My Coin Auction Reviews (Nov 2020) What Is It All About?

My Coin Auction Reviews (Nov 2020) What Is It All About?

My Coin Auction Reviews (Nov 2020) What Is It All About? >> In this article, the readers got an in-depth insight into a virtual platform that provides fast virtual auction.  

Do you enjoy putting money in the auction? My Coin Auction Reviews will give all the details about the same.

My Coin Auction is a virtual platform operating in South Africa. If you are among the proportion of the crowd that enjoys auctioning, you can give this application a try. It is available in the play store.

So, go through the My Coin Auction Reviews and get answers to all your questions!

What is My Coin Auction?

My Coin Auction could be a quick, growing platform that allows you to enroll in an exceedingly virtual auction. Here, you get virtual coins referred to as “My Coin,” sell them and build a tiny low fortune

My Coin Auction Reviews says that it is the leading futurist Platform that allows you to progress daily, encourages you to be higher. The brand says, don’t be trapped by people who say that you can do anything.

How does My Coin Auction work? 

Selling your coins at auction is smart. You can combine a live auction with net and phone bids to realize the best worth. You may typically get a quality that is nearer to the coin’s ‘retail’ worth. Once bidders contend for medals – the value will quickly intensify. Coins is placed into the foremost appropriate ‘type’ of auction.

What are the people saying about the My Coin Auction?

There are many My Coin Auction Reviews available all over the internet. The virtual Platform has got more excellent reviews of the poor reviews.

People praise the Platform where they can bid and can make extra money in no time. People say that this is a brilliant App, and the Platform is secure as a result of its bright and simple. 

But, a few users complained about a few grounds. There is a “decimal” error and that the users cannot place bids. The people plead to fix this. The support is thus slow. A few users had a bidding error and contacted support that states can reply incalculable one minute, waited the complete day, and that received no reply. The support is frustrating. The errors area unit even additional frustrating. However, once you bid or sale it’s a fantastic app that is profitable.

The main downside starts here naught to be mounted. As a part of the registration, people should always submit income tax. Hence, user’s area unit blocked for not following the terms n conditions they are doing not produce another account. The app also ought to be upgraded, so it works quickly and does not log America out throughout auction time.

The final word for the My Coin Auction:

Thus, according to My Coin Auction Reviews, the application is working well with a few flaws. There is an excellent scope of better performance once the team fixes the bugs.

If you are willing to try your luck, do try the My Coin Auction app and share your reviews with other interested people. 

0 thoughts on “My Coin Auction Reviews (Nov 2020) What Is It All About?

  1. Kinldy assist me to recover the money from #Bid 925831. I have done mistake by accepting that I have receive the money. Which I didn’t receive it. Please can you help.

      1. Kindly cancel bid my sponsor ? 68430 I’m unable to make payment to sponsor ? 1097129 his/her banking details are invalid no one will ever be able to make payment he must update banking details
        I left countless messages on support no response still with such challenges it’s impossible to make same day payments.

  2. We have been unable to sell our Coins in the last 3 days. We are told there are too may coins on sale already (10 million). This is not good

    1. My coin Auction is Fake please save your money and stay away 4more than 6weeks now I can’t sell my coins the coins dont decrease this is a robbing game I even regret letting my family and friends know abt it now they want their money from me
      My coin Auction is a robbing game

  3. My coin is starting to frastrate people because we are un able to sell our coins. We are even un able to communicate with the admin, they take too long to respond or they don’t respond at all. How long is it going to take without allowing us with small amounts to sell our coins.

    1. I have been struggling since the beginning of September to sell my coins and I have tried everything but keep getting that message, (10million coin already sold).

    2. MCA introduced a new rule of buying with 20% before u can sell but after buying with that percentage we still cant be able to sell of which is not fair for us

    3. I second you its scam where have you ever heard to withdraw your money you must pay 20%before you get it. Why can’t they take that20%from what you got and give balance its really sad what my coin auction doing to people

  4. I’m starting to loose hope on this Coin Auction, you can only bid but when it comes to selling your coins yoooh is another story. I’m getting nervous because the system always says they have reached 20m even when u place your sale a second after the auction closes

  5. Brilliant reviews. In addition, there should be stricter rules. People should not log in if they are not going to afford the amount. People should not bid and not pay. This is hindering progress from other hustlers. There should be means to control the bidding, paying and approval turnaround time. And biders who do not pay should be made good examples of to stop the playing mouse and cat in the process. People are in t his platform to work, not to play. Covid-19 has taught us to think money and not play with money. Stricter control rules must be implemented. Sometimes I feel support does not know how to respond. Proper training to handle queries is key.

