Keenwalk Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It A Legit Or Scam Site?

Keenwalk Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It A Legit Or Scam Site?

Keenwalk Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It A Legit Or Scam Site? >> The above article is about a website named Keenwalk that sells a great variety of shoes, read here.

Shoes are one of the biggest obsessions that the world has right now. Nobody can ever have enough shoes; no matter how many pairs you buy, they will always be less. Various websites are coming up to bridge the demand-supply gap and make profits in the shoe industry. We can find many new sites in the United States that sell shoes.

Keenwalk is one of them. However, whenever one hears any website’s name for the first time, the first thought is always about legitimacy.

So, we have also included a couple of the latest ladies footwear designs

like Clarks Women’s Fashion Boot, Amazon Essentials Women’s Ankle Strap Sandal, Adidas Women’s Running Shoe, etc. that are readily available on Amazon and legit brands.

What is Keenwalk?

Keenwalk is one web store in the United States that aims to provide the best products to the consumers. This site offers the best quality products to the users at affordable prices. This e-commerce web store ships internationally.

When we opened the website, we found that the site only has shoes and sandals that are sourced from all over the world for people. There is also the option of choosing your perfect size from the collection. There are various designs and products that a customer can choose from on the website.

There is also the option of free Shipping on all orders above $50. There is also a section for the clearance available on the website. It offers some great products for the customers to make a choice.

For Keenwalk Reviews, one must mention that this site has a great variety at really affordable prices. There is an excellent range for the price and the website that allows people with different budgets to shop for them.


  • Product- Female Footwear 
  • Date Registered – 2020-08-22
  • Website link- 
  • Contact Person-Not Given
  • Email Id-
  • Contact Number – Not Mentioned
  • Contact Address – 205 N Broad St Ste 18, Middletown, DE, 19709-1032, United States
  • Delivery Time: USA & Canada Orders takes 7-21  business days after the item ships
  • Delivery Time:   International Orders  15-40 days business days after the item ships
  • Returns- 10 days from arrival date
  • Cancellation- Within 6 hours of purchase (30% cancellation fee will be applied) 
  • Exchange- Defective or Damaged items only.

Pros of buying
  • A secure HTTP’s connection is used by the site.
  • The company offers FREE Shipping on all orders $50+.
  • No suspicious words were found in the domain name.
  • A huge collection of various footwear is available.
  • All the information regarding Shipping, refund, and return policy is mentioned.
  • A Newsletter subscription facility is available.
  • The domain name has a commonly used TLD.
  • The site offers an order tracking facility.
  • The site has a company’s email id.
  • This site is not currently listed as suspicious.
  • The company claims to give a money-back guarantee.
Cons of buying
  • The site is a new bee i.e.; it was registered in August 2020.
  • The site has a free email domain.
  • It has an awful trust score of 1% only.
  • The text in the content is more than 90% copied and pasted.
  • A 30% cancellation fee has to be borne by the customer.
  • The first half of the site has an attractive image of clothes rather than footwear.
  • According to Alexa, the site is ranked #0 among millions of sites.
  • The contact number is missing.
  • The domain is created recently and has a short life expectancy.
  • Similar images could be seen on other sites.
  • Though the company says to deliver worldwide, there is no information about the exact countries where it ships.

Stay tuned with us to know more about the top ladies footwear brands in the world- 



Doctor Marten’s Women’s Pascal boots made with premium textured leather and a useful side zip is a fashion must-have this season.


  • Product dimensions and weight: 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches; 2 Ounces.
  •  It is made of textured leather. 
  • It is made with soft, naturally tumbled leather.
  • It has a synthetic sole.
  • Shoes have good abrasion and slip resistance.
  • It has a comfortable, durable air-cushioned sole.

