Reviews {July} – Should Jump At Scam Site? Reviews {July} – Should Jump At Scam Site? Reviews {July} – Should Jump At Scam Site? -> Here we have reviewed a website that claim to provide you with a superior quality mask, bandana and lots more.  

Are you looking for a place where you can buy the best quality mask? Then, it would be best if you came here because here you will get to see excellent quality masks that are hard to find at any other platform. Here, we are discussing the Reviews that will help to make your final call.

The company has started its first office in the United States. Also, it is planning to extend its reach to many more places. And slowly and gradually, it would capture the large market share. 

Through this article, we have tried our best to showcase all the relevant details of the company. Read the Reviews and make your final whether you want to go ahead with it or not.

We need to check out the legitimacy of the company before going ahead with the company. 

What is

Here, we have discussed where you will get to see many varieties of colourful and beautiful masks

Not only this, but you can also buy masks, bandanas, tops with bandanas from here. 

List down all the specifications of

The specifications of are:

  • Hosted By:
  • Contact Number: Not Available
  • Return Policy: You will get 30 days to return the product if you are not satisfied with the quality. 
  • Shipping Charges: You will get free shopping services if your order crosses $69 amount. 
  • Payment Gateways: VISA, Maestro, American Express, Discover
  • Social Media Presence: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Currency Acceptance: It accepts all kind of currency like USD dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Indian Rupees and so on. 
  • Order Tracking Facility: Available 

What are all the pros of doing online shopping from this website?

The pros of doing online shopping from this website are:

  • The website has used engaging graphics to arouse the customers in its portal.
  • All the masks are not very expensive. Therefore you can buy them as per your convenience. 
  • The company has not stated anything about its physical address. 

List down all the cons of doing the shopping from this website?

The cons of doing shopping from this website are:

  • This website has a very new domain name. So, somehow it is challenging for you to search for a company. 
  • The website does not have its mail server. 
  • The website is not SSL certified. 
  • Even this website is not very popular among people.

Do you find that is a legit company to do online shopping?

No, we do not think this company to be a legit place to do online shopping.  It lacks all the necessary information that a person often looks for when doing the online shopping. Moreover, you will not be able to see the company’s address, nor you will be able to see the contact number anywhere on the page. 

Even the customer support chat option also is not active every time. So, we suggest you first make sure completely whether this website is good or not and then only go ahead with its shopping. 

Customer regarding the Reviews plays the major in deciding the destiny of the company. If the customer gets satisfy with the product quality then he won’t think twice before doing the promotion of the company. 

What are the customers’ reviews after using these products?

There are a lot of customers who are not happy with the product quality; according to them, this company uses cheap quality fabric while making the masks. However, this website drives the right amount of traffic on its portal may be because of its connection from other social media platforms. 

Though they say that they will never come back to this portal and look for other options for doing the shopping, they even posted that they will never recommend this company to their friends and relatives. 

They are also looking for other online platforms that give you quality assurance and maintain product quality. 

Final Verdict

Here, in this article, we tried to put forth all the necessary points regarding the company. After reviewing it properly, we do not find this company at all legit for buying the masks. According to Reviews these kinds of websites will extract all your information and will leak them to the scammers. 

So it’s better to stay away from them and look for the better alternative that gives you the full surety about its genuineness. 

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  1. DO NOT buy anything from NEOBOSEN. They are fraud and they will not send you the product or even if they do then it will not be the same product what you purchased according to pictures. It is risky for your health and life to wear their mask. NEOBOSEN is 100% made in China company from China with full fraud.


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