Minzy Store Face Mask Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine

Minzy Store Face Mask Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine

Minzy Store Face Mask Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine? >> Read this post to know more about the online web store and the product.

Due to COVID-19, many fake websites are increasing at rapid notes. Whether it’s a clothing website or other, the fakers are not leaving any chance to earn money by making people fool. 

In this post, we are going to discuss online store minzystore.com. Also, we will highlight the unbiased Minzy Store Face Mask Reviews

What is Minzy Store Face Mask?

Minzy Store Face Mask provides prevention from numerous environmental dust elements. The website sells unique types of anti-dust mask available in various designs, sizes, and colors. The mask helps to block large particles and observe chemical air pollution.

The store is providing the free delivery benefit on the shipping over $60. That means if you order more than three masks, then you can avail of free shipping advantage. Also, if you order more than one quantity, you will get an extra discount. Made in the United States, The mask is already generating high revenue from their customers.

Benefits of Minzy Store Mask

  • Despite the anti-dust feature, the buyers will get many options from thousands of masks as per thier choice.
  • It is the best product for those who usually spend their time doing outdoor activities like travelling, cycling, hiking, skiing, and others.
  • Its aluminum material nose clip is soft and comfortable to adjust.
  • The earloop strap prevents this mask from getting slip off from the face.
  • The customer will get free shipping benefit on the purchase of over 60 dollars.

How does this mask work?

As per Minzy Store Face Mask Reviews, It has filter activated carbon PM 2.5 FM which filters dust chemicals, smoke, and particles. The breathable layer of the mask blocks the large particles. It’s activated carbon filter layer absorbs the chemical air pollutant. The third layer of this face cover called electrostatic filter cotton, which cleans 0.3-micron dust. At last, the cotton reinforced layer reduces the effect of 0.03 microns of dust and pollution.

The earloop strap of the mask protects it from slipping it down. The airflow valve system available on the surface reduces heat and moisture. The mask can be easily adjustable by aluminum material nose clips. 

Minzy Store.Com says one filter can be used for the next thirty days.  But, an individual should change its filter during heavy pollution periods.

How to change the filters?

To need to change the filters, you need to expose the inside of the valve. Then, you have to turn the value counter clockwise to the separate valve. Now, remove the two values and the filter. In the clockwise direction, replace the new filter.

Specification of the Minzystore.com

  • Currently, the product is listing with a 20% off price on the website. Additionally, if you order two items, then you will get 10 percent off on your purchase. On the other hand, Minzy Store.Com will provide a 20 percent more discount on the purchase of 3 masks at one time. The 30% off avail on the order of 5 masks. If you give an order for ten items, then you can enjoy 40% off on the purchase.
  • The contact details of the store is as follows: 
  • Email: support@minzystore.com
  • Store location: 679 Santina River New Bethany, Virginia.
  • The store works worldwide.
  • The shipping time of the company takes 5-10 days for domestic customers whereas international shipping will take 7-15 business days.
  • The buyers can return damage or wrong items within 30 days. Minzy Store Face Mask Reviews evaluated, this online store claims to credit refund within ten to fifteen days in the buyer’s bank account.
  • The store accepts Visa, Mastercard as well as Paypal as payment options.

What are the negative remarks?

  • As this site is fresh, so we did not find customer reviews or any feedback.
  • The owner detail is not visible on the site. Also, the company profile, background, or establishment date is not mentioned.
  • The website is not linked with social media applications.
  • The cash-paying option is not available for the users.


After reading the above reviews, you might be thinking-Is Minzy Store Legit? See! We have presented both the positive and negative side of the whole story. When you check the official website, you will notice the homepage is quite impressive. The product details are mentioned in the well-written text form. The graphics are good. The exciting discounts offers are currently running on the site. 

The sites lack only in some three minor points, such as founder detail, cash-on-delivery payment method, and customer reviews. Overall, it fulfills the needs of potential buyers. If you want to get this face mask at an affordable rate, then you can place the order.

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  1. I ordered 7 mask from y’all 4 Tennessee Titans and three lion King’s I ordered on April the 6th when will I get my mask
    Why so long for this order

  2. I ordered masks in April and they arrived today. They are not as pretty, vibrantly colored as they appear online, but my husband said that we will keep them.

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