Pros of Combat boots by Doctor Martin
  • Available in sizes 5 to 11.
  • Trendy and useful side zipper.
  • Removable insole, orthotics friendly.
  • The discount is given by Amazon at checkout.
  • Amazon has ranked it as #665 in Women’s Ankle-length Boots and Booties.
  • Has many delighted customers across the globe.
  • Rating of 4.6 on Amazon.
Cons of buying Combat boots by Doctor Martin
  • Available in just one color
  • Sizes not available for women with smaller feet.

With elastic on the vamp, these shoes are super comfy and trendy for women of all ages. Made by designers who have traveled across the globe, these shoes are super stylish and go with any outfit.


  • Vamp makes it easier for putting it on or off.
  • Upper distressed edges and contrast stitching.
  • Product dimensions and weight: 12.4 x 6.5 x 4.09 inches; 9 Ounces
  • It is 100% synthetic.
  • It has a logo patch at the heel.

Pros of Malibu Blowfish Sneaker
  • It has a synthetic sole
  • It has a flexible sole
  • It is super comfortable and trendy.
  • It has Crisscross elastic bands for a better fit.
  • It has a textured rubber outsole with a toe bumper.
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Amazing reviews on Amazon.
Cons of buying Malibu Blowfish Sneaker
  • Not be available for sizes less than five.
  • A little narrow fit for some people

Women’s Luna cork footbed sandal with “Cushionaire” is the best seller everyone has been waiting for! It has a cork footbed sole, which provides ultimate comfort when one is afoot and has the perfect foot contour for comfort. 


  • It has a synthetic sole
  • It has a genuine suede insole, which takes the contour of the foot after being worn in.
  • It has a soft lining and adjustable straps.
  • It has a long-lasting EVA outsole.
  • It has a cork footbed, which makes it very flexible.
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 10.9 x 5.9 x 4.3 inches; 1.25 Pounds

Pros of buying Luna cork footbed Sandals
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Amazon ranked as #277 in Clothing, shoes, and jewelry.
  • Amazon rank #141 in Women’s Shops
  • Amazon rank #1 in Women’s Slide shoes
  • It is an Amazon Bestseller product
  • It has the right amount of arc support, giving the ultimate comfort
  • It’s automatically correcting footbeds gives support in all the right places.
  • Fully cushioned insoles give comfort and support every step of the way.
Cons of buying Luna cork footbed Sandals
  • Not be available in size less than five.

Is Keenwalk Reviews legit?

For Keenwalk Reviewsthere are mostly factors that point towards the site being a potential scam. The website was made less than six months ago; often, such websites are the ones that end up committing acts of fraud. There is also a lack of owner information available on the website. Usually, it is done in the sites that potentially scam.

Another factor that must be considered for the site’s reviews. The site has reviews written on it, but no factor will establish the authenticity of these reviews. This could be just a promotional activity to grab customer’s attention.

We scrambled through social media sites to find relevant pages for the site. However, there is not much information that one can find related to the site. 

The majority of the reviews we found on other platforms are negative. There are other issues that we have discussed that can’t be ignored. Thus we can say that it is a 100% scam

Customer Reviews:

We searched for a few legit customer reviews for Keenwalk, though there is not much that can be read on the internet about this site. The site doesn’t have a strong presence on the internet. For the lack of information on the website for Keenwalk Reviews, we think that the site is not legit as a legit site will have reviews written for it on various other pages. 

Though, the site has a section of customer reviews where the customers can write in their studies for the site. However, we couldn’t find anything that can be termed as authentic. So, it is a situation of concern to establish the site’s authenticity. 

Final Verdict

Therefore, we would say that the site is a potential scam. There are a lot of characteristics of this site that point towards a deception. For Keenwalk Reviews, we would not recommend this site to our readers as the site has not passed the test of authenticitySo, our readers must refrain from buying products from this site.

If you have ever placed an order from the site, we would love to know your entire shopping experience. Please, write to us in the comments section given below.  

0 thoughts on “Keenwalk Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It A Legit Or Scam Site?

