My Pillow Covid Cure (August) Find The Best Solution.

My Pillow Covid Cure (August) Find The Best Solution.

My Pillow Covid Cure (August) Find The Best Solution. >> In the above article, you read about a miracle treatment suggested by a pillow company as a treatment for COVID – 19. 

Isn’t a cure or vaccine for Corona Virus is the only miracle we all have been praying for in this era of the pandemic?

Recently, a cure has been suggested by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. He wishes to introduce My Pillow COVID Cure which would be oleandrin, an extract from a toxic plant.

Once the idea was pitched to President Mr Donald Trump in White House in July, people across countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. have set their eyes on this treatment.

Read the following article to dig deeper into the My Pillow COVID Cure.

What is My Pillow COVID Cure?

This cure will be made from an extract of poisonous oleander plant, oleandrin. Some scientific studies have shown that this extract has helped in the treatment of diseases like cancer, heart failure and AIDS. However, this suggested cure of COVID – 19 is still in the trial phase, and no scientific studies have proven My Pillow COVID Cure to be an authentic one. 

Who is Mike Lindell?

Mike Lindell is the CEO of My Pillow. He has a stake in Phoenix Biotechnology, which is currently working on oleandrin and is trying to develop a cure for COVID – 19 treatment. 

He suggested this cure to President and has claimed that this product is a miracle and cures Corona Virus, although this My Pillow COVID Cure hasn’t been yet tested and verified by the scientists. 

Facts about oleandrin – the claimed “MIRACLE” Cure

  • It is derived from the Oleander plant, which is toxic.
  • Found in northern Africa, Southeast Asia and the eastern Mediterranean.
  • It is used as an age-old medicine for the treatment of ulcers, leprosy, etc.
  • No evidence has yet been found that proves oleandrin can be used to cure the Coronavirus. 

Current Scenario

Phoenix Biotechnology is currently testing oleandrin and its properties to find whether it can be used as a cure for Corona Virus. It was found to work efficiently against COVID in monkey cells tested in test tubes. However, it requires a lot more work and research before it goes to seek acceptance for human trials of this cure.

However, the company is also planning it to sell the oleandrin extract as a dietary supplement. This could be done easily as it won’t require any approvals and testing from the Food and Drug Administration.  


With the ongoing research and testing of My Pillow COVID Cure, it’ll be a great relief it turns out to be a safe cure for the treatment of Corona Virus. If not, it could be sold as an Over the counter dietary supplement just as the other pills for issues such as weight loss. If it’ll be sold as a supplement, it won’t be labelled as a cure for COVID – 19.

Do let us know about your take on oleandrin and My Pillow COVID Cure in the comments section below.

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