Mesa County Mask Mandate (Oct 2020) – Confusion Cleared!

Mesa County Mask Mandate (Oct 2020) – Confusion Cleared!

Mesa County Mask Mandate (Oct 2020) – Confusion Cleared! >> This article tells you about the existence of a mask mandate in county. Please check the details now and get your doubts cleared.

We’re all aware that masks are now our first defense against the rapidly spreading Coronavirus infection that has affected the whole world. As a result, wearing face masks in public places at all times is compulsory in many states. The situation regarding the Mesa County Mask Mandate is, however, unclear to the public. We’ll reveal all the crucial information about it.

Recently after a virtual press conference, some people mistook Governor Polis’s remarks in the United States to mean that any mask mandate wasn’t in effect in the Mesa county. If you want to find out more about it, kindly continue reading.

What is Mesa County Mask Mandate?

Mesa County Mask Mandate became a topic of discussion after some comments by Governor Polis led people to believe that there was no such mandate in effect in the county. Recently, the Governor was asked about a mask mandate in Mesa county in an online press conference. 

Polis replied that the Mesa county, which comes under the Protect your neighbor phase, can make its own decision about the enforcement of a mask mandate in Mesa county of the United States. Several people mistook it to mean that there was no mandate. 

Highlights of the Event

According to some sources, the Mesa County Mask Mandate gained popularity after an incident in a virtual conference with a Governor. All the relevant information is available below:

  • After Governor’s remarks gained popularity and became viral, the situation regarding the mask mandate in Mesa became unclear.
  • Soon, the Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) released a statement to clarify all the doubts.
  • The MCPH stated that cloth coverings on faces or face masks are crucial while outdoors or in tightly packed indoor places where social distancing is challenging to maintain.
  • Under the Protect Our Neighbors level, the county can make its own decisions at their level.
  • The Protect Our Neighbors means that transmission and the rate of spreading of infection are low. The number of daily cases is manageable, and the local health facilities are sufficient to take care of the affected.
  • MCPH made other clarifications, such as allowing industries to operate at half the capacity and limiting the indoor capacity to 500 people.
  • Alcohol sales in hotels and restaurants cannot take place after midnight.
  • The comments made by the MCPH clarified Governor Polis’s remarks and removed all the doubts in the mind of the public.

Final Verdict

In the virtual conference, when asked about the Mesa County Mask Mandate, Governor Polis didn’t give a straightforward answer. He made remarks about how they could make their own decisions at the local level being under the Protect Our Neighbors level. 

People mistook these remarks to imply that there was no such mandate in effect. The MCPH later clarified all these doubts and gave other crucial information. 

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