Mindwarey com Reviews (May) Are They Worth the Hype?

Mindwarey com Reviews (May) Are They Worth the Hype?

Mindwarey com Reviews (May) Are They Worth the Hype? >> In this article, we review Mindwarey, an online store that sells several appliances.

In search of fashion items for men or women, or some kitchen appliances? Or maybe you’re looking for equipment like microwaves to buy for your kitchen. There are so many sites and online stores, and that offer all kinds of deals on these products, and sometimes it can get challenging to decide where to buy. Let us help you with that. One such site is Mindwarey.com. 

All sorts of kitchen appliances, fashion items, and pet appliances and tools are available on the site. According to Mindwarey com Reviews, the pricing of all the products is also very affordable. The products offered by the website are also of high quality.

Currently, the site is popular in the United States, where it has gained popularity and experiences a considerable amount of traffic in the region on its website.

We’re going to take a look into all of the details related to this website to make sure if this site is worth your money or not. We’ll be providing all the necessary information like it’s shipping, exchange and refund policies, and the question- Is Mandware legit?

What is Mindwarey?

Mindwarey, sometimes also referred to as Kitchenfor, is an online retail store that provides all kitchen appliances, fashion products, and toys, etc. They have a vast product range which includes Kitchen and Dining items, coffee makers, coffee grinders, microwaves, food processors, refrigerators and mixers, etc.

The products offered by the site come at a very reasonable price. High-quality products are available on this site. They have excellent customer service and reply to customer complaints and requests within a day.

But let’s take a look at several other aspects of this site, and then decide if you should purchase from this site. We’ll take a look at all other details.

Specifications of Mindwarey:

  • Website- Kitchen appliances, Fashion, Toys, etc.
  • Email- service017@manyhnice.com
  • Address- It is not known.
  • Contact number- not known.
  • Shipping time- 2-5 days (worldwide delivery, shipping charges vary) 
  • Delivery time-  7-10 days (worldwide delivery)
  • Returns- Any item is applicable for return within 45 days after purchasing it. (varies for products)
  • Exchange- It applies to a majority of the products.
  • Refund- It initiates within a few days after receiving the damaged item.
  • Payment- Credit Card/ Debit Card

Is Mindwarey legit?

The products offered by the site are high-end products. The pricing of the products are also very reasonable. Return, refund and exchange policies are available on the site. They are, however, not very popular outside of the United States.

All of the information which makes a site appear legit is available on the website. Some information like address and contact number is missing on the website. Although its customer service is excellent, and they respond to customers within a day, it’s not worth all the missing information. In order to confirm the legitimacy of the website, it is essential to know the address and contact no. 

We cannot say for sure if this website is legit. However, the balance lies more towards it being legit than a fraud, but that is not enough. If the site were to close down tomorrow all of a sudden, you’d have no possible way to track them down without taking legal actions.

Thus, to answer Is Mindware Legit? We cannot say. 

Pros of buying from Mindwarey:

  • High-end products are available.
  • Their pricing is very affordable.
  • Policies like return, refund and exchange are available on the site.
  • They provide delivery around the globe.

Cons of buying from Mindwarey:

  • Some critical information about the site is missing.
  • The legitimacy of the site is questionable.
  • People not living in the US may find it expensive.

What are the customers saying about Mindwarey?

Mindwarey com Reviews are not available to read on the site. It does not allow users to comment or share their experiences or reviews. So, we looked at some other platforms to find reviews of users who had recently bought from this website. Even on other platforms, we had to search a lot to find them.

Most of the customers were satisfied with their products. They expressed no issues or concerns with the product or the site. Some complained of receiving an inferior quality product, and some complained of the late delivery.

Of all the Mindwarey com Reviews we read, the supportive responses were more significant in number than the negative ones.

Final Verdict

We have given information regarding every detail of this site, and now we have to conclude. Although we have some concerns regarding the legitimacy of the site, we do not think of it as a scam. The products are premium and come at handy prices. 

We suggest to our readers that they can buy from this website at their own risk. But the risk is low. If our readers find a product on the site that they wish to purchase, they can place an order.

0 thoughts on “Mindwarey com Reviews (May) Are They Worth the Hype?

  1. I’ve just ordered an item on mindwarey (a Red Kitchenaid stand up mixer). I entered all the info and received the notice that it was accepted. I haven’t received an email though confirming my order and the arrival date of between 7-10 days. Can you please send me an email with the details and how I can track my order as it ships.

    thank you
    Mari Tirillo

    1. I have ordered kitchenaid … i entered all info needed and it says the purchase is pending due to huge no. of buyers… no deduction happens on my card just mentioned in the list in my account in mindwarey.
      IS IT A SCAM !!!! collecting data from people only to draw money from cards or that is a normal action?

    2. Hi there
      We are almost to buy the same kitchen aid mixer ,but we are wondering if you received the item or not,we believe is an scam website but please please let us know what happened.

  2. I just ordered a red kitchenaid, filled in all the data and sent the item to Indonesia. but after I finish paying, I don’t get a reply email. how can I see my shipment.

    thank you
    Noviana Chandra

  3. I bought a standing mixer with promo price at RM43.xx with debit card on 18/5/2020.
    Today the card center charge CNY 559.71 onto it which around RM343.229
    I want to cancel tis order

    1. Same here. What happened to yr payment? I emailed. And got nothing. I realised it too late and my credit card company said nothing can be done. So no money back and no kitchen aid

  4. Mindwarey is a scam, ordered a kitchaid appliance, not email confirmation of order, but 24hrs later, I’ve had an attempt on my card for a transaction. Beware careful, this site is not legit. Keep an eye your statement.

  5. Saya Ini baru saja pesan mixer dan rak piring .harganya sgt mengiurkan jd tanpa pikir lgs dipesan. pembayaran juga Sudah dilakukan(hanya boleh pakai master card) tapi blum ada balasan email. Sgt mengharapkan ini bukan palsu.free shipping 7-10hr.

  6. Looks to be a scam. The website has just been registered on 13th April and they’re offering prices which are too good to be true. Why will someone start a business to sell at such a big loss in 1st month itself? You might as well decide to start after COVID. Looks it might another phishing site collecting your credit card details.

  7. I ordered a kitchenaid mixer for $16.95 as advertised. I gave my card information and they deducted 147.49. I have not received an email confirming my order and arrival. Just worried if this is a scam as It is not normal not to received email with regards to my order. Also, the amount deducted to my account is not correct.

  8. I also ordered a kitchen aide mixer paid for it, then a few days later someone tried to order something for $755.32 from Stadiumgoods com the purchase did not go through because I had used my cash app to pay and only keeps a very low amount of money on it, but I canceled the account and will only purchase from in stores from now on.

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