Buttonwholing Reviews [Nov] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Buttonwholing Reviews [Nov] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Buttonwholing Reviews [Nov] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> This article is for those who wish to learn more about buttonwholing.com

Online shopping bug has bitten us all, leaving no room for recuperation, just like pandemic spread of COVID-19. 

The virus might have broken the backbone of our entire system, still we are warriors, each one of us, who is being extra careful these days in fighting this invisible foe.

Where the world is under woe, few people following monetary crunch are setting up spurious businesses online for duping innocent masses and making big money. 

It’s not that the e-commerce world is full of frauds only, there are several trust worthy businesses which have earned fame in the long run and are here to stay.

Let’s discuss buttonwholing.com, it’s a company registered in the United State.

What is Buttonwholing?

Buttonwholing.com is like a neighborhood store which sells anything to everything that you require in and around your home.

The products are available at special discounted prices and all are useful ones. The website has the potential to develop a need even if one doesn’t feel like buying anything.

How does it work?

The company has not furnished any information regarding it’s location, owner(s) or phone number. There is no customer helpline facility too, but they certainly have provided an e-mail id: ceiliJe48795@gmail.com.

For any kind of query, the company has urged the customers to contact through e-mail and their answers will be given in a day or two during business hours.

Who should buy from here?

Any casual shopper would purchase from here because such articles are available in many other stores. However, the distinguishing feature can be the prices and discounts.

The products displayed in buttonwholing.com are simple utilitarian things that a person might need badly at any point in time. Buttonwholing.com will prove useful then. 

Impulsive buyers who shop for the heck of it and not that they really have a need can also fall for such websites.

Why is it famous?

The website has a simple built and can be easily navigated through. There are no elaborate description of the articles and unnecessary comments by customers. Generally, these are all made up so it’s good to avoid clutter.

Buttonwholing.com has a secure SSL connection, so your data will remain safe with them. Since all the payments here will be done through PayPal and credit/debit cards, safeguarding of information is important.

The site has few social media listings like facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pininterest, still it has a fairly low count of external links.

Social media presence and external links are crucial for any new e-commerce business to rise and develop a firm footing.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Apart from this, we know nothing about the company’s mission or formation story. The information about the owner(s) or founder(s) is concealed, that’s a sign of being spam.

There is provision of returning unfavoured items but the return address is not mentioned. What if your e-mails go unanswered? What if the company gives an address belonging to China? Shipping goods to China is pretty expensive and since the customer has to borne it, it’s all the 

Most fake companies surge up from China and get registered in some other country for business purpose, while giving the customers an illusion of being a local player.

Is Buttonwholing.Com Legit?

I don’t feel that Buttonwholing.com is a trust worthy place to shop, that’s because, it’s not an original website. It’s content is copied and shared by many other distrustful websites. The images might be copied and prices faked.

Such companies will either deliver inferior quality products or will not deliver at all. There’s no way to trace back your money even because the payment mode is PayPal or credit cards.

In case, if you have ever come across any fraudulent website and have paid money already, then please contact your bank immediately and let them know.


The growing pandemic has created an economic crisis all over the world. We are still yet to come to terms with it, but that doesn’t mean that we will allow scammers to take advantage of the situation.

However, bad intentions are not time or situation specific, so one should always be alert about shopping online. Compare the prices and products with other viable sites. Spread a word about the website in concern among your social media groups, so that you come to know about it’s nature.

Also, as a responsible citizen, add your comments in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

0 thoughts on “Buttonwholing Reviews [Nov] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. I ordered from this company after seeing it was coming from the US. As soon as shipping information posted I saw otherwise and that it was coming from China. It’s been sitting in the same place in China for a month now. Been emailing back and forth to cancel. They keep saying it is on it way and to be patient.

