Lanceplay com Reviews [Dec] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Lanceplay com Reviews [Dec] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Lanceplay com Reviews [Dec] Is It a Legit Online Store? -> Are you looking to add some trendy clothes to your wardrobe? Read the content properly to find out if you can trust this website for shopping or not.

Not only women are addicted to shopping, but you will find many males who always search for new websites to shop. Are you in hunt of a website that deals in men clothing? If so, you should not miss checking Lanceplay com Reviews. This website claims to sell men bottom, shirts, and winter wear at a very reasonable price. 

Because of the price and variety, this website is offering, most of the people from the United States are doing searches for the website. Read the post till the end to find out if you can trust this website and buy trendy clothes from here or not. 

We have done deep research from our end found that the website is new and is bringing a lot of suspicions in our mind. So, we put our Sherlock Home hat again to find the truth behind this website. 

Let’s check out every detail regarding the website, including Lanceplay com Reviews

What is is a men apparel eCommerce store selling fashionable and trendy clothes. All the products displayed on the web site seems to be of good quality. Also, the price of the product is reasonable enough to believe. This is the reason why we are reviewing this website so that none of the online shoppers gets into a trap of a scam website. This website only a month old and so trust factor becomes low. 

We generally don’t recommend our buyers to shop from a recently built website because of the chances of fraudulent activities increases. While searching for Lanceplay com Reviews we were not able to find out much information. 

Specifications of Lanceplay com 

  • Name of site: 
  • Type of site: men apparel
  • Return: acceptable only within 40 days of the purchase
  • Payment options: PayPal
  • Email:
  • Customer service mail:

Pros of buying from Lanceplay com 

  • All the products added to the website are of the latest fashion
  • Return policy and refund policy is given
  • Price of the products are reasonable
  • A lot of discounts are available on the products 

Cons of buying from Lanceplay com 

  • All the content used is duplicate and taken from other sources
  • Lack of presence on social media
  • Mode of payment the website accept is only through PayPal 
  • The trust score of the website is poor 
  • The registration date is new 

Is Lanceplay com Legit? 

Most of the online shoppers easily get trapped in the fraud committed by scam that size because of its appearance and price of the product. This is the reason why checking Lanceplay com Reviews is the best option before placing order. 

We found every detail about the website. the first suspicious sign about the website is the domain age which is only a month old. The website was registered on October 13, and it’s a trust score is only 6%. 

Moreover, the content used on the website is duplicate and taken from other sources. The prices of all the products are too good to be true, and the payment option available is only PayPal. 

Taking all these points into consideration, we can say that this is a scam website. 

Customer feedback on Lanceplay com 

More than 70% of the buying decision are done on the basis of customer reviews given online. So, finding out reliable customer feedback is important because people rely on customer reviews. 

When will try to find out Lanceplay com Reviews; unfortunately, there was no trace of online customer reviews. The website is new and not much popular among the users from the United States, and this is the reason why we did not found any review on it. Not finding a single customer review on any website can always create doubts in mind. 

Taking into consideration all the legitimacy points and lack of customer reviews, we would not recommend our online shoppers to purchase anything from 

Final verdict

Reaching the final words, it is important to give the word it, which does not harm the online users. That is why we have collected information from different resources and found that this newly built website cannot be trusted. 

Although the product quality seems to be good, there are many suspicious points regarding the website is cannot be ignored. Lack of social media presence, duplicate content, and suspicious owner information gives a negative picture for the website putting it in the category of a scam site. 

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  1. I ordered a shirt or was the wrong size i was told I could return it but had to pay the 12.99 shipping to return and to receive the right shirt… anak ask the products come from warehouses in China… kind of like also they are very bad with responding and addressing concerns or questions.. as if they have standardized rebuttals and won’t deviate from them

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