Myshoestyle Com Reviews {2020} Read Before Buying

Myshoestyle Com Reviews {2020} Read Before Buying

Myshoestyle Com Reviews {2020} Read Before Buying >> This article is about creating awareness about ‘’ among the readers.

Imagine yourself wearing elegant party wear designed by a famous designer and you team that up with a pair of sneakers? Won’t you look weird? You are sure to be the next ‘talk of the town’ infamously thereafter. 

What actually got wrong? Of course the footwear. Our dressing up will remain incomplete with all the make-up and hairdo, if we don’t have an attractive pair of feet wearable, complementing our ensemble.

Footwear is important because, it not only protects our feet from injuries, dirt and grime and bad weather conditions but simultaneously, there are other noticeable factors that a good pair of shoe caters to,

  • Firstly, a beautiful pair of footwear can elevate your personality to a different level. Wearing suitable shoes on any occasion can make your image, whereas an improper pair can pull you down extensibly in front of others.
  • Apart from adding value to one’s personality, wearing proper shoes can prevent back aches, joint pains and other health problems.

Therefore, choosing the right kind of shoes for you is crucial. 

Since, online shopping is more prevalent these days over visiting brick and mortar shops for buying things, let’s get to know ‘’.

The website has got quite famous in countries like United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

What is’ is about ‘My Shoe Style’, which means that the website essentially deals with variant styles and designs of shoes that would adorn your feet and there are numerous images displayed for you to select from.

The broad category is ‘Shoes’, which includes sub-categories like Sandals, Sneakers, High heels etc for females as well as a men’s classification.

The images show trendy, ‘on the go’ forms of footwear, which are attractive at the first glance, but the products doesn’t show much information about their ‘make’ or quality, which matters a lot when it comes to wearing the ‘right’ kind of shoes.

How does it work?

Apart from the vibrant and eye-catchy pictures spread all over ‘Myshoestyle’, another distinguishing feature common to most ‘distrustful’ online websites is found here. That’s the prices fronted in red.

This is no doubt meant to lure people in for purchasing their stuff but then this raises questions.

Is the quality of goods compromised on the basis of low pricing? Are the products genuine?

Anyway, ‘’ demands online payment through credit cards and promises to deliver orders within 3-7 working days. However, no contact details apart from an e-mail id has been shared, which means that if there’s any discrepancy in functioning, customers won’t have anybody to report to.

Also, no information about the owners or existence of the company has been furnished.

Who should buy from here?

According to the showing of ‘’, it seems any young man or woman would like to try out their products. 

Considering the value and look of the shoes, a fashion conscious person is bound to get indulged soon, if he or she is not careful enough about the authenticity of the online shop. Reviews

Is it really what it shows? aims at selling unique footwear along with bags and other accessories. The affordability factor becomes evident when we look at the prices offered. Sales and a discount up to 80% are flashed in bold on the very ‘Home’ page.

Shipping charges are absent and will be only levied if the orders surmount $69.99. There’s also a ‘return policy’ which allows a 30-days period for giving back defective items, though any return point or address is not mentioned here.

The company assures a safe and secure payment policy under the security measures mentioned in the website.

Is Myshoestyle legit?

Well, there are certain implicables in the construction and motive of the website builders which point towards their irresponsibility.

Firstly, the designing of the entire website looks quite amateurish. The content isn’t written well with loose construction of sentences. Grammatical errors are also present.

Secondly, how original are the images and the prices must be found out before going for any monetary transaction here. 

The preliminary step towards deciphering the same is searching for the same products on other shopping sites. That would reveal a lot of information about the legitimacy of ‘’.

If you observe the popularity factor of this niche website then, you would find a lot of women purchasing from here owing to the low prices and stylishly designed feet wearable and accessories. For men, however the choices are limited.

The delivery slot is a bit extended, so one can really not expect an immediate procurement of products but if you are willing to wait for sometime then of course your favorite shoes would reach you.

If that’s called legitimacy then, you are at the right stop.

The styles and designs are meant for outward show biz. There’s no stress on quality, comfort or longevity of any of the products. 

Women who are into changing their fashion statements every now and then suiting the occasion and moods will be highly benefitted from ‘’.

Final Verdict

According to me such a website like ‘’ which aims at catering to both men and women, shoes and accessories at unimaginably low costs, is desirous to all. 

Still, it has certain abnormalities which raise concerns, for example, why isn’t the owner’s information shared?

Abysmally small costs, doesn’t confirm that the products would be up to the mark. Once, the money is paid, you might receive an inferior quality item and feel disappointed. 

Since, no return address and helpline numbers are mentioned, it will be difficult to lodge a complaint and trace back your transaction.

Some scam sites don’t even deliver the product at all and keep the money. They misuse customer’s information and may sell them to third parties.

Always discuss the website in your social media platforms. A lot of information can be pulled up through that. Also, the former’s social media presence can be assessed, which can’t be ignored.

Last but not the least, do not divulge important data like credit card passwords in any site.

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