Flywill Vote com (Oct 2020) Biden’s Campaign Launch!

Flywill Vote com (Oct 2020) Biden’s Campaign Launch!

Flywill Vote com (Oct 2020) Biden’s Campaign Launch! >> This article tells you about a domain Joe Biden purchase after an incident. Please read about it now.

The debates between the presidential and vice-presidential candidates on live television have now become a common tradition and receive an enormous viewership. During the vice-presidential debate, a specific event took place that led to the creation of Flywill Vote com by Joe Biden.

If you want to know more about this website and all the information related to it, please stay tuned with us and keep on reading this article. This website has gained popularity in the United States

What is Flywill Vote com?

The campaign of Joe Biden purchased the domain of Flywill Vote com after a particular incident took place with the vice-presidential candidate, Mike Pence. Joe Biden tweeted this website, which went viral, and gained thousands of likes and retweets.

This domain was created to mock the whole incident with Pence on social media in the United States. All the information about this event is given below.

Highlights of the Event

Joe Biden purchased the Flywill Vote com domain after certain events transpired. All the relevant information is given below:

  • The presidential elections are soon about to commence in the United States.
  • The candidates for the vice-presidential seats are Kamla Harris and Mike Pence.
  • Recently, a debate between the vice-presidential candidates took place, which was broadcast on television.
  • During the program, a fly was always disturbing Mike Pence and was flying around him.
  • At some point, the fly sat on the head of Mike Pence, which was shown on the television.
  • This event led everyone to make memes and jokes about the fly sitting on Pence’s head.
  • In the same regard, Presidential candidate Joe Biden purchased this domain to mock this event.
  • Soon this website became popular, and users on social media talked extensively about it.
  • The website itself doesn’t contain anything but serves as a redirect link to I Will Vote.
  • I Will Vote is a website where users can obtain all the relevant information about voting in their area.
  • The Biden campaign also sold fly swatters to mock this event further.

How has the public reacted to it?

As expected, the public response to Flywill Vote com is mixed. The supporters of Joe Biden and the campaign found this event amusing and took social media to express their amusement. 

The social media and some other platforms flooded with memes and the fly’s pictures on Pence’s head. Some people weren’t pleased with it and called it a low move. 

Final Verdict

The upcoming elections in the United States have been very eventful so far, and it enjoys a massive amount of media attention. Every single move by the presidential and vice-presidential candidates is a topic of discussion. 

When the images of Mike Pence with a fly on his head became viral, the Biden campaign also took part and purchased this domain, which serves as a link to their I Will Vote website, which contains information about voting. 

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