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Lunavac Reviews – Is It Really Good For Home? Read Here!


Lunavac Reviews – Is It Really Good For Home? Read Here! >> This post shares information about what is it? Pros and cons, and also about return and exchange policy.

It is essential to keep our house, office, and that area where we live clean. An unhygienic style of living may cause various diseases. What if that disease causes you death? To overcome that problem, we would like to introduce Lunavac – a robotic cleaner. Lunavac will help you to keep your environment clean and hygiene.

For People in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and many countries hiring housekeeping or servant is a big task. They charge a lot of money, and other factors like securities also matter. You can’t just rely on anyone easily. For that, most of the people are buying Lunavac.There are several confusing Lunavac reviews available over internet, but this article will provide you only specific knowledge about the product.

What is Lunavac?

Luavac is a new futuristic designed robot that can clean every inch of your environment. Its futuristic design is adopted from NASA, which is undoubtedly the best technique on earth. The compact design of Lunavac can quickly enter your bed or anywhere to that area where you or your mop can’t reach to clean.

Sometimes it becomes hard to maintain cleanliness all the time. You have to keep one servant for that, avoiding cleanliness means welcoming germs and various diseases. Diseases may be malaria, Diarrhoea, tineapedis, and many more, which becomes deadly for the human body. This disease may cause you serious health issues which may be curable but may also cause death.

To avoid all these issues, you need to keep your house, environment, and wherever you live or spent most of the time must be clean. And from that, you can not only help to keep your body fit but also others.

The company claims that one charge of this robot will give you 100 minutes of running time. That means you have to charge it once and do not need to charge several times. It is a portable and wireless robot that is equipped with sensors that helps to avoid any sudden drop. The sensors are so powerful that it won’t let the robot to collide with any obstacle like a wall.

The robot is designed in such a way that it can reach every part of that corner, which was maybe unclean from times. It has a small size, which allows it to increase its mobility without any fuss. One of the most interactive features of the Lunavac is that it will pass from you, and you will not notice, that’s right. It silent features of cleaning never bother you, the no sound technique helps to clean without making any noise such as vacuum cleaner.

You may have noticed that a vacuum cleaner also works well, but if we compare it with Lunavac, it won’t stand out. A vacuum cleaner sucked lots of electricity; its mobility is also limited. You can’t just keep anywhere or can clean your house with 100% accuracy. A vacuum cleaner sounds too much, which sometimes makes irritations. Mainly, it becomes difficult to clean with a vacuum cleaner if you’re cleaning the patient room.

Technical specifications:

  • It consists of two rotating brush attach beneath the Lunavac robot, which simultaneously rotates to clean the area.
  • It consists of a dynamic motor whose suction is so powerful that it allows air to suck the maximum germs and dust inside.
  • The rotating brush is made up of microfiber pads that help the robot to collect and clean 99.9% of germs.
  • It consists of anti-collide sensors that avoid any sudden collision.
  • It can easily clean flat surfaces and even lift to 10 mm of height to clean e.g. if a carpet is on the floor, the robot will detect the height and continue to clean the rug also.

Features and Benefits of Lunavac (Pros and Cons)

Like any other product, Lunavac robot also has some benefits and features and also has its pros and cons, which are:

Pros of Lunavac

  • No need to hire any servant for housekeeping, Lunavac is enough to clean your house and environment.
  • Lunavac robot can quickly enter under your bed without any help from you and can clean every hidden area below the bed.
  • The robot works with no sound features, which means you can work without getting disturbed from any sound like a vacuum cleaner.
  • You have to charge it once, and it can smoothly run up to 100 minutes as the company claim.
  • It is equipped with a sensor that will never collide with you if you come in front of the robot. Its anti-collide sensor avoids any collision.
  • NASA technique of cleaning is used to make this portable product.

Cons of Lunavac

  • You have to charge it again and again when the battery gets low
  • Any malfunction in the robot will also cost you more because of its repairable parts.
  • Maybe not fit to work in all environments like greasy and oily area.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • The company claims that they also follow easy return policies which are:
  • If you buy this product directly from, then you will get 30 days money back guaranteed.
  • If you want to cancel Lunavac Robot Vacuum, then you have to inform customer care immediately before we place your order for shipping.
  • You can get the product within 7 to 10 working days depends upon the logistic working schedule.
  • The company will not accept the item if the robot got damaged and tampered.
  • If you order the Luna Vac from outside the United States, than you have to pay import tax according to the shipping destinations.

Final verdict

The article is based on research done over the internet and according to the lunavac reviews by the users. We neither endorse the product nor defaming the product. We take no responsibility if you buy this product and receive any king of faulty products. It is advised you to also self-research and take full information regarding the Lunavac before placing order.

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    1. scam…. I ordered 2 for 133.00 and got a different vac bowai that sells for $25.00 … YOU NEED PAYPAL… they guarantee your product and $. Paypal has been notified of this and THEY will deal with the company.

  1. Don’t get it, it is a load of rubbish it has no sensors and bumps in to everything it also gets stuck in corners just bumping off all the walls and never getting out. It works using the 2 wheels on a disc that spins when it contact’s things like kids toys. Avoid at all costs.

    1. how long have you had it and how many times have you used it? their video shows it not bumping into things and not getting stuck. i wonder if there has been an upgrade?

    2. Have you had any luck returning yours? I have asked for return info. Of course, no response. I got 2 of them. $176.00 and I want my money refunded. I think we got taken.

    1. It probably came from china. I ordered a couple items off facebook in feb and still havent got them. They tell me because of covid it will take longer

  2. Don’t buy lunavac. It’s totally useless. It does not pick up anything and it gets stuck very easily and it tends to go over the same area all the time. Save your money.

  3. Hopefully this time it will arrive. Ordered one before never arrived. FOOLISHLY I HAVE ORDERED ANOTHER ONE.

  4. Don’t buy this… it’s made of cheap plastic and it doesn’t pick up anything. It took me over 7 weeks to get it from China and it was packaged poorly. I am trying to get my money back through Paypal.

  5. I paid for mine 2 mths ago and still waiting tried to contact them but. No reply hope we can get our money back it’s suppose to come for Us

  6. I would like someone to answer my e-mails so I can return mine. Mine does not even pick up salt from the floor. I am very upset that I can’t get a response.

  7. Total SCAM!!!Lighter than 2 lbs of hamburger. Made in China. Sits and spins its bristles. Doesn’t move on hardwood or carpet. Wrong return address. Don’t buy.

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