to the product sold. So much smaller and hard too difficult zoom in and focus. I sent an email asking to turn it and their reply was this Dear Customer,
    Why you return your product? this is very poor english to say the least. I emailed back saying it is too difficult to use.
    I’ll see if I get a response.
    I usually do not buy things on a whim but the video presentation was very well done and so I didn’t take the time to get informed.

  4. Greetings,

    It has been several months since we made an order and we do not have the product.
    Please let us know if we will get the product. On our bank statement it is recorded
    product or withdraw from: ousykt 5691 HK001001
    This was to be sent to:

    Nick Russo
    2506 W. Shiprock St.
    Apache Junction, AZ. 85120

    Please Reply!

  5. I ordered the luxury package for the Telescope. Did not receive the tripod or smartphone adapter.
    Will not respond to my emails. In my opinion this is not a legit site.

  6. I purchased a deluxe telescope package that was supposed to have a tripod,a phone holder,a carrying bag for 59.99. I purchased 3 of them. If you bought more then one you were supposed to get 10% off. Well it took over a month to get it and I did not get all of the stuff I was supposed to get and I never received a 10% discount. I contacted them through email and was told they could send me the rest of the stuff or give me a 10% refund. I told them no I just wanted my money back and I want to send the stuff back that I have and I was told they had to investigate. The product I received does not match the advertisement. It is much smaller than what was shown in the advertisement.

  7. I ordered the deluxe super telescope (4K 10-300X40mm) package, including the tripod and smart-phone holder, on 22 August and finally received only a telescope today on 14 September. The tripod and smart-phone holder as well as the dust cap are missing. It was obvious when I saw the package size, that this is not the same larger telescope that was shown in their promotional sales video. Also, this telescope has no tripod mount. That video is definitely misleading. We tried looking through it with just the naked eye, as stated in the video does not work. So how could it work with attaching it to a smart phone? I plan on returning item and asking for refund.

  8. I purchased the 4K 10-300X40mm super telephoto zoom monocular telescope. Luxury package.
    Received only the monocular with no luxury package . this item does not match what they advertise. Too small.
    emailed seller, said that they would refund 40% of cost. I have not seen that refund yet.
    BEWARE of this website. I will not order from this site again.

  9. Total scam. Stay away. Smaller than the one seen in the video. Hard to use and focus. Payed for but did not receive the custom package accessories.
    What a crock of crap. I’m a fortunate one in that I can afford to literally burn $59.99 which is what I actrually did when I ordered this fake product,

  10. High order one of binoculars in the advertisement look so good when I receive the package It look like in little toy Took me almost a Months To get it When I contact the manufacturer They keep on Sending Me emails What the same messaging over and overThey do not want to return their binoculars like the advertisement says 100% percent guarantee

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