Choosing The Right LED Lighting For Your Home

Choosing The Right LED Lighting For Your Home

LED lighting has replaced outdated light sources based on gas-discharge lamps (fluorescent, halogen and others), as well as incandescent lamps. Such a source of luminous flux differs in that neither a tungsten filament, which creates a lot of heat, nor various gases hazardous to human health, is involved in the basis of its radiation. 

The principle of operation of LED lighting is based on a semiconductor device – an LED, which has a unique ability to emit a fairly high-quality and powerful light. The different spectrum of light emitted by it makes it possible to implement completely different design solutions, using LED lamps for the home, spotlights and lamps as the main or additional lighting. Illumination of the house gives it comfort and the right mood. E.g., led tube light fixture against it features should justify the product features with its price. Its better to analyze before making any hasty decision.

LED lighting for the home, its advantages and disadvantages

When creating and organizing lighting for a house, apartment, or local area, it is recommended to use a new type of lighting, which is called LED, and has a number of advantages over other types of lighting: 

  • High color rendering index at a sufficiently low power. For example, a fluorescent lamp produces a maximum of 100 lm, a one-watt incandescent lamp of 24-25 lm, and an LED that consumes only one watt is capable of producing 120 lm. This is despite the fact that several tens or even hundreds of LEDs can be installed in one LED luminaire
  • Long-term and trouble-free operation
  • LED lighting in the house is not afraid of power surges and surges, the main thing is that it is powered by a high-quality power supply
  • The service life does not depend on the number of starts
  • Does not contain harmful and hazardous gases, which means there is no need to contact special services for the disposal of LED light sources
  • Compactness
  • Low rates of heat energy release during operation
  • Reacts painlessly to vibration
  • High level of fire safety
  • Lack of flickering effect
  • Saving energy costs

However, the disadvantages of LED lighting should not be overlooked:

  • High price
  • It is not possible to connect without a power supply unit and a rectifying device to a widespread network of 220 V, 50 Hz

Any LED luminaire has the following main components: 

  1. The source of the luminous flux itself is an LED
  2. Housings with fastening elements
  3. Power supply, it performs the function of stabilizing and rectifying, and lowering the output voltage
  4. Heat sink made of material with good heat dissipation
  5. Matrix or board on which light emitting diodes are installed
  6. Lens – to amplify the power of the light emitted by the LED

After evaluating all the pros and cons, we can conclude that LED lighting in a private house or any living space is quite acceptable and effective.

Lighting of the adjoining territory of a private house

You can also illuminate the area around the house with various light sources, but taking into account all the advantages of LED lighting, you should still take a closer look at this option. How to choose LED lighting fixtures for this area? Lighting for this area can be: 

  • Functional – this type of lighting is performed to illuminate and ensure comfortable and safe movement of a person across the entire area around the house;
  • Security lighting is also an important option, which is aimed at protecting against thieves and criminals. It is effective to use this lighting in conjunction with recording cameras and lamps equipped with motion sensors. They will help save energy costs by creating this type of lighting;
  • Decorative lighting highlights precisely those elements of the structure or facade that perform a decorative decorating function. Often it is a decoration for trees, fences and garden buildings.

LED lighting of an apartment building and entrances to them

When organizing the lighting of the entrances of apartment buildings, it is necessary to take into account the fact not only of the power and supply voltage, but also the conditions of the structure with protection from thieves or anti-vandal protection. The lighting in the entrance is often equipped with either a protective metal grill, or strong anti-shock glass. The use of motion and light sensors in them also bears its economic benefits. The light sensor makes it possible to carry out lighting control automatically. Only when the lighting is low at the entrance, or near the front door of the house, the device will turn on, and the second aspect of turning on this device is movement, within the radius of the sensor.

How to choose the right LED lighting for your home?

When organizing any LED lighting, you should choose only certified products from global manufacturers. If the price of such products is very high for the buyer and the owner of the house, then you can also pay attention to the domestic manufacturer, but the main thing is that the LED itself is of European quality from the manufacturer’s proven over the years such as

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