Connectyourcare com FedEx {Oct} New Way To Be Insured!

Connectyourcare com FedEx {Oct} New Way To Be Insured!

Connectyourcare com FedEx {Oct} New Way To Be Insured! >> How to earn insurance money by watching videos? Please read about this new emerging trend here!

We should always be careful about our health. But accidents do happen. Due to the increasing number of accidents in the United States, many people are worried about their health.

Are you also worried about your health? Do you think the cost of medical help is a lot? Do you have insurance?

These are real concerns. People cannot afford health insurance due to the process and the cost involved. Most of the people don’t even have enough savings. But what if we told you that by seeing a video, you could earn money towards insurance. But Connectyourcare com FedEx has a way to do, yes, this sounds absurd. this. Let’s read about it!

What is FedEx? 

FedEx is a United States multinational company which is into delivery services. The headquarters of this company is located in Memphis, Tennessee. The company went by the name Federal Express until 2000 but later changed into FedEx.

FedEx is famous worldwide, and its delivery services are appreciated all over the world. They offer delivery services and include sales, customer support services, marketing, communications, and technical support.

But what is Connectyourcare com FedEx and why is it trending. Let’s take a look!

What is the Connectyourcare com FedEx?

FedEx offers a Medical Plan which is administered by Bind or Kaiser, UHC, and Cigna. In collaboration with Connectyourcare, the person having the medical and their spouse will be offered $100 each towards their Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) if they watch a short video by October 29, 2020.

The money is provided for the year 2021. After watching the video, the person with the medical plan and their spouse must acknowledge that they have watched the video. After the verification, Connectyourcare com FedEx will deposit the amount into your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) accounts.

What are the people’s reactions to this?

People have mixed reviews about this policy offered by Connectyourcare. Since the company does not mention elaborate details, people are confused if this policy is real or not? People have taken to social media platforms to ask questions about this policy. 

Many people are happy that such an approach is being introduced, considering the increased number of accidents and violence in the United States. But overall, this policy has received a lot of mixed reviews from the people. Connectyourcare com FedEx needs to provide more details about his approach.


We understand that the growing violence and disruptions in the United States have caused many people to worry about it. The high rates of insurance plans also make it harder for a lot of people to buy it. And this policy introduces by Connectyourcare NAD FedEx seems to be a great alternative. 

But the companies also need to answer the queries of their customers. And provide a detailed plan for this policy. Connectyourcare com FedEx is an excellent gesture by these companies if it is true.

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