Is Glacier.Space Legit {July} – Is It the legit Business?

Is Glacier.Space Legit {July} – Is It the legit Business?

Is Glacier.Space Legit {July} – Is It the legit Business? >> In this article, you will get information about an e-shop that offers games and toys at an affordable price.

Are you planning to buy new-generation toys or games? If yes, we know the place where you can purchase them at a discounted price. That place is Glacier.Space. 

We tripped upon a few Glacier.Space Reviews available online so that we can assist our readers in deciding whether to go with the site or choose another option. is an ecommerce site having its presence in the United States. Although it’s a newbie and not very popular, it is developing each day regularly. 

 Have you ever heard about this site? Is Glacier.Space Legit, or is it a scam? Let’s read more about this site. 

Is Glacier.Space Legit?

Do you wish to buy any product from this site, or do you think it is a big scam?

To give you all the necessary information we have spent a whole day researching on the internet. As the domain is very recent, it lacks many essential sections like faqs and customer feedback. 

We find many red flags that can’t be digested- The About Us section says the site is a startup based in Hong Kong, but on the Contact Us page, the address is United States. The content and images are not real; social media icons direct you to the social media’s home page; there are so many grammatical errors in the content, etc.

Moreover, the domain is about to expire soon and is linked to many other fake sites across the globe. It has an abysmal trust score of 1% only.

Thus, with these limitations and fraudulent features, we can’t recommend this site. Hence this answers – Is Glacier.Space Legit?

What is Glacier.Space?

An online e-shop offers a massive variety of modern toys and games at your doorstep and that are within your budget. 

The site offers its unique collection primarily under five categories: Best Selling, Architecture, Starwars, Hot Sale, Technic, and Kids’s toys, including games related to DC superheroes, Harry Porter, Friends, Duplo, Marvel, Jurassic Park, Toys, and many more. 

Read our unbiased review until the end and find out the site’s specifications, advantages, disadvantages, and the feedback given by the customers.


  • Product- Toys and Games for kids
  • Established Year- 2020
  • Website link- 
  • Email Id-
  • Contact No- 3232167777
  • Address – 921 e 52nd St. Los Angeles California United States, 90011
  • Order Processing- 2 to 3 days
  • Standard Shipping- within 12 to 18 days (by Global Airmail)
  • Express Shipping – within 3 to 8 days (by DHL)
  • Delivery charges– No 
  • Return- Within 14 days
  • Mode of payment- Discover, PayPal, AMEX, MasterCard, 


  • Worldwide delivery across the globe
  • This site has a valid HTTPS secure connection
  • The outlook of the site is very professional
  • The site has all Primary information
  • No Extra delivery charges
  • Full Refund can be expected
  • Wide range of products under single shelf
  • Huge Discounts are available 
  • “Subscription” can be made for the latest updates


  • The domain name is very recent 
  • The domain will soon expire
  • The site is linked to many bogus sites
  • A terrible trust score of 1% only
  • The site is not much popular
  • The domain name of the site has a suspicious TLD
  • Most of the content is copied and pasted
  • The address is not traceable
  • No Cash on Delivery available
  • The content has grammatical errors
  • Social media links are not working
  • Images are not real
  • No Reviews or ratings by customers are available

Customer’s Feedback:

As the domain is just recently registered, we find only a couple of Glacier.Space Reviews on some portals where they have shared their experience of shopping with this site and too were not by the customers that can verify it is an excellent site. 

The available general reviews do not suggest to shop from this site and recommend to others to wait for the better option.

 Final Verdict

We have spent a lot of time to give the correct information and to answer Is Glacier.Space Legit or fooling the innocents? After reviewing the site, we inferred that it is not legit and a big scam. 

To begin with, the domain name is bought just a few days ago and has incomplete and misguiding information. We also observed that it has many red flags commonly seen in bogus sites that we have already discussed.  

All these flaws doubt the authenticity of the site. Therefore, we do not recommend that our readers incline towards this site and spend even a single penny. 

Dear Readers, you can leave your response in the comment section given below. Your opinion matters to us!

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