Eterneva Scam (Nov) Find Out The Truth Now!

Eterneva Scam (Nov) Find Out The Truth Now!

Eterneva Scam (Nov) Find Out The Truth Now! -> Do you wish to wear a cremation diamond made from your loved one’s ashes? Check out if such companies are genuine or a scam!

Are you a diamond lover? Do you want to present cremation diamond to your beloved one this anniversary? Check out the controversy regarding Eterneva Scam

Eterneva a big name. It is a company based in Austin, which is known to make diamonds from the human ashes. The company is existence from almost a decade, but few claims have been made that it is nothing but a big scam. 

Major controversy with the company happened after its appearance on a very famous show called Shark Tank last year. This raises the interest of people from the United States, and they wanted to know if there is any truth behind Eterneva Scam or it’s just a publicity stunt. 

Why is Eterneva in a scam controversy? 

The controversy with this diamond making company raised in October when it appeared on a popular show, Shark Tank. The company was mainly focusing on the promotion of its diamond created from the ashes of humans. They claim that they are using the ashes of humans so that the diamond can have more value as the lover who is no more can remember every day once the customer wears their diamond

However, deep research was made to find out how much reality is there in the Eterneva business. Grant Mobley, who is a famous gemologist and a diamond expert, gave an accusation that Eterneva scam exists. 

He said these companies are indulged into making synthetic diamond which gives a look of a natural diamond. Further claimed that the company is not even using the ashes of your loved ones, but only the excess carbon which is not enough to make a synthetic diamond. It contains no value and even is not in the right form. 

What is the opinion of Mark Cuban regarding Eterneva Scam? 

Even after a strong claim made by Monkey, there are several billionaire investors are interested in making an investment in this company. One of the billionaires named Mark Cuban has completely denied that is a company is a scam. 

He further said that Eterneva great cremation diamond company and he is even a big believer of all the products sold by it. 

What our customers opinion on Eterneva and related scam? 

The people of the United States became the first citizens who can legally composite the bodies and can use the ashes and hair of their loved ones which can be further created into a diamond and taken carry it with them for a lifetime. 

Eterneva is one such company which is into making cremation diamond but the fact that the company is in controversies and many people claim Eterneva Scam to be true. We found many customer reviews which can clear the doubt to a large extent. 

Most of the customers who bought diamonds from this company are thankful because they think they are living close to their loved ones when they are wearing the diamond made from their loved one’s ashes. 

Final verdict

alot of claims have been given by the company proving that it is not involved in any scam. Customer opinion is also in favour of the company. So, there is not a clear picture stating that Eterneva Scam really exists. 

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