Kymera Body Board Reviews (Oct) Read Before You Order!

Kymera Body Board Reviews (Oct) Read Before You Order!

Kymera Body Board Reviews (Oct) Read Before You Order! >> This review will assist you in understanding the legitimacy of the product Body Board.

Are you also a diehard fan of surfing or water sports? If yes, then this must be a perfect place you landed up. Today we are going to discuss Kymera Body Board Reviews. The people who are in the water are the only ones aware of how vital these boards are for them. 

It can turn out to be very tiring to search for the exact board you are looking for. In that case, this Kymera Body Board from the United States can be the one which could be a perfect one for you. 

Let us find out all the details and specifications of this product. 

Introduction to Kymera Body Board

Kymera Body Board is known to be the first electric jet board. It enables the rider to drive at a speed of up to 30kph in the water. As per the Kymera Body Board Reviews, it is considered one of the most accessible bodyboards to ride. In this, you have to pull the trigger and then it will do all by itself. This bodyboard is most popular in the United States.

Now the question arises that is this worth product spending. Let us get answers to our questions below. We request our readers to read the article up to the end not to miss any critical detail or features of the product.

Specifications of Kymera Body Board

  • Product: A Body Board by Kymera
  • Weight of the board: The weight of the board is up to 46lbs
  • Battery of the board: The battery of the board is provided as 24lbs
  • Battery lasting capacity:  It can take up to 1-2 hours per charge
  • Dimensions of the board: The dimensions of the product are 81in, 32in, and 12 in
  • Price of the body board: The price of the bodyboard is $3895
  • Speed of the board: The speed of the board is around 30kbps
  • Type of board: It is an electric jet board
  • Color available: The colours in Kymera body board are available as yellow, orange, lime green, red and white
  • Power output: power output of the body board is 3.9kw/5.2 HP

Positive pointers of Kymera Body Board

  • First electric jet board: Kymera Body board is a first electric jet board in the world
  • Easy to ride: This board is easy to ride. All it takes to start is pulling the trigger
  • Fewer chances of falling: It is rarely possible to fall from this board
  • Long lasting: This board is long lasting with the help of the materials it is made up
  • Tough material: This board is made up of stainless steel, anodized aluminum parts, robust engineering, and rotomoulded high-density polythene which make the board strong enough to withstand adversity.
  • Maintenance kit provided: The Kymera body board also provides a maintenance kit. 
  • A massive variety of colours: Kymera body board has a lot of colour options available which includes red, white, lime green, yellow, and orange 

Negative pointers of Kymera Body Board

  • Trigger is a little far: For pulling the trigger, a rider must have to be 150cm tall
  • Not appropriate for standard boarders: Standard boarders may miss a little bit of fun on this board 
  • Too pricey: Kymera body board is a bit too costly. 

Kymera Body Board: A Scam or Legit?

After going through an unbiased Kymera Body Board Reviews, we can assume that this product is a legit one.  Though there are certain drawbacks of the products, still it appears to be of some value. 

This product claims itself to be the first electric motor board. But still, before placing trust on this product, proper research must undergo, as we have got negative reviews also.

Customer Reviews on Kymera Body Board

After going through the research, we found some Kymera Body Board Reviews of its customers. The reviews were a combination of positive and negative feedback. The complaints mainly include that the charging capacity is much lower than what is provided. It is also claimed that there is no refund policy on this product in case of any defect. 

Final Verdict

The final verdict of the product is that it seems to be a potentially legit product. But we still advise our readers to go through a bit of proper research before investing in this product, as during our research, we have received mixed reviews. 

We advise our readers to purchase this product only after going through the Kymera Body Board Reviews.

What are your opinions regarding this product? Please let us know in the comments section. We will be happy to hear it from you. 

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