    1. It’s a completely scam site….they do not deliver what they promise or type of products they offer.
      I bought couple of shelves and I received a completely different product……and after I complained about it…..suddenly the customer service email….started to fail, and so far I have spent 2 weeks trying to get an answer to return the products…..and both emails are not working……….So DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE…IS A TOTAL SCAM

      1. Same situation as above! I ordered shelves for my bathroom back in March because they seemed innovative and what I needed, this was more than what I would usually spend on shelves. I finally received the products in July and they are the wrong shelves! Any emails I send to customer service emails are bouncing back! So frustrating! This is definitely a scam!

      2. I’m having the exact same issue. Were they the shower shelves? What I received and paid for was nothing like what I expected. Did you ever get your issue resolved?

    2. Company is garbage. I had the same issue of delays and complained only to ironically receive something a few days later that wasn’t even close to what was advertised. I have pics and am trying to leave reviews on their actual website to prevent others from getting ripped off. Stay away.

  2. I placed an order back in April and still have not received it. The e-mail i used was mf111641@gmail. When I hit send I realized it was wrong so I did not get a response. My correct e-mail is mf111651@gmail.com. Could you please let me know when I might be receiving my item.

    Thank you,
    Michael Fletcher

  3. It’s complete bullshit , after three months (pardon my language) but I have not received my items. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE. IT’S A FRAUD . I will be reporting them.

    1. I’m having the exact same issue. Were they the shower shelves? What I received and paid for was nothing like what I expected. Did you ever get your issue resolved?

  4. I ordered what appeared to be quality shower shelves from this company. I paid $60+ dollars for 3 of them, but they seemed to be exactly what I needed so I spent the extra money. The delivery was supposed to be made in up to 10 days. Three months later, after more than 15 emails, I finally received my shelves. When I opened the box I was totally surprised at the cheap quality of the product. In fact, they weren’t the same shelve that was shown in the advertisement. These were cheap Chinese shelves that I could buy at Walmart for under $10 dollars. I demanded a return label so that I could return these for a full refund. After every email I send, I get a generic reply and no acknowledgment of my request for a return shipping label and refund.
    I wouldn’t recommend anyone use this company, and absolutely, don’t give them your credit card information.

    1. This happeneed to me too. Luckly I only ordered 1 shelf, but haven’t been able to get a return. Poor quality and nothing like what is pictured on the website.

      1. YEP, ordered the same corner shelves. They arrived not long after, shipped from a warehouse in Industry California. However as above they were not the shelves Ordered. No luck trying to call the UK or an email. The email inbox is full and they have not replied. So much for ordering on line with anything advertised on Facebook. Bob

    2. Same happened to me…a cheap Scam company…..typically chinesse company…..very bad company`s customer service…and trying to rip you off.
      Please DO NOT BUY theses products from them

    3. I found the same thing unfortunately spent $40 to get a cheap piece of plastic that has stickers to attach it to the wall ,does not hold one small bottle of shampoo and the hooks do not hold a wet wash cloth! I am contacting my credit card company to dispute this purchase as it is a bait and switch, Which is illegal!! Not to mention there is no contact information that actually goes through & No receipt or any information In the packaging?

    4. Exact same thing happened to me. Ordered two shelves with the locking mechanism underneath in May, package shipped from China to Korea to the US. Company address is in England, shipping times say from US in 12-20 days. Nothing has been true and consistent. The shelves were received a day ago and were completely different than advertised, similar to a cheap walmart shelf mentioned in other reviews. Once you try to contact the company for a refund, suddenly you can’t reach anyone and your email gets blocked. Interesting. Complete scam site and hope nobody else will do business with them.

    5. I’m having the exact same issue. Were they the shower shelves? What I received and paid for was nothing like what I expected. Did you ever get your issue resolved?

  5. I too fell prey to the shower shelves that are complete garbage.
    They requested photos of of the items and packaging with codes which I did.
    Also a SKU number on the box.
    Sent all along to and was offered a discount.
    It will cost $20 to ship back to chase $36 for the one shelf and I still haven’t received an authorization to return.
    I’m done, what a rip!

    1. This exact thing happened to me. Will cost $30 to ship back after THEY shipped the wrong shelves to me. The odd thing is that the shelves were shipped to me from California. The REAL point, however, is that THEY sent me the wrong shelves, yet I have to pay $30 to ship back for a $39.95 purchase. THIS IS A SCAM !

