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Lovely Erica Reviews {Jan 2021} Check If It Is Scam?

Lovely Erica Reviews 2020

Lovely Erica Reviews {Jan 2021} Check If It Is Scam? >> If you need an online store to shop western outfits & accessories at discounts, read this review.

Are you one amongst those people who love to follow the trend going in Hollywood? Do you also like to wear what your favourite television stars are wearing? Do you want to look like the actors and actresses?

If yes, then read the entire article on Lovely Erica Reviews dealing in clothing and fashion accessories. You will get every type of outfit on this website, starting from tops and t-shirts to coats and pants. The website is dealing with western companies and will help you find one for every occasion.

This website is from the United States, and many scam websites are running in the country; thus, this review will help you to know in detail the legal status of this website and whether it is fit for purchase or not. You will also come across many positives and negatives about the Lovely Erica and what customers say about it.

What is Lovely Erica?

Lovely Erica is an online website in the United States that is dealing with fashion clothing. It sells only western outfits that include tops, pants, t-shirts, shoes, accessories, dresses, Christmas wear, Halloween outfits, and the most trending clothes.

The website brings about more than 150 outfits daily for buyers. There is a large variety available on the website. Under the men’s category, you get shirts and bottoms. You get many options like blouses, knits, bodysuits, tanks, camis, bustiers, and many more females options. Also, you get men and women Christmas outfits.

There is an ‘about us’ section on the website where the company claims to be dealing only with women’s wear, but it is not true. The company is in to selling of high-quality fashion products to its customers and become the best experience provider in the industry, says the ‘Lovely Erica Reviews.’

You will notice that there are numerous categories available, and under each category, there are multiple sub-sections. You will find 100s of options for each subsection as well.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website type: Fashion store
  • Website link:
  • Shipping: The shipping usually takes around 8-10 days.
  • Returns: The company has 30 days return policy.
  • Refunds: You will get the refund in the payment account itself.
  • Company address: There is no information available.
  • Email
  • Phone number: 12015799717
  • Payment mode: You will pay via digital mediums.
  • Social Media presence: You will not find any ‘Lovely Erica Reviews‘ on social media.

Pros of the website:

  • The website is dealing with fantastic western clothing.
  • You will find all the variety of western outfits on the website.
  • The website has a collection for both men and women.
  • The website has sub-categories for all the heads, and multiple options are available in that.

Cons of the website:

  • There are no ‘Lovely Erica Reviews‘ present on the web or any social media handle.
  • The website does not provide any company address or details about the owner.
  • There is no information on the establishment of the website.
  • The website shipping section seems like a copy of other websites’ content.
  • The email address is not domain-oriented.

Is Lovely Erica Legit?

As per ‘Lovely Erica Reviews,’ the website deals with fashion products and clothing, and the domain age is only eight months. The age here is not an issue as the website is more than six months old, which is a good sign as per the standards.

Other reasons like the missing details on the owner, the company’s establishment, and the address are bad signs. The information in the ‘About us’ column is fake, and the shipping policy and return policy content are similar to other fake websites running on the internet.

We can conclude that the website is not legit, and it might be a trap for customers to hack their bank account details and thus stay away from this website is good choice.

What do customers want to say about the website?

The customer’s opinion is important, and thus when the team of ‘Lovely Erica Reviews‘ researched, we came to know that there is very little traffic on the website in spite of running from eight months. There are other good brands in the same name, and we came across those reviews. But we did not find any thoughts on the website.


The final verdict says the website is an eight-month-old dealing with fashion clothing and accessories for both men and women. Like the website’s missing content and have some similar content to other fake websites, the other factors are a suspicious signal, and there are no ‘Lovely Erica Reviews.’ Thus, we consider the website illegal.

We ask readers to stay away from the website and share their views in the comments section.


  1. Apparently now, they have customer reviews under each product. There is always at least one good review however many reviews state that they never got their package nor has lovelyerica’s customer service ever got back to them so I would also say that this website is a scam. The one good review is always the oldest review so I believe that the good reviews are made by the website developers/scammers themselves to rope in more money from customers.

    1. I actually ordered a strawberry sweater and an orange knit jumper and I got my items in about a months time. I didn’t get any shipping or tracking information until about 2 days before my items arrived. I also had to ask if the package was being sent out as the order still showed as pending.

      I like the items I got but I would compare the quality to shein. Not sure I would buy again unless there was a really good price but even then I would rather go elsewhere.

  2. Don’t know if it’s a scam, but definitely shady. I ordered Halloween clothing from them at the end of September and the shipping status still shows it’s in China and hasn’t left yet. It’s Oct 23rd. There’s no way I’m going to receive it before Halloween. I’d definitely recommend avoiding this site.

  3. I ordered $112 worth of items on here for Christmas. I eventually was scrolling through insta and they are putting fake pictures on there website. NEVER EVEN GOT A EMAIL!!!!! Don’t even try to get anything from here. Not worth it even if it was a dollar.

  4. Definitely a scam! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Ordered a hoodie from them and was sent a completely fake/knock off hoodie. They stole pictures from FashionNova’s website. I received the real hoodie from FashionNova and the hoodie was so different. I have been contacting their Customer Service for over a month now. After multiple emails and threats to report them they said they would issue me a refund, weeks later I still have not received a refund. Also note, they are related to the other online retailer When I received my hoodie the tags and packaging was labeled with “Emmiol”

  5. If I could give these negative, stars, I would. I bought two pants almost two months ago. I ordered these with another pair, they came separately and the first one took a month to arrive and the second ones took almost two. The minute I open the package for the second pair, it falls apart. It wasn’t even finished being sewn together!!!!! On top of that, it wasn’t even the same material and a sad copy of the original design. What I got was made out of some sort of cotton, and in the picture they used, they are CLEARLY jeans. I was SO disappointed. It has taken me THREE WEEKS AND COUNTING TO GET THIS RESOLVED WITH LOVELYERICA. I have called, emailed called, and emailed countless times- I wish I was exaggerating. The most frustrating experience I have ever had with a store, it’s so unprofessional. On top of it being LovelyErica’s responsibility for the damaged and fake jeans, they asked me to PAY FOR THE SHIPPING COST! In their return policy it says they will full refund the item and the shipping cost if it’s their fault. I could go on and on about how terrible this company is, so let me just say: NEVER BUY FROM THIS PLACE EVER. I am STILL WAITING FOR A RETURN FORM AND REFUND.

    I ordered a pair of black jeans from lovely Erica and received the pants 2 months after they said it would come, they came in blue and they were in the wrong size additionaly. The quality of these jeans are terrible the button is made of cheap plastic and doesn’t function probably PLEASE DO NOT BUY!

  7. This is a scam from China not from USA. No emails sent from customer service. Never use this website. I got a tracking number with NO info link to it. Still waiting for item. Never again.

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