  1. First of all thank you for giving me a place to vent I regret falling for the ad for these shoes pictures look much better than the actual product I got the shoes in a bag on my porch no paperwork no nothing not even a box I took one look at the shoes and didn’t even open them they were so horrible sorry message the people they were very hesitant to work with me finally gave me the option of mailing them back to China on my dime after a few messages then they offer to 25% discount off of the price of the shoes so I accepted their offer but I really regret falling for this whole thing because the shoes are a joke. I feel ripped off. Scammed. Wish I would have seen your article before I ordered I feel stupid for falling for it the picture does not look like the shoes buyer beware

    1. I fell for it too and now am stuck with these poor quality shoes. No packing slip and no return address. Costly lesson learned. To potential buyers…..STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE….KEENWALK!

    2. I too got scammed by them, although the website I used was Keenawalk, with an “a” between Keen and walk. The websites are exactly identical in every way, so I’m assuming at this point that they are run by the same crooks! Ordered waterproof boots that turned out to be probably rubber, (cheap material), smelly, no cushioning with insoles made from covered cardboard, etc. JUNK! They refused to refund my money. Saw the name of an Asian person as payee on my bank website. I purchased through Paypal. I called my bank and told them my story. They said they would pursue the matter if Paypal wouldn’t or couldn’t get a response from Keenawalk. Paypal filed a claim against Keenawalk and they (Paypal) would reverse the charge even if Keenawalk didn’t send them a refund as this was clearly a widespread scam. My bank would have done the same. CONTACT YOUR BANK and let them know what happened. ALSO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! I had checked with them before buying and saw no complaints. I will be doing that. Let’s everyone scammed file a complaint! I will also be contacting Delaware’s Attorney General’s Consumer Affairs office (that’s where the Keenawalk site says their home office is. Keenwalk lists a Calif. address) to file a complaint. Let’s do what we can to get these people who scammed all of us!

    1. I was scammed. Shows can’t be returned except if “I” want to spend another 20-25$ to send them to Japan I spent 65$ and got plastic shoe. Rip off!

  2. Bought a pair of booties….they were not the brown color I ordered and ordered a 71/2 and they were too small …they wanted me to send them back to teir warehouse in China before a refund. This is not what their refund stated…
    Once I told them I would not ship back to China I heard nothing else.
    I would highly recommend that no one purchse from this site….I beleive they are a scam
    Really discourages you from buying off the internet….

  3. I ordered boots that are suppose to be leather, they are synthetic, not at all the quality I was expecting. I sent a request to return and a refund, I am waiting

  4. Thank you for your review! Before ordering from a website company I do not know I always check our the reviews and credentials. Not only can it be a scam and I never receive the product, they also have my credit card information!

  5. Keenwalk is a scam. After several weeks waiting for a shipment with a tracking number that could never be traced, I finally contacted my credit card company. They issued a dispute and finally received I received some tracking information. I finally received the shoes I ordered after several weeks but they were not the same shoe as appeared on the ad in FACEBOOK. They were poorly made and more like a beach shoe. I have decided to return the shoes, but I have to pay for the return shipping to China. Don’t know how much that will be. May just keep the shoes till they fall apart and learn a lesson, only buy from a reputable company on line.
    DO NOT BUY FROM KEENWALK OR XAHERA or maybe any other weird label that is not well known.

  6. This company is absolutely a FRAUD.
    Pretty swift too. Took my money INSTANTLY
    They claim 100% satisfaction on one page.
    They claim 100% refund within 6 hours of purchase on another page.
    Another page states refund less 30% of purchase.
    There is NO WAY to contact them for refund.
    Dang Thi Kim Ngoc is the recipient of my money, according to PayPal

    1. Terri – I have had the same experience everyone on this page is describing. I have just opened a case through the PayPal Resolution Center. Thinking I should go ahead and escalate to a claim.. I see you also paid through PayPal and the recipient is the same as for my order. Were you able to get any kind of resolution through PayPal?