    Good so far and thank you My Coin

    1. We really having a serious problem here, I
      can’t sell my coins for so long, I am starting to give up on my coin auction and I invested a lot of money, it’s so hard to believe that I lost so much money

  6. I’m not happy at all I sold coins on the 26 August but till today I’ve not been reallocated and the 72 hours is over…one of the support staff said I wait for 48 hours the money will reflect does this make sense…and they take time to answer by the look of things they can’t take care of their clients..I need real help with reallocation who can review the system ASAP

  7. With the current 200M already exceeded, I think its unfair on some of us that want to sell our coins. I suggest that mycoin should remove all the sales that are not sold on a regular basis to open space for new sellers

    1. Hi mycoins support team please help some of people bid and don’t pay… My coins knows about people bid for 5 days and they don’t pay please should be canceled after those hours that mycoins put there.. Somoane bought my Coins on the 04.10.2020 for 5days still never pay me i spoke to the person to cancel but i think thosent know how to use the system please help..

  8. Why my coins are not sold, its has been like 3 days since I placed them on auction but no one buys them and they don’t even appear on the auction list . Please help me I need to make more money

  9. i would like to say my-coin was the best few days ago, but from the first of September it started to show us flames. it doesn’t allow me to place/sell my coins every time it gives me excuses about the limit thought on the dashboard i can see the limit. i have got no trust anymore. but i certainly sure that they will fix this thing in few hours. i wish on Monday everything is gonna be-fine. another thing they stopped to alert us which it bring wrong impression to us.

  10. My coin auction was good up until they introduced special I think they must cancel special in order for us to be able to sell coins, now we can’t sell because coins is too much on the system

  11. I have heared people saying MCA after seling the current coins on Auction is packing away, If is not true when are we going to be able or allowed to put our coins on sale

  12. i have been using my coin auction for 2 months now and i invested R23,000.00 i bid for 20 days and my date of sale was 31/08/2020 till now nothing happen and i managed to put R12,836.00 ON SALE that’s almost the half of my money i invested on my coin ever since i putted my coins on sale, it has never been change, no income and nothing. on the APP it shows the amount that still on sale since the 31/08/2020. we are now scared that this might be a scam

  13. Amongst the platform that are available, the people who created mycoin auction platform had good intentions. Like all businesses mycoin cannot satisfy everbody. This is the first platform that did not swichoff after having technical challenges that I know off. Even now it is going through challenges that will soon be sorted. The only thing that it needs to do is to have a responding support and constantly update clients when there technical problems within the pplatform. Otherwise this is a good platform

    1. Like wise, same problem with me and others and my downline’s they must tell us what’s going on. Because now even watsap groups are not longer operating they says only administrators cant sent messages. We have no where to ask questions……… ? ? ? ? ? ?

  14. It is frustrating when you put your efforts to try to make a living through my coin auction and you got messages saying, sorry you can only sale if you a Bid at least 20% and above of the amount to be withdraw made and pay same day. The problem is we have a Bid long time ago and is already been matured but we struggle to withdraw our money from the system please help us from this crooks cause they used your company and business name I’m not show but definetly is your emblem we debt buy your company name

    1. i’ve paid that 20% but im still getting an error that says i must pay 20% to be able to bid. none of the agents have been responding to inquiries for the past week. it’s very frustrating. no feedback, no interaction…

  15. This a huge scammer that is ruthless they had Programed the system to 10M to tell ppl that Thier coins will go to auction while the know that ppl. Are desperate to get Thier cash back n knowing that no one will ever sell a penny here if they were honest as they prove why don’t they open sales like befor anytime


  17. Am not happy about this

    I’ve been try to bid for 2 weeks now and am not getting any payment, what’s happening I can’t be waiting for so long

  18. struggling to sell my coins since the beginning of September, I have tried everything, waited for every auction to be done so I can sell but nothing. 2mins after auction is to late already. starting to believe this was a scam or only certain people are benefiting.

