Why do people think that Bitcoin is a Super Investment?

Why do people think that Bitcoin is a Super Investment?

Famous tennis player Serena Williams stated at a conference that bitcoin is a super-strong investment. Serena said that bitcoin is a super investment option and should be promoted to the world. She attended the Miami Bitcoin Conference hosted by the bitcoin transfer service, CashApp, and there she said that such initiatives can help women and people of color in the future. After her statement, a lot of people are influenced and started investing in bitcoin. With bitcoin’s influence in today’s world, you should choose a Software to invest in cryptocurrency soon.

Why did Serena Williams say that bitcoin is a super investment?

She also commented that it is important to promote bitcoin, the leader of cryptocurrencies to women and people of color. Serena Williams is a famous tennis player who won 23 Grand Slams and stated that bitcoin is capped with 21 million coins and it is the most advantage of this crypto coin. There are many coins and tokens available in the crypto world and all are following the blockchain technology of bitcoin because it is the first crypto that has gained huge popularity in the world.

Why did Serena Williams say that bitcoin is a super investment? There are multiple reasons behind her statement. First, her husband Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit and he is a supporter of digital assets. His company has raised more than $500 million from cryptocurrency, and he has declared that he had invested in several crypto assets including Ethereum, which is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Serena Williams also supports cryptocurrencies and she had purchased a Bored Ape NFT. Even, you can check her Twitter account where she had changed his profile picture with a pink monkey that she acquired, and was gifted by her husband. Before Serena Williams, the famous pop star Madonna had purchased Bored Ape NFTs, and there are other two international celebrities – Justin Bieber, and the soccer player Neymar, who had purchased the same NFTs.

So, you can imagine the success rate of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin where most celebrities had invested a lot. But, you should not invest your funds only because of such statements, you need to read more about crypto and research well on this ecosystem before you invest your funds. You must make an investment strategy when you choose crypto like bitcoin and you can treat it as a commodity like gold or metals.

Is Bitcoin an SMSF?

Bitcoin is not a self-managed super fund, but it is true that SMSF investors are showing their interest in bitcoin. It is hard to digest that such investors are investing their funds in bitcoin, which is completely decentralized. Bitcoin is not available in a physical form and it is a digital currency that can be used for purchasing goods and services. But, it cannot be controlled by any government or bank, and people around the world can make their transactions with bitcoin. There is no administrator or custodian authority available for bitcoin. So, you do not need to depend on a third-party service and you do not need to visit your bank to make an international transaction. This is the reason why SMSF investors are showing their interest in bitcoin.

However, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not recognized as legal tender and it is considered an asset. So, SMSF investors should pay their taxes on the income earned from such digital assets as SMSF trust deeds. Super investment and self-managed super funds are different because SMSF is designed for giving retirement benefits to investors. But, you can secure your future with crypto investment and you can use a wallet to hold such currencies for a longer period of time. As it is a lucrative investment option, you will get a high return from your investment after your retirement, and you can use it as your personal asset.

So, it is doubtful whether crypto or bitcoin investment is a super investment option or not, because we cannot invest our money in an asset without any prior knowledge. Read about crypto, know the bitcoin ecosystem and make an informed decision to avoid the risk of loss. 

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