Digitaltextbay com Reviews {Sep} Is It A Possible Scam?

Digitaltextbay com Reviews {Sep} Is It A Possible Scam?

Digitaltextbay com Reviews {Sep} Is It A Possible Scam? >> Want to shop eBooks easily with the titles you wish to, go through the feedback above.

Want to shop books according to your choice and search them with their ISBN title? Well, this is now easy and very efficient. There are many online sites that helps millions of readers by selling e-books at discounted price. Today we are also going to review one such site that is being operated from the US

But is this a legit site? Have you ever heard of before? Digitaltextbay com Reviews help the users know about the various titles and genres of books available.

We all know that books are essential and help to keep the mind peaceful and full of new ideas. So, the books customer wants must be readily available.  

Therefore, we have researched hundreds of popular books of all time on Amazon and decided to share a few with you like- A New Harbinger Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, Japanese the Manga Way, Analysis for Financial Management, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, etc. Now, you don’t have to miss your favorite book!

Amazon works with professionals and there is no possibility of receiving any counterfeit book and all of them are available at best price.

Before you know more about the best books to read let’s take a look at a brief introduction about 

What is Digitaltextbay com?

It is an online web portal that gives user access to interesting shopping books. The users can search the books as per their favorite genre. Also, the site gives them access to shop for eBooks that come with ISBN title.

These ISBN titles are essential to keep a record of the book, and therefore they can be easily searched through the title or the number. Digitaltextbay com Reviews helps customers know the products better and the best price to buy them.

Now, it becomes all the more critical for the users to go through all the products that the site has, as it has a lot of good books.

What is so unique about Digitaltextbay com?

The web portal is unique and one of the best if it comes to shopping eBooks. The developers work together with a team of great professionals from around the United States. Due to this, they get a lot of great products available on the site.

We also see that the users can easily order the eBooks through the site. The eBooks can easily be downloaded after the payment is made, and the customer can read that offline.

In this Digitaltextbay com Reviews we clear that the most important benefit to the users is there are no shipping charges all around.

Along with that, customers can enjoy good customer service. Customers are free to ask for any queries and complaints anytime 24/7.


  • Product: eBooks 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address: 772 River Road, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • Contact: +14243364660
  • Shipping: After payments, eBooks can be downloaded
  • Returns: Only for duplicate orders done by mistake
  • Refunds: Within3-5 days
  • Payments: Online

Pros of buying from
  • The site has a secure HTTP’s connection.
  • The site has a trendy and professional outlook.
  • The site has all the crucial details like contact number, contact address, and email id to support customers.
  • This site is not currently listed as suspicious.
  • The site claims to answer all inquiries from the customers within 24 hours.
  • The site offers many modes of online payment.
  • The domain name of this site has a commonly used TLD
  • The company offers free shipping worldwide.
  • No suspicious word is founded in the domain name.
  • You don’t have to pay customs or duty fees.
  • The product description is available.
  • Many educational books are available in single e-shop.
  • ISBN od books are available.
Cons of buying from
  • This site seems to be not much popular online.
  • No customer review is available on the site.
  • The domain name is very recent i.e. this site was registered five months ago.
  • There is not much information available in “About Us” section.
  • The site has domain Short life expectancy.
  • An awful trust score of only 2% is there.
  • There is no information about newsletter subscription.
  • The text in many sections is not original.
  • Many book links are not working.

Is Digitaltextbay com legit?

The web portal has recently launched therefore we have done an in-depth research and found many red signals like- plagiarized content, non-working book links, incompletely information in about us section, and many domain-related issues we discussed in previous section.

Moreover, the site has no presence on any social media and we found no Digitaltextbay com Reviews nowhere. 

It is highly dangerous to proceed with it, thus not recommended.

Now, are you still thinking to shop from Or are you thinking to scroll some other portals? Wait, if you are about to do so. As now it’s the time read best educational books for adults like- Bio-chemistry book by Lippincott

Human intelligence book by David Simpson, and Secret To Unlock The Stress

  1. Bio-chemistry book by LippincottIt is the first and best resource of bio-chemistry that has additional topics of blood coagulation.


  • This book provides re-enforcement to your learning.
  • This book contains complex and critical information.
  • Additional question for this book are available online.
  • This book contains expanded topic of macro-nutrients.
  • This book have additional topics of blood coagulation.
  • It has clinical and chapter based topics.
  • It contains overview of the chapter and summary.
  • It is a colour full book.

Pros Of Bio-Chemistry Book
  • There are many happy customers across the U.S.
  • Amazon has given 4.7 star ratings to this bio chemistry book.
  • This book contain important information related to bio-chemistry.
  • Online questions are available for this book.
Cons Of Bio-Chemistry Book
  • Worldwide delivery is not available.

  1. Human intelligence book by David SimpsonThis book provides knowledge of human intelligence segregated in eleven chapters. 


  • This book has conceptual status of intelligence, social and biological causes.
  • Intelligence plays a crucial role in the educational, social and industrial environment.
  • This book provide scientific knowledge of human intelligence.
  • This book is awarded by the international society for intelligence.
  • Intelligence plays an important role in determining the success in life.
  • This book is exceptional for the research of intelligence.
  • This book is segregated in eleven chapters.
  • In this book some chapters are based on psychometric theories.
  • In this book, we know the intelligence of genetics.
  • At last, we know about the brain function.

Pros Of Human Intelligence Book
  • This book is packed with tables and charts.
  • Amazon has given 4.7 star ratings to this bio chemistry book.
  • There are many happy customers across the U.S.
  • This book contains conceptual status of cognitive skills.
  • This book is available on kindle.
Cons Of Human Intelligence Book
  • Worldwide shipping is not available.

  • Secret To Unlock The StressThis book gives strength to the women and helps to remove the stress, with the help of exercise, perspective advice


  • This book provide science based plan to minimize the stress of women.
  • This book provide strength to manage emotions.
  • This book provide a simple method to live a joyful life.
  • This book provide state of relaxation.
  • This book is important for removing the stress cycle.
  • This book explain women experience differently than man
  • This is the type of book you want to give everyone.
  • This book is very special and important for everyone.

Pros of Unlock The Stress book
  • There are many happy customers across the U.S.
  • Amazon has given 4.6 star ratings to this book.
  • This book gives strength how to love your body.
  • This book regulates the emotion.
  • This book is available on kindle.
Cons of Unlock The Stress book
  • Worldwide shipping is not available.

Customer feedback on Digitaltextbay com: 

We have researched the site, and we see that the site is very new. Due to its modern existence, it does not have any reviews and ratings on the internet. 

We also see that Digitaltextbay com Reviews show low traffic on the site. It is not a trustworthy factor regarding any site which leaves the customers suspicious regarding it.

The content on the site is not accurate, and along with that, there is no suitable trust index. So the customers cannot depend on a place with a low trust score.

Also, there is no surety that the refunds will be made or the customers will receive the products.

Final verdict:

The users should analyze the site themselves and know about it in detail. It is seen that since it is a new site, it does not have many reviews, and neither has it had a high trust index.

So, according to Digitaltextbay com Reviews, the site is a scam and can manipulate the customers regarding it. So it is essential for the customers that before they shop or order anything from the web, they should be sure about its genuineness.

Thus, we do not suggest the site for ordering eBooks.

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