  19. System asks you to bid and pay 20% of the amount you want to withdraw. Paid more than 20% and amount confirmed the same day. Try to sell and the system gives the same 20% message???? Really starting to loose hope with this platform.

  20. Fix the System,Don’t Fuck with us MotherFuckers….People are feeding their Families out of this but they seem so hopeless now….

    Do something Pronto

  21. I start to worry it seems we lost our money here, nothing up to now is happening, we struggle to lock-in and the time u lucky to lock-in the system says they got over 10m coins, my question is how long these problem is gonna take

  22. Someone please help, i am struggling to sell my coins since the 8th Sep. it’s devastating. What do I need to do. Everything I try the system freezes and says it’s reach 10M

  23. Mycoin is the best platform ever ,I’m a student and i invested some of my savings to it and I got enough money to pay for most of my needs and I keep investing ,people who complain it’s due to the fact that after investment people run away and those coins are left hanging with no one to buy them hence that’s why coins are alot
    I wasn’t able to sell my coins to but I was patient till I was able to and I’m so much happy
    I’ll keep on investing since for now it’s my only source of income and so far the best .
    Mycoin is not a scam the only people that ruin this platform are the very same people who invest and go away without reinvesting which is why people are not able to sell due to many coins .

    1. Hello I need help

      I have sold my coins since the 1st of this month but it hasn’t been bought till today.

      So what I want to know is how long should I wait?

      And what about the coins that’s they are bidding without paying will they come back or its a loss?

  24. Is been a month now trying to sell my coins all of them are matured now.

    I managed to pay that 20% but failed to sella 1week, the system tells me that i must pay 20%again to sell my coins

  25. Guys,
    It’s always d same script different cast, indeed it is a pyramid scheme, it works well when it starts…later when a vast amount of people have joined at d bottom, it collapses. D ones at the top make a fortune…then the bottom mass is left crying their tears out. Once it has recruit people…it’s a push push, U enter @ own risk
    Think of d likes of MMM, Pipcoin, Longrich, Crowd1…. The motive is d same.

  26. Hi would like to post a good review but in all honesty I can’t, I like many others borrowed money to put into a system that has now stopped letting people sell their virtual coins…
    when you send a message too support they tell you buy more you will be able to sell but this is not true… You won’t be able to sell your coins! You will sit with them and in the process destroy your family. I know people who sold what they owned too put into a system that doesn’t accommodate them. The support team never give actual solutions or answers only ! (All is well keep trying, but I am at wits end, I feel even more disturbed and upset that I referred vulnerable people too the platform and now they are going to loose their car because they can’t sell)

    Unless you can afford too loose money or wait for weeks and months too sell your virtual coins don’t participate

  27. I have been trying to sell my coins which was due to be sold from 8th of September till today I cannot sell, when I try to communicate with support team they keep. On saying I should be patient their technical team are busy trying to solve the problem I’ll be able to sell. It keeps on saying I cannot sell it has reached 10m already, sometimes immediately at the end of the show the coin balance Will be showing 95m when I try to sell it will still show the same message that you cannot sell, who can help us get our monies back them if we cannot get the commission. The monies that we bought coin with then they can keep the rest… Anyone who might help with or how we can get our money back. Because nothing seems to be working for me. As well, it worked earlier than September,..
    Maybe any information on how we can report or do something on how we can be refunded, because sometimes you get a message saying you must first buy 20% amount of the coin you want to sell and pay it, then you will be able to sell. With which money because some of us used the last money we had to buy coin hoping to get it back. Please something be done

  28. Since you can’t auction big amounts, why don’t you split the amounts into smaller units like R1000.00 and rotate the sales? When investors’ money is held in the system, it is unfair. The platform is for business and not for stagnation.
    Also please, communicate with us daily. Give us feedbacks and tell us the way forward. I still believe there is a way forward and investors will not lose their investments. Create a method that will enable bidding and selling. It can’t just be stagnation and the administrators be mute.

