Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews {Sep} Is It Legit Or Not?

Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews {Sep} Is It Legit Or Not?

Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews {Sep} Is It Legit Or Not? >> If you are an introvert and looking for a friend with whom you can talk, then read this review.

If you are an extrovert who loves socializing and talking with people, then probably you cannot understand the pain and problem that an introvert person faces in his life.

According to a study, more than 30% of the United Kingdom population is introvert and does not feel comfortable socializing with other people. They need a friend with whom they can talk to and share things. A friend in need is a friend indeed but is it necessary that only humans can become a friend.

Do you agree that you don’t always have to rely on human beings and make a non-living thing, your friend? If you are also looking for a friend who can keep your secret that you share with them, read this article on Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews.

If you are also looking for a friend who will listen to you, then read this article entirely, and you will find all the reviews of the product and its features and benefits. 

We have scrolled hundreds of stuffed toy dogs that looks like real dogs such as – Realistic Golden Pup by JOY FOR ALL, Holly HOME Golden Interactive Puppy Dog, King Charles Realistic Stuffed Pet Dog by Perfect Petzzz, DEMDACO Stuffed Dog, etc. so that you soon meet your friend to rely on and you don’t have to even worry because this teddy dog won’t disclose your secrets as well. 

What is Madmaxs Realistic Dog?

Madmax is an e-commerce website. This website is selling many products, and one of their work is realistic dogs. You might be wondering what natural dogs mean, then let me tell you that this product looks like a dog, but in reality, it is not a dog.

The product is a dog-like creature that will give you the exact feeling like holding a dog in your hand. You can play with it and place it anywhere in your house. When you touch this dog, you will not get even one percent clue that it is not real. People haven’t mentioned anything as Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews.

The dog looks realistic because of the design and the person who is making this dog. The artist behind this real dog is Emma Recuero, and she has more than 31 years of experience in making dogs. The dogs are handmade and of natural-looking artificial features.

This realistic dog will give you feeling as if you are holding a dog. When you touch it, you can feel the skeleton just like it is in any dog’s body. The product is available at a 50% discount. It is available at only 19$, and you get free shipping when you buy two.

Specifications of Madmaxs Realistic Dog:

  • The realistic dog is not a real creature, but it looks exactly like one of them.
  • The dog’s design is so real that no will be able to differentiate by seeing or touching as you can even feel the skeletons.
  • The feathers of the dogs are natural-looking artificial furs.
  • You can find this realistic dog in many colors like dark brown, brown, white, black, etc. 
  • The eyes of the dog are very natural looking and are of different glass-like materials.

Positives of Madmaxs Realistic Dog
  • The dog looks real.
  • The realistic dog is entirely handmade, and there are no machines behind the making.
  • There are various color options available.
  • You can also get your dog customized.
  • The price of the realistic dog is very reasonable similar to any soft toy.
  • You can play with the dog and share your secrets, and it won’t reveal to anyone.
Negatives of the realistic dog:
  • We do not find Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews anywhere on social media platforms.
  • The realistic dog will only listen to you but cannot talk.
  • The dog gives you the feeling of a real dog but is not accurate.
  • There are many similar realistic dogs available in the market, so be careful while buying the real product.

Is Madmaxs Realistic Dog Legit?

Many websites are selling fake products in the United Kingdom and thus take all the necessary precautions. Yes, our research produces the doubt for the websites selling this product and is only two months old, and therefore we cannot trust this website. We did not find any Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews in support.

We can say that Madmaxs Realistic Dog is not a legit product and recommend you to choose some other better option available in the market.

As promised in the beginning, now we will give information about some of the 

real life looking toy dogs like Niuniu Daddy Stuffed Plush Soft Dog, GUND Randle Bernese  Stuffed Animal  Plush, and Bearington Tug Bulldog Plush  Puppy Dog


  • It is made up of extra soft MICROFIBER MATERIAL.
  • The plush puppy is super soft.
  • The puppy is 20” long.
  • The puppy has embroidered paw prints and eyes.
  • Its tummy is chubby and cuddly.
  • The Product Dimensions are 20 x 7 x 7 inches
  • The weight of the product is 12.8 ounces.
  • The manufacturer is Hangzhou Tianqu Trade Co. Ltd.

