Mini-Guide to Sell Your Bitcoins

Mini-Guide to Sell Your Bitcoins

Mini Guide to Sell Your Bitcoins: From the beginning of its journey bitcoin is being the most argumentative topic in the world. Some people doubted that bitcoin will not stay long. But, in just a few years bitcoin has become so popular that many investors suggest investing in it.

Due to its high volatility nature, you can invest bitcoin for short-term investments. But, investors often recommended you to hold your bitcoin for a long period of time because you will get a huge return if you keep your coins for a longer time in your wallet or crypto account.

But, you must have an exit plan while you invest in crypto and you might need some cash by selling your coins. In this case, you can choose the best platform for selling and buying your coins. You can use the Ekrona App app. It is a trusted platform by many investors and you can buy or sell your coins from this user-friendly platform.

Alternative ways to sell your coins:

Before you sell your bitcoin, you need to check the alternatives because you can also keep your coins safe from price fluctuations by converting your bitcoin into stablecoins. For example, you can convert your bitcoin into BUSD, and you can keep your stablecoins protected with fiat valuation.

Converting your bitcoin into cash can take more time and you need to go through some hassles. Along with that, you need to pay a hefty transaction fee for the same. To save your transaction fees, you can simply use your crypto card issued by your exchange. Else, you can also use your wallet linked with your crypto account. You can make transactions with your card or wallet, and pay your bills with bitcoin. For example, there are some crypto cards available that are widely accepted in Europe, and you do not need to convert your bitcoin into cash if you have such cards.

How would you sell your bitcoins?

  • You can sell your coins through crypto exchanges. There are many exchanges available from where you can convert your coins into fiat currency, and you can convert your coins into USD and EUR. Make sure, you must check their transaction fees for the same and choose a platform that costs you less.
  • There are some online shops available where you can list your coins to sell. These are the listing portals where you can offer your coins to the buyers. To sell your coins through these listing portals, you need to link your P2P wallet with your account, and you can transfer your coins to the buyer’s account or wallet once you receive the funds.
  • There are a few crypto exchanges available where you can sell your coins and withdraw cash from your crypto account. For example, if you have a Binance account then you can convert your coins into different currencies like Euro, BRL, Australian dollar, British pound (GBP), and TRY. You do not need to send your coins to another account and you can simply place a request on your crypto account to withdraw your funds into a fiat currency.
  • Apart from that, you can also convert or sell your coins through OTC Portal. These portals are used for large-scale transactions, but you can get the best rates for your coins from these portals.
  • You can also sell your coins to the buyer directly and you can save your transaction fees. You can place a sell order on a selling portal and you will get a notification when a buyer shows interest in your offers. You can negotiate with the buyers and choose the best price for your coins. Once you agree with his or her terms and conditions, you can release your coins that will be credited to the account of the buyer. Make sure, you must check the payment method of such selling portals because some portals can transfer the amount to your bank account and few of them can send cash by mail. Even, you can receive your funds in the form of gift cards.

Selling the coins in a direct mode can be risky and you can lose your coins if you choose a fake buyer. So, always check the safety and security features of the listing portal before you place an offer. You can choose a portal where buyers can deposit the funds to your account and you can release your coins to the buyer’s account, but the portal will clean the transactions from their end after getting the confirmation from both the parties.

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