Laudzt com Reviews [August] Is Online Shopping A Scam?

Laudzt com Reviews [August] Is Online Shopping A Scam?

Laudzt com Reviews [August] Is Online Shopping A Scam? >> This article will give you information about a website that sells designer seal stamps.

Do you want designer seal stamps for your business or any other activity? Hold on to Laudzt com Reviews, and this review will help you understand a website that sells designer seal stamps.

Although designer seal stamps are less used, there are many occasions and business entities that use these seal stamps. Modern-day is changing, and so is the products are making its space in the market, Individual entrepreneurs, business entities, professional firms use this kind of stamps for the activities.

Modern-day entrepreneurs want everything trendy and unique, so they continuously search for new things in the market and apply immediately as they see something innovative and designer. This website is selling its designer seal stamps throughout the United States.

Now the question is if this website is legit and sells genuine products or not? Please read our review before heading towards this website.

What is is an online store which sells different varieties of wax seal stamp from vintage designs to modern with a large variety of choices in stamps. You can choose from the variety of wax and other seal stamps available on the website.

Laudzt com Reviews tell you that this website also has a contact section where you can complain about your problems regarding the website or products of the site, and on top of this it also has free shipping. The website has provided a return feature in case you are facing any issues with the product. 

Still, it comes with some terms and conditions for returning the product with a period of 14 days after purchasing the product. Keeping all of these in mind, this website is perfect for shopping wax seal stamps at a low price value.


  • Product – Wax seal stamps
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Contact- (423) 400-5217
  • Contact person-John parsons
  • Address- 2719 West 33rd street apt 3d, Brooklyn, NY 11224 United States
  • Delivery schedule- Within eight business days
  • Delivery charges- Free shipping
  • Return/Exchange- Within 14 days of delivery
  • Refund-Available
  • Payment method-PayPal

Pros of

  • Excellent varieties of wax seal stamps.
  • Exciting designs of stamps.
  • Amazing affordable prices.
  • The details about the contact section are disclosed.
  • The principal address of the store is available.
  • A refund facility is available.
  • Safe online payment method (PayPal).
  • Social media handles of websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is also given.
  • The frequently asked questions are disclosed.
  • Free shipping.

Cons of

  • Social media handles are misleading.
  • The contact number and address are fake.
  • The website does not have any customer ratings.

Is Legit?

As per our analysis, we haven’t found this website as a legit site. The reason is misleading details.

Many details such as contact number, address, contact person, and other section are highly misleading and seem to be fake after our research. This website doesn’t have any customer Laudzt com Reviews or social media accounts, and the other part of this website are that it is registered recently only a week ago.

The information and details are mismanaged and misleading, which makes this website suspicious. Hence, we can say that this website is possibly a scam site but we can’t say for sure as it is too early to judge its legitimacy.

Customer Feedback on

You can find the official address and contact number along with the contact person on the website, but this website doesn’t have any customer reviews.

Many Scam websites don’t have any customer reviews because they know many potential customers won’t bother to enter such sites. This website is a scam and doesn’t have good traffic and also doesn’t hold a significant number of trust index. We have done proper research on this website, and lastly, what we have to say about this is you cannot trust such a site.

Final Verdict

The final verdict for this website is that this website is suspicious, and you need to do proper research before buying designer seal stamps from this website.

Although this website sells a variety of designer seal stamps at an affordable price, which is catching the attention of many customers, the price is not the only thing that should be considered. A website should have much more than the price.  Other than this, there is no surprise that this website is registered recently a week ago, so a site that is registered recently cannot be trusted.

We suggest you all stay away from this suspicious website and kindly drop your comments below after reading this Laudzt com Reviews.

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  1. On Aug 5th I bought a xbox one bundle for $99 from and here today its the 21st and nothing has came in the mail yet. We will have to wait and see .

  2. is a scam website from China. They claim to be a company in NY with a contact name of John Parsons and a phone number from Tennessee. The contact number given is to a woman who is in business in Tennessee.
    I ordered a pressure canner for $99 with the understanding it was coming from New York. NEVER did I authorize any form of shipment from overseas. Currently it is 2 months since I placed my order and it was not until I filed a complaint with Paypal that they actually shipped “something” from China. That shipment is currently in customs and has been for 39 days. Because they supplied a tracking number upon my filing a complaint, I have to await the arrival of whatever they sent before getting my money back. It is a scam, everything on the website is bogus and you never receive ANY form of communication from them other than their website rolling different companies through their payment processor. That is correct, upon attempting to place the order a second time, thinking the site glitched, it took me to a completely different company trying to charge another $99 to my credit card.

  3. On Aug 5th, 2020, I purchased a 23 qt pressure canner from They claim to be in NY and have an 8 day turnaround, so when it came to Aug 21, I filed a complaint with Paypal. I was told I would have to await the investigation before I would receive a refund for the item I had not received. Upon my complaint, this unethical company in CHINA, supplied a fake tracking number. The number sat in limbo for 39 days and then just disappeared. I never willingly purchased this item from overseas and NEVER agreed to this scam. They used Paypal, but Paypal forced me to wait 2 months for the return of my funds. It took going through my credit card company to force the issue…FINALLY Paypal responded – the day after my credit card company refunded my money and told me they could see it was a fake tracking number, so they would authorize the return of my stolen funds.

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