      1. I’m having the exact same issue. Were they the shower shelves? What I received and paid for was nothing like what I expected. Did you ever get your issue resolved?

  6. Do NOT purchase anything from them. Their products are straight from China with the worst quality you could ever imagine. Do not trust the advertisement they put on Facebook, Youtube, or whatever website. The return process is a complete mess. They will require all of the ridiculous information such as “A clear picture with the tracking number to confirm if this is the parcel we sent.” The tracking number is on the label of the package. In order to open the package, you have to tear the box down and by chance, you will tear the label with the tracking number down, and because now you don’t have the tracking number, they do not f***king accept your return. Who the h*** operate like this in 2020? Buttonwholing is a complete SCAM. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

  7. Same thing happened to me and I’m pissed ! They offered me 8.00 refund and I’ve be going back and forth. Now the email they have been responding to me from is returning emails as not delivered. Will pay pal refund ?

  8. I waited many many months for my bathroom shelves – finally arrived and not at all what was ordered, just a cheap plastic tray worth less than $5!
    Trying to email but the email that used to work, now bounces!
    I would avoid

  9. I ordered 3 white shelves and was so excited to get them. I paid $56 and I am soooooo angry. They look NOTHING like the website and they sent gray when I ordered white. Nothing in my bathroom is gray. I sent an email to the provided email and it came back claiming the email was full. As a single mom, I don’t usually make big purchases but I was super excited to clear up some space in my tiny bathroom and fell victim to this scam. That is a lot of money. How can we turn them in?

  10. Paypal is in on the scam! I suggest to curse out paypal! Send them messages telling them
    that you had enough! Also report paypal to the BBB!

  11. I placed an order back in April, received a shipping confirmation and tracking number. Today, 7/8/2020, still shows the package is in China. Both emails on the website contact information come back as undeliverable. WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!

  12. I also got scammed. Received a totally different shelf, was offered a 5% refund, and my subsequent emails have all been kicked back because the mailbox was full. I now see a similar ad on Facebook from “Buttonwholing2.” I’ve posted a Buyer Beware! warning, but does anybody know where we can report this SCAM company?

  13. I am yet another victim. I placed my order on 4/21/2020, and I still haven’t received my bathroom shelves as of 7/9/2020. When I tried to contact them through the email addresses in their email and also on their website, none of them worked. 🙁 I filed a dispute with PayPal today, and will see how this works out.

  14. I got ripped off for 5 of the shower shelves. Cheap plastic with tape to side of tub to use. Email is not valid, no phone, did come from California and did not open but one, have all the shipping to send back but cannot get info

    1. I’m having the exact same issue. Were they the shower shelves? What I received and paid for was nothing like what I expected. Did you ever get your issue resolved?

  15. I ordered the shelves in April and still waiting 3 months later. Emails bounce back – i filed a claim with PayPal about them and in the process to get my money back. I asked where they were from – they stated California but it shipped from China. It says arrived in California but nothing has happened since and been a dead end. This company is the worst. I don’t think I will ever get them and from the sounds of it, they will not be as advertised anyway. Very frustrating!

  16. Same experience as above. I even tried to escalate with a paypal dispute, but they want you to pay to ship it back to China, which is currently too expensive. If open a dispute, you can get the seller to offer at least 60% back of your original cost, take it, without having to return the product. Paypal won’t recognize it as a scam since the seller offers to take back the product and refund money. Such a joke. Buttonwholing can die in a fire.

    1. How did you get 60% back? I can’t even get an email to go through? Did you get it from PayPal?? This is such crap!!!

  17. I place an order back in april also and have not received it yet either. Do you know when i will ever received my item

    Thank you
    John J. Edwards Sr

    1. i writing to see what going with my corner shelves ,you better hope this not scam because if it is i want my money back all of it to $42.00 thank you

  18. I place an order back in april also and have not received it yet either. Do you know when i will ever received my item. my order was for the corner shelves

    Thank you
    John J. Edwards Sr

    1. If I were you I would contact your card and dispute the charge. If you actually receive the product, it’s been misrepresented and you will have to return it to China in order to get a refund.