  29. When it start it was running smooth and perfect, now we can sell,everyone is crying.
    Can you please sort out the mess you have done in few days .
    Now everyone losing hope .No one will bid and will pay because we scared.
    Please open up that sell button everyone to be able to sell and bid at anytime no limit ..
    Win or lose must work,

  30. This is a scam ,right now people are unable to sell thier coins and everyone’s money is stuck in the system, thousands and thousands of people have lost thier money .My Coin Auction block out negative complaints or reviews so that you do not know the truth…stop bidding your money…you will not get your money back,you will not be able to get what you put in back.please if your reading this be smart and stop bidding anymore money. until the MCA support has communicated with us,do not bid your money.They have kept us in the dark and ignore our complaints.

    Weeks have passed and people cannot get thier money out .

  31. My coin was the best platform to help us. it was working very well at first. i think what they need to do they must not allow the sales to be 10M. If they can have sales of 2,5M by 09:00 then chances are high that all sales will be sold, that will open a space to sell another 2,5M in that way it will balance the system both the the seller and to the buyer. If they see there is a need to increase it needs to be a slightly increase maybe up to 3M still it will allow the sellers to sell their bids. its better to run out of coins than seating with coins that no one will buy it defeats the whole purpose of being financially free as it was indicated to clients. They need to seat down and think and run the system with integrity and in ethical way.

    We are facing challenge after this lockdown things are very challenging to most of us, some the have lost their jobs. it will take time for the economy to recover from this pandemic thing. I believe if we can join hands together and start another hustling we can still make it. one of the hustling that i know it can change our lives is Superlife , we get paid everyday by distributing the products while on lockdown i managed to make up to 10K. if we can join hands and do it the right way i can tell you 6 months its enough to make 5000$ which is R80 000 compare to rand. in 2 years we can be talking about 2M that one can achieve. there is a formula i know it can work only if we can join hands together and team up.

    lets not be defeated because of my coin lets hustle forward for something that will still give us financial freedom at the end of the day. think about it my hustlers.

  32. hi Rose. i get you. however, some of us need to sell to be able to buy, i cant invest r30k, that isn’t selling, and then invest more because someone needs to bid and buy from me, so i can. some bid on the coins, and not deposit the cash…then the agents refuse to re-allocate the coins back to me…are you still able to buy and sell even now?

  33. The coin auction site is still working perfectly, I paid the 20% fee to the Security Team and I was able to sell my coins and recieve my money

  34. I am battling to log in and access the auction platform for the whole week now..I paid 20% worth of the value to be withdrawn bt failed to put my coins on sale same day..Now tge system says I must repeat the whole process ..Where do I get the money to keep buying 20% without being able to sale?Admins please come out in open and explain the rationale behind this ?

  35. Hi please help, I’ve made the 20% bid and I still can’t sell my other coins. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get my money.

    Please help

  36. I have been trying to sell my coins but keeps on saying I have to pay 20% to sell my coins. What’s that for, I don’t understand the change.. I want my money back, I don’t care if you block me or what but I want my money back.. This app is not secure, you don’t respond to us, I put a bid on August and I’ve been waiting to sell my coins ever since September but nothing.. I wouldn’t recommend this app for anyone this is fraud

  37. Will My Coin Auction be able to return our money I’ve invested so much here I’m really stressed now will we be able to sell our coins.

  38. They said pay 20% or more if you want to sell and I did what happened is that I now have two different amounts which both needs 20% or more to sell again.what is really happening here.

  39. I’m experiencing the same problem I can’t withdraw my coins since last month even though I’ve bided and paid 20% 0f it, I don’t know what to do now I’m so frastrated.

  40. I am experiencing the same problem, I’m unable to withdraw my coins since last month even though I’ve bided and paid its 20%, I don’t know what to do now I’m so frastrated.

  41. I’m unable to sell my coin wen I want to sell it doesn’t show me the sell box ???? what’s going on kanti.. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a scam or wat

  42. This is very frustrating I joined my coin never got paid even once.I 20% that they were asking for it’s been 2 months now.I want to know what is really happening with my money.

  43. I’m not able to place my bid …??? they are even saying old sales doesn’t exist … now I believe that my coin auction is a scam??I used the last cent I had because i was hoping i will get it back with some interest. It’s so painful?????

  44. Where is my coin auction app this people wanted to make money with us now they are gone cant we just form a group and claim money from them

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