Review (August) Is The News Fake? Review (August) Is The News Fake? Review (August) Is The News Fake? >> In the given article, you will read about a website providing gaming costumes and skins for the character of various video games.

Are you a Fortnight and video games lover? Are you searching for some dream cosmetic unlocks? If yes then you’ve landed on the proper page.

In this unbiased Review you will come to know about a website claiming to provide different kinds of skins for many gaming’s. These skins are rendered free of cost. website is used in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom etc. This website also provides you with free skins for the past seasons content that is no longer accessible. 

What is website? 

The Fortnitefreeskins website is an online platform that procures gaming costumes and skins for the character of various video games such as Monk, Peekaboo, Star flare, Sand shark Driver, Fishstick, Galaxy pack, Red Jade, Dark Bomber, Rally Raider, Blanck Manta etc. 

This website is made to give the best experience to all the Fortnite lovers out there. They have the most preferable and extraordinary skins that are hardly available on other sources. 

The specification of the website:

  • To visit the Fortnitefreeskins website click on 
  • Website type: The Fortnitefreeskins website provides free skins for Fortnite game lovers. 
  • No contact details are given on the website. 
  • No refund policy detail is mentioned on the Fortnitefreeskins website. 

How to use website? Review says that after opening the Fortnitefreeskins website, you need to select the gaming skin you want to get. After selection, you will need to enter details regarding your email address and the device on which you are accessing it. 

After that, they will ask you to download and try some apps. Soon after you will receive an email with a unique Fortnite skin code, use this skin code to get your desired skin. 

Pros of the website:

  • This website gives away many skins to Fortnite lovers.
  • All the skin provided on the website is free of cost. 
  • The website is easily accessible. 

Cons of the website:

  • The website seems to be unsafe. 
  • The website doesn’t provide essential details like About Us page, Contact Us page, Return Policy details etc.

What are people saying about the website?

In our Review, while exploring and examining the website we came to know that this website does not exhibit many customers reviews regarding it as it is not a popular source.

However, some of the reviews seen for it claimed this website to be unsafe. 

Also, some customers didn’t get any skin after accessing the skin code provided by the website. 

Accordingly, this website is not trustworthy and worth time. 


The Review states that the website does not stand on its proclamations, and it does not provide any skins. 

Finalizing this Review, we found this website’s assertions too good to be true. Also, people didn’t find this website to be a safe source. 

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