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Licala Clothing Reviews (June) Are They Worth the Hype?

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Licala Clothing Reviews (June) Are They Worth the Hype? >> In this article, we review Licala, an online women’s clothing store.

Searching for a site where you can buy high-quality clothing material which is not only of superior quality but also comes with an affordable price tag. We know one such place,

They have a massive collection of clothing material and accessories, and everything that fashion has to offer is available on the site. It generally provides items and products for women. If we believe several Licala Clothing Reviews, they offer their products at very reasonable prices in addition to being of premium quality.

The United States is where the website is currently trending and has become quite popular among users on the internet. As a result, the amount of traffic that the site experiences at present in the region is also considerably extensive. 

Before you decide to buy from this website, first let us tell you everything about this website. We’re going to provide every single relevant detail about the site, so you don’t have to look anywhere else. It also provides Licala Discount Code on selected products to avail additional discount on those products.

What is Licala?

Licala is an online store which mainly provides women’s clothing items, at attractive prices. According to Licala, they’ve been supplying and making clothing items for several well-known brands, and Licala happens to be their venture into this business. Their product range includes Tops, Robes, and collections of clothing for several seasons, like summer and spring. They’re not very popular outside of the US currently.

Specifications of Licala:

  • Website- women’s clothing accessories.
  • Email-
  • Address- not known.
  • Contact number- not known.
  • Shipping time- 3-4 days (free shipping on orders of $79 or more)
  • Delivery time- 7-12 days (within the US)
  • Returns- Any item is applicable for return within thirty days after purchasing it. 
  • Exchange- It applies to most of the items.
  • Refund- It initiates within seven days after receiving the damaged item and checking it.
  • Payment- Credit Card/ Debit Card

Is Licala legit?

The products available on the site are of high quality, as guaranteed by the website. They also keep their collections up-to-date with all the latest trends. 

But the legitimacy of the website is questionable, and we have reasons to believe that. First, the pieces of valuable information that makes any site appear authentic are absent. The only available information is the email address, which they reply to within 24 hours, but that is not sufficient.

Necessary information like address and contact number is not present, which makes it incredibly difficult for us to confirm the legitimacy of the site. However, we also have no reason to believe it of being a fraud. So, we cannot say anything for sure.

Pros of buying from Licala:

  • The quality of the products offered is premium.
  • They have all the latest designs and remain updated with fashion trends.
  • The products come at an affordable price.
  • Returns and exchanges are available on the product.

Cons of buying from Licala:

  • There are concerns over the safety of purchasing from this site.
  • They do not offer free delivery below orders of $79.
  • They do not offer worldwide delivery.
  • People living outside of the US will not find it cheap.

What are the customers saying about Licala?

Licala Clothing Reviews are present on the site. The site allows users to write in detail about the products they bought and review them. In addition to the reviews available on the site, we also felt the need to read reviews on some other places as well.

Of the large number of reviews we read, most of them were positive. A more significant majority of the customers praised the products for its pricing and quality. Some users experienced slow deliveries, which took almost a week or more. Some were not satisfied with the quality of the products, calling it low-end.

But, despite these few unfavourable responses, the favourable Licala Clothing Reviews were much higher in number.

Final Verdict

We have taken a look at every single detail about this website. It is now time to conclude. The products offered by the site are high-end quality products. However, free shipping is only possible above a certain amount of shopping. They also reward their users with several Licala Discount Code which can be used to avail higher discounts on the items. 

We suggest our readers can buy from this website if they wish to. We, however, have some concerns over the site being legit. But we do not have any evidence to call it a scam.

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  1. The quality of their items is cheap
    Shit. I bought a dress for $38 plus $9.99 shipping. It was made of cheap material
    And looked like something you’d find at the dollar store. It was nothing like the photo. They steal photos from
    Other sites and duplicate the clothing I’m cheap
    Shit replicas. They have no refund situation available. They have one email. The return address on the package said this exactly:
    2352 bent creek road
    Auburn AL.



    SCAMMERS 100%

  2. This article is clearly written by them. Do not shop here!! Total scam! Ordered 3 pieces of clothing for over $100 and a month and a half later, instead, received a beat up super random “gel nail remover kit” instead. Took me a while to even put together that this was the order that was supposed to be clothing. These jerks told me I could pay for shipping back to Dubai and then they would refund me when they got my return. (Riiiiiiiiiiight.) OR I had the option to keep the $5 nail kit and get a 20% refund on my $104 order. Okaaaay… that makes total sense?!? Obviously disputing this with my cc and won’t pay them, but this pisses me yourself the time and money and STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!

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