  19. This company “Buttonwholing” is a complete scam. Reviewers have mentioned they don’t receive any information on how to return the product. I bought two shelving units that did not stay up no matter what I did. I saw an email address and information to send them an email and they will send you an email back with instructions on how to return the product. I did receive an email asking for my name, address, picture of UPC from box and tracking numbers. I sent that then they wanted a video of me installing the product. Once that was sent I received a return email stating their mailbox was full and couldn’t accept mail. A week later I resent it and a week after that I resent it. Both times I received the same return email which led me to believe this is a total scam. I pretty much thought it was when it took 6 weeks to receive the product and total failure in working. DO NOT BUY FROM BUTTONWHOLING!

  20. I ordered two shelves, they were not the same shelve that was shown in the announcement. No contact information that actually goes through and no receipt or any information in the packaging. E-mails contacts information don’t exist. I’ve been tried to sent email but unable to deliver my message.

  21. I purchased three shower shelves for over $50. It took over 3 months to get here and it was NOT what I ordered. They were cheap flimsy plastic with peel and stick sides. AWFUL!! DO NOT ORDER!!

  22. I had the exact same experience and neither the email or phone are good. I can’t get a hold of them and don’t have what I ordered and paid for. Shame on them

  23. Ordered in pink came in pink but not what was advertised pink cheap Looking shit tried getting the return address will not give. THIS IS A SCAM SOMETHING NEED TO BE DONE. $42.70 they stole.

  24. Complete scam! Will take your money and run. Ordered the shelves to only receive shelves with sticky paper to put in my shower with NO clip to make it “fasten to any surface”. They literally fell the minute I put one face wash on them. Been trying to send back and of course the email given is “too full” according to yahoo and I can not send any return email instructions, etc! DO NOT BUY

  25. Been had. Scammed. Got absolute junk delivered. Can not reach anyone on their side. Email bogus. No phone number.
    Stay away from these guys.

  26. This company is total bullshit. I ordered 2 of the corner shelves. Came to me in gray with shitty little sticky things on the side. I paid $40. What a fucking scam. DO NOT give them your money.

  27. Same as all of the other stories here. I ordered the corner shelves, they took months to come. When they did come they were not as advertised, cheap shelves with stickers to hang. I tried customer service and was asked to send picture of what I received, which I did. I never received a response. Now none of the email addresses work, not even the one on their website. We’ve all been duped.

  28. I ordered shelves for my shower from them on April 17, 2020 through Paypal and Paypal will not issue me a refund they are not secured by Paypal so do not buy from them you will not get your order or your money back. It has been 4 MONTHS and I still have no shelves, the shipping is from Asia and it got stuck somewhere but the only answers from the company come from a virtual assistant not a real person or emails don’t go through at all which is the case with the email in this article.

  29. I was also scammed on the shower shelves! I wish that I had been fortunate enough to have had them not delivered. Maybe then PayPal would have done something about the issue! I purchased 6 of the shelves and the crap I received was definitely not what I ordered. In order to get a refund, they are forcing me to mail their junk back to China. They offered me a $20 dollar credit to keep the crap. Complete scam and I believe PayPal is in on it. I put their junk out with the garbage, where it belongs. I’m disputing with my credit card company. Unfortunately, I paid for part of the order with a PayPal credit.

  30. I ordered ornamentS of Santa wearing a mask that is pictured and reviewed as being made out of glass. It is actually made out of rubber. This is also advertised as being an American company, but it came from CHINA! TOTAL SCAM! Do not give these people your hard-earned American money!

    1. I, too just received the Christmas Santa (wearing a mask) ornaments. The ornament is not at all as pictured in the advertisement. Cheap, flat plastic, bugged eyed Santa ornaments is what I got. I wrote a review on their website, but it never got published. It still shows 5 stars. I will never order from them or a pop up from Pinterest. So disappointed ?

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