  7. I purchased a 65$ pair of boots and it came as plastic boots. It also is just an oval bottom without any such arch. Said I can only get a replacement boot not a refund. Why would I want them to replace a poor quality boot that I do t want to wear. Won’t give a refund. Do not purchase from them please

  8. i HAVE JOINED YOUR CROWD I SEE!!! Right when i saw the name “Dang Thi Kim Ngoc” on my credit card activity i was convinced it was a Total scam company even though they actually sent you something … even though of questionable quality. i have several emails going back and forth with the “not so legit” company and they keep insisting i mail at my expense to China. I told them i would be happy to mail them to their so called USA address they claim the shoes are shipped from OHIO . However, the return address on my shoes showed an warehouse in Houston TX. i could cut/paste all my correspondence if you would all love to see the run around run… The first thing anyone should do is CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND DISPUTE THE CHARGES. My charge is in dispute mode now. i assured my credit card company i am happy to return the shoes to their USA address at my expense but not to China. In searching the web more on this scam of a company i found another so called legal address:

    Business: Keenwalk Pte. Ltd

    Address: 205 N Broad St Ste 18, Middletown, DE, 19709-1032, United States

    Email: support@keenwalk.coms for them. i looked on a street map for DE and it is a legal place but not sure if anyone is really there.

    i actually saw the ad on Facebook and i am new on it… (live and learn i guess to never order from FB ads or any online company i’m not sure of) i ordered thru FB on Aug 20,2020.. guess what? that was the day their so called company was registered. lucky me, i must have been one of the first to be scammed… ugh

  9. I too fell for this scam and joke of a product. I’m usually careful. Have also experienced everything the above comments have stated. Not real leather, came in a bag, VERY slow shipping, horrific customer service and finally after 10 emails I got a short response I would not get a refund, and had to pay shipping back.
    DO NOT ORDER from this company. Now my big question is, how to get my money back and even out of just principle – how to fight back. Pissed at myself, but there must be something that can be done?!

  10. Unfortunately, I ordered a pair of shoes and canceled the order with their “6 hour” time period to which I was told that they would keep 30% of the transaction. I have now been billed the full amount of the purchase. I’ve tried to contact the company again but no response after my original email to cancel. I will be contacting the bank, canceling the credit card used and contacting the FTC regarding this company.


  11. Total scam!!! I am embarrassed to say i fell for it!! Shoes were advertised as leather and looked great on website, but they are PLASTIC glued together!! They arrived crushed into a plastic envelope!! Disgusting that there are people out there who do this and cant get a REAL job!!!

  12. DO NOT order from this company. Poor quality products. Boots shipped in a bag with no packing slip and shipped from an email address with no way to contact except email which they have no responded to. I had to learn the hard way…..don’t you!!!

  13. Same story, different verse. Do not buy from these scammers. Send to China when address is California. They will keep offering percentages off the price. Collect all your due diligence and send to your bank card to dispute charge, including these comments,
    This is a travesty. Got plastic crap shoes when advertised leather, a completely different quality than pictured. Smashed in a bag, no paperwork. Yes, billing was the Dang Thi Kim noc as noted above.

    This whole process will drive you crazy. It cost at least 30 bucks to china and they don’t guarantee they will get there, then they will decide if you get refund so save your money on returns. Lesson learned. This is disgusting and so many get hoodwinked. Stay Away from KeenWalk

  14. I also bought a pair of boots that came without any paperwork, no receipt, and the lining inside one of the boots has a tear in it. I will never order from them again. Lesson learned!

  15. I also bought these from an ad I thin it was on Instagram tho not facebook . Can’t we get them to stop allowing them to advertise there?

    Does anyone have a phone # I could not even find an email , or a receipt or an address , I am going to try the ones listed above , but based on everyone elses experience I am not feeling hopeful . $67.98 for cheap plastic crap that don’t even fit if I would even wear them ! Horrible

  16. Yep… all of the above. Paid almost $70 for a pair of booties that are terrible quality, did not look like the picture- and it said they were originally $194. Hah!!! No. They are junk. And like one of the other reviewers above said, they want me to pay for the shipping back to China. Disputing on PaylPal. We’ll see how that goes.

