Kimimart.Com Reviews [June] – Is this a Scam Website?

Kimimart.Com Reviews [June] – Is this a Scam Website?

Kimimart.Com Reviews [June] – Is this a Scam Website? -> This article has every detail about a website that sells every kind of product.

Are you too busy to go and the necessary items? If yes, then you are not alone. Many people have become busier due to their work.

Therefore, businesses have created an option for consumers to buy their products online. One such website is It doesn’t have an offline store. It sells all the products online. There are many Kimimart.Com Reviews on the internet, even though it is a new website in the United Kingdom.  

However, Is Kimi Mart Legit? To answer this question, we have done one of the most detailed Kimimart.Com Reviews on the internet. So read it entirely without skipping any part.

What Is Kimimart.Com? is a shopping mart for online shoppers. It is best for people who don’t have time to go out to buy their necessities.

The website has a clear menu that helps you to navigate the whole website. However, many of the categories don’t have any products yet. The categories that have products include pet food, smart home products, art and craft items, and video games.

It is SSL protected, and therefore, your card information can’t be hacked. The website also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for unused products.

Specifications Of Kimimart.Com:

  • Products: Multiple products
  • Email:
  • Returns: Applicable
  • Exchanges: Not mentioned 
  • Refunds: Applicable
  • Shipping cost: Free
  • Processing time: 1-3 business days
  • Shipping time: 7-14 business days
  • Payment method: PayPal or Credit Card
  • Contact Address: 132 Great Western Road – LONG SUTTON – PE12 1JF – UK
  • Contact Number: 079 2567 4796

Pros Of Buying Products From

  • You can buy any kind of product
  • The products have reasonable prices
  • The website has neatly categorized their products into different sections
  • They give all the necessary contact information
  • They give a 30-day money-back guarantee 

Cons Of Buying Products From

  • Their delivery time is very long
  • Some of the categories don’t have any products
  • The website does not have an ‘About Us’ page
  • You must buy products that have a total price of more than £70.00 to get a free shipping
  • The website does not have a social media presence 

Is Kimimart.Com Legit?

Kimimart registered its domain name on the 17th of June 2020. It means that the website has not even completed a month online.

The website has a lot of improvements to do. It needs to add more products in the sections that don’t have any products. 

The social media links on the website are not clickable. It shows that the website does not have any social media presence. The website should build a social media presence and add links to the website.

Moreover, the website also needs to add an ‘About Us’ page. Until the website successfully updates itself and provides all the necessary information, we can’t trust it.

What Are People Saying About Kimimart.Com? started just a few days ago. However, there are many reviews about it on different websites. Many of the reviews state that the website sells women’s clothing. But if you go and check out the website, you will find the fashion section empty.

In fact, many of the sections on the website are empty. This gives rise to many suspicions about

Moreover, it does not have any social media presence where it markets the product. So we don’t know how many people are aware of the company.

The website also doesn’t allow it’s customers to leave reviews about the products. So it makes it difficult for visitors to choose the product that is right for them.

Final Verdict:

The age of the internet has created an online version of every kind of shop. The lives of people have become busier due to an increase in work pressure. As a result, people don’t have time to go and buy their necessities. 

Many businesses have created online stores to solve the problem. However, scammers can create fake websites to take advantage of the needs of people. It is possible that is one of those websites.

Such scam websites collect the private information of their customers and sell it to other websites. Even though not every new website is a scam, it is still better to stay away from new websites.

We recommend you to stay away from until it establishes itself as a legit website.

0 thoughts on “Kimimart.Com Reviews [June] – Is this a Scam Website?

  1. Used this site to buy a Nintendo Switch for my Daughter’s 10th B’day. Received a confirmation email, but a week later, no shipping notification. Emailed their Customer Services, but no reply. Phone no. isn’t recognised either. Have clearly been SCAMMED. Am so ANGRY at these despicable people!!! 😡😡😡. Daughter won’t be getting her B’day present, as now too late and cannot afford one at the current full retail price right now.

    Checked my bank account and no money has been taken fortunately. Contacted my bank immediately and they cancelled my card and a replacement is on its way (which is more than can be said for my order). Annoyingly, I cannot report KimiMart to their Fraud Team, as no money has been taken.

    Feel like such an idiot – I’m always really careful when it comes to buying electricals online, and usually always do my research. This time I wasn’t as cautious, and got caught out. They lure you in with cheap prices, and the site really does look legitimate. But like the old adage says, if it looks to good to be true..

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