Miami MD Skin Cream Reviews [Nov 2020] Read It Before Order!

Miami MD Skin Cream Reviews [Nov 2020] Read It Before Order!

Miami MD Skin Cream Reviews [Nov 2020] Read It Before Order! -> The article is about a website that is dealing with medicated cream for women.

Ladies!! Are you still fighting with the wrinkles every day? It is natural to get older skin after 30. Believe us; it is possible now to beat the age through your glowing skin. Miami MD has a solution to the older looking and dull skin.

Well, women after 30 are looking for the best ways to get young and rejuvenate their skin. However, one must look for the Miami MD Skin Cream Reviews before making the first order here.

It is one of the hundreds of skincare websites in the United States that has gathered some popularity among the ladies.

This article is to reveal some facts of the website that are not mentioned by the sellers, but you need to know, before placing the order. So, keep reading. 

What is Miami MD?

Miami MD is one of the websites that are selling medicated skincare cream guided by the world-renowned dermatologist Dr Jegasothy. The site has a mission to fight against the dull and wrinkled skin of ladies. They have the most natural solution to make the skin young and glowing without risky surgery and painful injections. The skincare cream of the seller has already helped millions of women to find their nee region in life. It helps to fight against age.

Specifications of Miami MD

  • Product detail: Skincare Cream 
  • Web address:
  • Official address: Not Mentioned
  • Email address:
  • Phone No.: 844-829-8772
  • Shipping: Within seven business days 
  • Delivery: Right after the shipping
  • Shipping charge: $4.95
  • Return/ Refund: 60 days no-questions-asked return policy is available. 3 to 4 business days to refund.
  • Exchange: Not available
  • Payment options: Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover

Why choose Miami MD?

  • You will get quality tested cream to fight against the dull skin.
  • All of the products are medicated and approved by the top dermatologists.
  • Prices of the products are reasonable and affordable.
  • The seller is providing 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • They charge lesser while ordering in bulk.
  • Products are fragrance-free
  • The cream is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The review section is available for the first time buyers.
  • The sellers are available on social media sites.

What are the negative aspects of Miami MD?

  • Not available on other ecommerce websites other than the company website.
  • Only two products are there on the website.
  • All are positive reviews.
  • Office address of the seller is missing on the website.
  • Cash on delivery policy is not available.

Customer review of Miami MD Skin Cream:

Every first buyer of a website are looking for an authentic review section. Fortunately, the buyers of the product will find a huge review section on this website. The top rating and the ample number of reviews can provide enough information about the seller and the products among the previous buyers. On the other hand, with a thorough insight, you can find out that there are only positive reviews on the website. No negative reviews are there. Well, it may arise a sceptic situation indeed. Irrespective of quality products and excellent services, it is impossible to please most buyers at the same time. 

 We were looking for their availability on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Yes, the sellers are present there on the social media, and there views, rating and the comments on Facebook or Instagram are probably real. You will find mixed reactions on Facebook reviews. Some deliver their fantastic experience with the sellers. At the same time, some related to choose them and declare them as a scam. In both cases, they are genuine reviews. Our team has not found any review on the open forums or the selected sites that are open for any product reviews. It is a clear implication that genuine people do not know about the website as well as their products. 

The final verdict:

To certify it, we ran some SEO friendly analytical tools and algorithm. As per the analytical report, the website has ranked nine on the Google index and 1.2 Million on Alexa. However, the age of the site is undefined. Well, an undefined website could result to a scam. 

The result of the website is very much confusing. A website that has a good rank on the google search engine result pages has no data about its web set update. Most of the social media reviews and comments on the website and the product are positive; we do not mark as a scam. You can purchase from the site.

7 thoughts on “Miami MD Skin Cream Reviews [Nov 2020] Read It Before Order!

  1. Yes, I am skeptical about there only being positive comments, as well as the doctor stating the claims & not the actual clients on their YouTube infomercial.

    I think it’s interesting though that skin care products basically are only marketed to women. It seems that any research I’ve ever heard of is aimed at women. If the industry would open their eyes they could see that there is a market for men as well as a need.

    The two differences I see for men are:
    1) A handful of years for the aging to catch up
    (but not many) and the way it shows up.
    2) Not understanding the male ego regarding
    aging and the ways to effectively market
    to market to men, which is a bit different.

  2. This product is just an exfoliant. It dried out my skin. Horrible product. I would consider this a scam. Their marketing tactics prey on vulnerable women, saying that it will repair their social life after a divorce. They blatantly state that women’s husbands leave them because they are no longer attractive, and this cream will fix that, making them youthful and getting them back into a social life. Disgusting!

    Agree with Barbara. It is an awful product. It dried out my skin and made it burn when I put product on. Absolute scam! I tried to return and they said I don’t actually get a full 60 days to try the product… And trust me – it’s not a no questions asked situation to return product. They wanted to offer me a 30% refund. Ridiculous.
    Kevin is also right – it seems totally ridiculous that the ratings are all high. There are always a few people who will rate a product low.
    I wish I would have come across this site before I ordered.

  4. I purchased this on November 15, 2020, to this date December 7, 2020, I have NOT RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT. THEREFORE I WANT AN IMMEDIATE REFUND OF $53.00.OR I WILL HAVE MY CREDI CARD COMPANY RETRIEVE THIS PAYMENT

  5. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! Ordered the product, tried it for less than the 60 days. Requested refund. Was offered a 30% refund (what added up to $16.18 of a $49 product). Wrote them. Was then offered a 50% refund “that way you don’t have to worry about paying return postage to send back the products.” This is verbatim from their email response. Wrote back again, stating I wanted to return the product for a full refund. They finally sent an RMA# and I returned the product. This was two months ago and they just keep screwing around. Now they’re telling me they never received the product back. They’re a rip off.

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