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Fashineo com (Sep 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Fashineo com (Sep 2020) Is this a Reliable Site

Fashineo com (Sep 2020) Is this a Reliable Site? >> This article gives detailed information on an online store that sells attractive merchandise for women at throwaway prices

Who doesn’t love to dress well and look beautiful? Our clothes are integral to honing our personality and appearance. What if a website houses an entire collection of beautiful clothing under one name? Won’t it be fascinating?

Fashineo comclaims to do just that!

This eCommerce store based in India claims to sell beautiful women apparel online at affordable prices. All this with a promise of delivering all over the world.

Sounds propitious indeed!

Let us find out more about this extensive eShop by reading the following article.

What is Fashineo com?

Fashineo comis an online store that sells a wholesome collection for women’s wardrobe.

From ethnic wear to western wear to their designer collection, there is a fantastic variety to complement every occasion.

They sell beautiful suit sets, elegant silk sarees, pretty lehengas, voguish dresses, trendy jeans, T-shirts, and cute night suits.

One can also find watches, shoes, and other accessories on their website.

The store claims to provide free shipping all over India. They offer international shipping at 1000 INR (the currency of India) for the first item bought, and 400 INR for each item added.

Presently, they are also offering their merchandise at amazing discounts.

Specifications of Fashineo com:

  • Products- A wide range of women apparel and accessories
  • Website-
  • Price range- 199 to 1,299 INR
  • Address- not given
  • Email- not given
  • Contact- not given
  • Exchanges/Returns- Within 30 days of purchasing the product
  • Refunds- Applicable
  • Mode of payment- online

Pros of Fashineo com:

  • An infinite variety of lady’s clothes and accessories
  • Contemporary as well as traditional designs
  • Very reasonable prices and great discounts on products

Cons of Fashineo com:

  • No information about the background of the company
  • Unbelievable discounts on products
  • An unprofessional website with arbitrary information
  • Very unrealistic international shipping costs

Is Fashineo com legit?

On the surface, Fashineo com gives the impression of being an elegant site. Their collection looks beautiful and eye-catching. But, on navigating through their website carefully and clicking on some tabs, you are led to some very unrelated items.

Their store also sells unrelated items like vacuum cleaners, massage devices, and web cameras.

Strange, isn’t it?

Also, their pricing is quite unbelievable. They are selling pure silk sarees in the price range between 399 and 499 INR.

The lehenga collection available on their website is simply stunning with intricate embroidery and stonework. And can you believe it, it is priced between 499 to 599 INR.

They have adopted a strike-through policy to lure customers into impulsive buying.

Lastly, they claim to have international shipping. But, if you buy any item on their website, you only have the option of shipping in India.

All this raised our suspicion about Fashineo com, and we thoroughly researched to discover more about this web store.

What are people saying for Fashineo com?

The company does not have any social media handles where one can read their customer reviews.

Their website also does not have any reviews from their buyers.

All this is quite strange because Fashineo com showcases an elaborate range of products at attractive prices.

Any genuine company with such a good profile is bound to have a very devoted customer base.

Upon scouring the internet, we found another company with a similar name, but it is a China-based company.

Final verdict:

Big brands boast of an excellent website because any erratic information on their webpage is a blot on their image.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with Fashineo com.

On the contrary, this storedisplays very haphazard information on its website. Much of their content is similar to many scam sites.

If you click on the Watch or Footwear Category, the page displays a range of arbitrary items like headphones, speakers, and a few smartwatches.

Also, the company does not share any information about its origin. They have also not shared any address, email, or contact number.

The only way to contact them is through a form available on their dubious website.

All these indicate that Fashineo com is an untrustworthy site. We sum up by concluding that Fashineo com is not a safe bet for you. Stay away from this store or shop at your own risk.

Please feel free to share your experience of shopping at Fashineo com. Post your comments here.


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