Lysol Exclusive com Reviews [Oct] Is It A Scam Site?

Lysol Exclusive com Reviews [Oct] Is It A Scam Site?

Lysol Exclusive com Reviews [Oct] Is It A Scam Site? >> The article is related to a website that is providing Lysol products and find out how legit it is.

Lysol Exclusive com Reviews: Do you want to protect your family and keep them healthy all life? Well, we know every person wants that for their family, and here, we have an online website that fulfils the aim accurately. The products available on the website have meant to be deal with all sorts of disinfection and protection from germs. They claim that these can kill 99.9% germs and bacteria from almost any type of hard surfaces.

Some people are also using these products for a long time, and when it comes to living in the situation of COVID-19, then the demand for such items skyrocketed across the United States.

But the main concern here is about the online platforms that are proffering such products are legit or not. The website is new, and the web has flooded with scammers, so it is our duty to explore any such platform first to find out how legit the site is

Thus, we have decided to get into all nuts and bolts of the website through this review.

What is 

As the name implies, it is a web store that claims to provide all products from Lysol that are of optimum quality and available at some considerable discount. 

The product range includes such as Lysol all-purpose cleaner, Lysol Multi-surface cleaner pourable, Lysol Kitchen Cleaner, and so on.

Let us know more about the website through Lysol Exclusive com Reviews.

Specifications about the Website

Some details about the site have given below.

  • You can access the site through
  • The product range includes such as Lysol all-purpose cleaner, Lysol Multi-surface cleaner pourable, Lysol Kitchen Cleaner and so on.
  • The site has a physical address, that is 2180, Barlow Rd, Hudson, OH 44326.
  • The website has a contact number, that is +1 (330) 650-3333.
  • Email support available on the site is

What are the pros of buying products from 

Here are some of the positive aspects of the site that we are going to share within Lysol Exclusive com Reviews below:

  • The prices are affordable, and anyone can easily buy these as per the need.
  • Online payment options are available.
  • There is no need to go through the physical market to get the product as it is readily available at a doorstep.
  • Worldwide delivery is available, including the United States.
  • A wide range of Lysol products are available on site.
  • Flash sale is available.

What are the cons of buying from

Here are some negative aspects of this website that we have mentioned below:

  • Social media icons are misleading as displayed on the site.
  • There are a lot of subpar customer reviews.
  • The domain name is only four days old, and it is a red alert.
  • The site has meagre traffic.
  • The site has not secured by HTTPS protocol.

What are the people’s opinions about

We found a lot of Lysol Exclusive com Reviews on the internet and came to know that people are not happy with the site and it is a scam. 

Although there are a lot of complaints related to the website and the products and it is new, so it is a bit hard for us to say what quality of products they proffer. People wrote that they get scammed by this website, and it has recommended freezing all your credit card as well as PayPal account. 

Even some of them ordered products from the sale, and a day after that, the site shifted to a new address. So, it is not a suitable destination for buying Lysol products.  

Bottom Line

After getting into all aspects of the site, the website is proffering all types of Lysol products at an affordable price, and all seems good. But there are some issues with the website that it has no online presence, too recent domain name, lousy customer opinions, fake social media icons and low traffic. 

Due to all such aspects related to this platform, we can conclude that it is not legit yet and it can cause huge money loss if people get ordered from here. It has recommended to stay away from this site and never try to splurge your money on such scam sites.  

Please write down all reviews and question related to Lysol Exclusive com Reviews below in the comment section. We are happy to help you.


0 thoughts on “Lysol Exclusive com Reviews [Oct] Is It A Scam Site?

  1. I ordered $94.00 of items and I yet got a response that you received my order..i just want to know that is a real site ..and i paid through pay transaction # is 28851660KH1153719and my payment went to and my invoice # is idc81577ozybfjc13oddidc484820ppidc2117..Im just alittle scared that ive list my money..please respond asap please …Thank you

  2. Wish I’d found this site and read it first. I ordered from and never received a confirmation email. Their phone number is always busy. I have written 4 emails to them with no response. I filed a PayPal dispute so maybe they will help. The charge for $50.70 shows up not as Lysol but as a bunch of oriental characters. I’m sure I have been scammed.

  3. I purchased $51,32 worth of products on the 6 of this month, when you try to enter the tracking number it is not a valid number the site also is now invalid, is there some where these people can be reported to the authority it’s a shame during these times they would scam people out of their money.

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