Is Lroka Legit [June] Is It the Legit Business or Not?

Is Lroka Legit [June] Is It the Legit Business or Not?

Is Lroka Legit [June] Is It the Legit Business or Not? >> In this article, you get to know about an online platform that sells different categories of clothes.

In today busy schedule, most of the customer prefer to online shopping than physical shopping which is more comfortable and convenient for a customer, and sometimes it become beneficially to money. The most crucial negative remark of online shopping is some of the online stores do scam with its customer and gain hard-earned money. It is effortless to know about the authenticity of website weather; it is legit or scam?

Today we have researched a newly created website named Through our unique algorithm, we have studied that is lroka legit or scam? is an online store which sells clothes for all age group of men and women located in the United States. If you are planning to buy from this site, read our full blog. Here I will tell you. Is it safe to buy from the lroka or not? Further, I will explain what the positive and negative remark purchasing from this site is.

Is Legit? review says that this Website sells trendy and modern dresses for all ages and men. According to my research, I found this site was created recently nearly two months ago and under suspicion, and if the domain is new, we don’t get enough details to judge it. I would suggest not to buy from this site created a few months ago. 

This site has low traffic according to Alexa traffic rank. The most important is the pricing. The Price of this product on this site is economical than other websites, which is also a symbol of scam. The only mode of payment is PayPal. None different method of payment is available, which seems to be risky and unsecured. In my research, I found that this site may be a scam. reviews say that Beware from this site.

What is is an online store that sells different categories of dresses for men and women. The pricing on the store is very low. The quality and standard of the product seem to be high, and the production description is sloppy. The product quality seems to be functional and attractive, but all over the Website not look good. The image of the product in the store is also right.

The specifications of the website:

  • This site sells various categories of clothes for all age groups of men and women.
  • The company’s address is 4170 admiralty way #339 Marina del ray, CA 90292 United States.
  • The contacting number is (518)878-3425. 
  • The customer care representative is Logan sharp.
  • The delivery time of the orders is 1-2 days, excluding holidays or weekends. 
  • The rules come with a return policy of 60 days.
  • The refund amount will be credited to you in 15 days after lroka receives the item.
  • To visit the Website:
  • The modes of payment are only PayPal.

Positive remarks:

  • You will get various types of products available at this store.

  • The Website has given enough details about its company, such as it has described its contact no, and company address.
  • You will get a massive discount at this store.
  • In case if your order does not meet your expectation, you can refund it upto 60 days. 
  • The amount will be refunded in your account in 15 days after the product will ship back to the company.
  • The Website is using a valid http connection. 

Negative remarks:

  • This site is too new and created nearly two months ago.
  • A very few customers have experienced with this store. 
  • According to Alexa’s traffic rank, the traffic on this site is low.
  • Payment mode in only PayPal none another payment mode is available for the customer. 
  • No offline method of payment is possible for the customer. 
  • Price are 70% percent low than the market value, which shows it may be a scam.

What are people saying about the website?

The Website doesn’t have any customer reviews and very few customer reviews I found on the other site. The customer review I found are mostly negative. As it is a new website, so customers are not trusting upon it. One of the customers said that he doesn’t believe in this site because it is selling its product less than 70% than other places.


Finally, I conclude from my research and able to answer the question: Is lroka Legit or not? According to my study, this Website may be a scam. This Website is very new, and it has low traffic. Hence, I don’t recommend our readers to buy from this site, and the rest is up to you.

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  1. I bought a womens cruiser bike when I looked it up on it said sponsors it looked like part of the target site I assumed it was part of the website so I ordered a bike bc it was cheap compared to other sites, more than 50% . As soon as I submitted my order it accepted. I didn’t choose PayPal to go thru but my email received a receipt , the important details such as who would deliver it? and when? were in chinese so I couldnt even understand it. I got it translated but it did no good. I call the tel# with no luck, it’s always busy. The website is returned back to my email saying it’s not a website. So I called my bank and they said they already processed it but PayPal should cover it bc they insure it. That’s the scam, they use a Chinese paypal name but it does say PayPal on my email along with all this Chinese writing. Bottom line, I’m out of luck!

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