Louisiana Mask Mandate Lifted (Oct) Some News About It!

Louisiana Mask Mandate Lifted (Oct) Some News About It!

Louisiana Mask Mandate Lifted (Oct) Some News About It! >> The write-up is to share details about the face mask mandate and the news of lifting the mandate.  

The state governor of Louisiana currently passed circular urging residents to wear face mask covering in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, the rules and mandates vary in all the states of the United States. Many residents of Louisiana believe that the Louisiana Mask Mandate Lifted. However, with a few changes, the government still stands by wearing a face mask in public with some relaxations. 

The governor has a state-wide order that public face-covering is needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The governor issued the final proclamation on 11th July 2020, and it was extended several times. 

However, the mandate is not applicable for children below the age of 8. The government encourages parents to ask kids between 2 and 7 years to use a face mask in public. The mandate also excludes the parishes with less than a hundred COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents. 

Is Louisiana Mask Mandate Lifted?

No, Louisiana Mask Mandate is not lifted. There is a state-wide order from the state government urging people to wear a face mask in public. With a few changes, the mandate remains the same and asks people to wear a face mask when in public places. 

There are few changes made in the mandate, and Louisiana Mask Mandate Lifted is a false story. People are still needed to wear a face mask when going out in public. They need to ensure that the nose and mouth are fully covered.

The mandate does not apply to children below the age of 8 years. However, the mandate urges the kids below 2-7 years to wear a mask when going out in public. The parishes across the United States with less than 100 cases of COVID-19 are also excluded from the mandate. 

Who are exempted from the Mandate?

Every resident in Louisiana must wear a facial mask when inside the commercial building or spaces open to the public. But, recently, the Louisiana Mask Mandate Lifted for some individuals.

  • People who never come in contact with others or go out of the house or who maintain strict social distancing of six feet outside the household 
  • Children below the age of 8 years 
  • Patients with ailments that prevent them from wearing a facial mask or covering
  • People who are communicating with others that have a hearing impairment
  • People giving a speech in public for broadcast 
  • People who are removing the mask for the identification process at public places     

Other than these people, residents from the area where cases of COVID-19 are less also excluded from wearing face-covering. Even businesses and organizations in these areas are exempted from wearing face-covering.  

Final Thought

Louisiana is one of the 33 states where wearing a face mask is mandatory. So, the news Louisiana Mask Mandate Lifted is false. The mandate for wearing a mask in public is still on with few changes and exemption. 

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