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Lollippx com Reviews [August 2020] Is It Scam Or Legit?

Lollippx com Reviews 2020

Lollippx com Reviews [August 2020] Is It Scam Or Legit? >> Love being in fashion reviewed here an online fashion store that sells clothes, & accessories.

Lollippx is an online fashion store that sells clothes, pants, dresses, shoes, tops, bottoms, shorts, accessories, and many other fashion items based out of the United States. You need to know several valuable things before you go ahead and shop on this website.

If you have already gone through the Lollippx com Reviews, then you must have gained some knowledge about the website. So before you choose it to be your favorite fashion destination, it is essential to know how good the website and the brand are.

The big question that arises is that Is Lollippx Legit? To know the answer, let’s have a peek into the article below. You can then make a choice accordingly.

What Is Lollippx com?

This is an online fashion store that deals with fashionable, crafty, and trendy outfits such as dresses, clothes, pants, shorts, accessories, shoes, etc. The website does not have good web traffic to be precise. Also, it is ranked around 722,974, amongst many other websites. So it’s not a popular website too. As compared to Alexa, the website rant is too low and does not have enough traffic.


  • Website- an online fashion store that deals into clothes, accessories, and shoes
  • URL –
  • Address- Starlink Technology, Flat/RM 1902, Eassy Comm Bldg. 253-261, Hennessy Road, Wanchai
  • Phone Number- NA
  • Email ID- support@Lollippx com
  • Payment Mode- NA

What is the Pros of Lollippx com?

  • Lollippx com has a mail server, which is a good sign, but it’s not a guaranteed website.
  • Collection of fashion wear and accessories

What is the Cons of Lollippx com?

  • It is a newly built and very recent website, which is not a great sign. Many of the recently built websites are a scam, and they use new domain names. It is as new as less than six months from now.
  • It is not at all a popular website to talk about.
  • This website is making use of the Shopify platform.

Is Lollippx Legit?

Many of the Lollippx com Reviews state that users are recommended to simply stay away from this website as it is an entirely fake website. It is untrustworthy, and many of you who try to purchase something or the other from it will either receive counterfeit items or nothing at all.

It is not a recommended or a legit website to use. The domain name is very young, and not much detail is mentioned about it. You would rather not like to purchase items from a young website that is now by three-four months only.

Customers Review

The qualities of the pictures that are present on the website are slightly blurred. Also, a lot of content present on the website matches up to some scam websites, so it’s tough to trust it. The reviews of the customers are not very nice about the website.

The return policy of Lollippx is found out to be very unrealistic. It is eligible for exchange and returns policy both. The return shipping cost is not refundable, which is unusual. Because of its confusing and unrealistic provisions of the return policy, it is quite impossible to get a total refund in such cases.

It is imperative to know the reviews of many people who have purchased something or the other from the website; or have dealt with the website even before you use it. It is not a recommended website to be used as many people who have already dealt with it have found out that it’s not a legit website to be used. As it is based out of the United States, many people from there have pointed out their views and reviews for other people creating an alert about the website.


Is Lollippx legit is a bit question that allows us to make a choice whether to buy products from this website or to still wait and watch the reviews. Most of the pictures present on the website are cropped from some other place, and the faces of the models are hidden so that they are saved from any copy write issues.

Most of the reviews are cynical about this online fashion store. Lollippx com Reviews are particular and speak about how suspicious the store is and that we should not trust the brand for being our legit shopping destination.

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  1. Wow! I guess I’ve been taken – I will work with my bank for a refund if they don’t answer my inquiry email I sent in 24 hours.

  2. I placed a order over a month ago. I have recieved or heard nothing. My e mails will not go through. They got almost 90.00 of my money and I got nothing. Throughly disgusted.

  3. This company is shady. I recommend you stay away from them. They sent me the wrong size and wouldn’t give me address to ship it back. Offered me $8.00 off another item. I paid $18. I will never do business with them again or that is affiliated with Starlink technology.

  4. This company is a scam, Do you eventually get your items? Yes. Are they what your ordered? Maybe. Are they what is advertised? Not in the slightest.
    The long and short is this company scams people with junk, and if you call them out on false advertising, or you got the wrong item, or anything, they will give you the options of; keeping the item(s) and giving you a gift card for 3-10$ that you could potentially buy more garbage with, but never enough for a full reorder so you are paying them more money for their garbage, or making you pay international return shipping on an item that is their F up, or false advertising, and tell you they wont refund you your original shipping…for a wrong item they sent you, or one that is falsely advertised on size, material, quality, etc.
    This is straight up a scam.

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