Pros of buying Niuniu stuffed soft dog
  • It can become a part of home decoration.
  • By having its companionship, you can slow down the tense pace.
  • Its Bestsellers Rank is #7,457 in Toys Games.
  • Its rank is #28 in Kids’ Toy Pillows
  • Its rank is #3,659 in Pre-Kindergarten Toys.
  • It has received 4.7 star-ratings by Amazon.
Cons of buying Niuniu stuffed soft dog
  • The product cannot be delivered worldwide.

2.GUND Randle Bernese  Stuffed Animal  Plush: It is one of the best- stuffed animal plush, which is a  favorite choice of kids.


  • The product Dimensions are 6 x 13 x 7 inches
  • Its weight is 8.3 ounces
  • Its length is 13″. 
  • The recommended age of children is between 12 months – 5 years
  • The recommended age by manufacturer is 4 – 5 years
  • It can be used by both boys and girls.
  • The manufacturer is GUND.

Pros of buying GUND Randle Bernese Stuffed Animal Plush
  • It is a soft, huggable plush that meets GUND quality standards.
  • It is washable at a surface for easy cleaning.
  • Videos for this product are available on amazon.
  • It has received 4.9-star ratings on Amazon.
  • It got Bestsellers Rank as #9,675 in Toys and Games.
  • Its rank is #125 in Preschool Stuffed Toys& Animals.
  • Its rank is #167 in Stuffed Teddy Bears & Animals.
Cons of buying GUND Randle Bernese Stuffed Animal Plush
  • This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.
  • It is not appropriate for ages under one year.

Bearington Tug Bulldog Plush  Puppy Dog: It is one of the favorite plush dogs. 


  • The product dimensions are 11 x 7 x 4 inches
  • The weight of this product is 7.7 ounces.
  • The recommended age by the manufacturer is three years and up. 
  • The manufacturer is Bearington Collection.
  • The puppy dog is 13” long.

Pros of buying Bearington Plush Puppy Dog
  • Its high-quality materials, airbrushed details, and an expressive face made it a life-like companion.
  • It is a perfect gift for little boys, girls, kids.
  • Its Delicately stuffed, Floppy body and bean bag weighted paws make It a cuddly huggable friend.
  • Amazon’s choice recommends it as well priced and highly rated product.
  • It has got the best sellers rank as i.#15,320 in Toys & Games ii#238 in Preschool Stuffed Animals & Toys iii#322 in Stuffed Animals & Teddy Bears.
  • It has received 4.8-star ratings on Amazon.
Cons of buying Bearington Plush Puppy Dog
  • The product lacks worldwide delivery.

Now, after looking at these stuffed dog teddies, are you still thinking? Well, we suggest don’t overthink just compare features, pros, and cons, and read reviews on Amazon and shop now. Gift it to your loved ones and see the smile on their faces.

What does the customer want to say about Madmaxs Realistic Dog?

A study was going on this product; the results showed that it is not discussed on any social media platforms. Also, many people are not even aware of it. Thus, it wasn’t easy to find any customer reviews about this product.  

Final verdict:

The conclusion on Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews is that the doubt for the websites and the product is real; thus, we ask the readers to research well before buying. Readers can also share any excess information about the product in the box below.

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  1. well i have gone aheadfand ordered one! so I do hope all is ligit. what worried me most was they took all my details then asked me to contact them if the order went though, all I can say is watch this space!!!!!

  2. How does it work please don’t say thru my phone I would really love one been wanting a small dog for a long time but age and health are against us x

  3. Unfortunately I bought one of these dogs and I think I have made a big mistake to find out it is not real, and I have been scammed so sad.. this happens,

  4. Don’t buy these dogs . It is a scam. I bought one thinking how cute . They show real dogs in the video. What you get is a stuffed dog that does nothing. And when you email them for a refund they tell you you must pay $20.00 to ship it back and they will refund you 20% back still trying to get my money back. In total I bought one for $19.99 and the other cost me $39.99 haven’t got the second one but I’m pretty sure it will be just a over priced stuff dog

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