  17. I actually know better than to buy an item from a site without first looking at the reviews. This time because the ‘marketing’ was so good, the address was in the U.S.. and the shoes were affordable, I ordered. Like everyone else said, these boots look nothing like the picture (a flimsy synthetic material) and there was nothing inside the plastic as far as a return slip or any information. So disgusted! Be smart in your ordering. READ REVIEWS!

  18. I fell for this scam as well – wished I had seen this post prior to my purchase received the same inferior product. Nobody is getting back with me from Keenwalk – tried to mail the shoes but the address on the package received does not exist. Now trying to dispute with my credit card company as paypal has no record of my purchase!

  19. Yep, total scam. I was offered a 30% discount and I could keep the boots. They look like cheap plastic rain boots! I ordered because I too saw the California address. I have sent things back to China and than ended up not getting a refund or the item!! I am sure this is the same deal.

  20. I too bought a pair of shoes that looked amazing in the ad. They were delivered in a bag — no box — no shipping papers. They have a disgusting odor and are ugly as sin. Took one look and went to return only to find that after trying three times to email them on how to return, I got no answer. Plus there is no telephone number to call. I guess this is a valuable lesson learned. I’ll put the shoes in a donation box. Do not use this website. Total SCAM.

  21. Similar to others. The merchandise is purely garbage and no way of returning for a refund. Hopefully you paid with a credit card and can dispute the charge and get a refund.

    Basically, Keenawalk is a scam. The only difference is that you receive a piece of garbage instead of nothing.

  22. This company is committing fraud on a regular basis by an out of country scrupulous calculating chinese business person named Dang Thi Kim Gnoc. His MO is to falsely advertise premium products mostly footwear boots with fine leather with free shipping. What you received is extremely the opposite. The boots come in a plastic wrapping, no box. The boot is extremely poor quality, the sewing performed on the boot was performed by an unskilled person. The shoe laces did not match the color of the boot and we not leather as in the picture but were shoe laces worn on a sneaker. This is all done under the protection of PayPal who is in now hurry to assist the buyer since they were contracted by the vendor. Dang Thi Kim Gnoc refused to initially take the boots back because they were not damaged or in his mind defective. After bringing in my credit card and start to process complaints to consumer reports, BBB and postings on facebook not to buy from this illegitimate vendor. So I was offered to return the boots, however I had to pay to send them back to China. I was not going to do that. When I looked I found a store related to my receipt months ago on the east cost in Delaware. So I sent them and I paid for the mail. I let PayPay know and they agreed to reimburse me for the shipping. Paypal Is Not a friendly used site I have not be able to obtain my money. I have gone site and have chatted live on the site with their representatives and they are useless. I used the simplest terms to ask for the reimbursement and that I did not understand and I kept getting back how can I help you and to follow the directions, then transferred to someone else and then told I would be send the instructions. I have given up on obtaining the reimbursement. Now in order to obtain reimbursement I need to send color pictures of the boots with a 2 page description. I could do this all day if they want to make this difficult. What I found out is Mr Kin Gnoc closed the store in Delaware and changed the name and to is hocking those substandard shows from a new named store in California. Everyone must be aware of complaints in Facebook, consumer reports, BBB and on the internet. Keep writing and send to you credit card. Thank You Ellen Torre

  23. Same experience as everyone else on here. Found out from USPS shipping to China is $37. My Paypal receipt shows payment went to Pham Thi Quynh Hoa. Keenawalk was featured on Facebook but they must’ve taken their page down because I can’t find it anymore. Lesson learned!

  24. I too was scammed by the scamming criminal who has partnered with PayPal to protect him so none of us can obtain a refund for false advertising of premium products. Received from this company owned by Dang thi king Ncog was substandard boots produced by unskilled labor. Fraudulent statements regarding return policy as there was no intention of accepting any type of return. With belligerent acceptance of a return you must send to China on your own expenses and the outcome is you now will be out of the cost of these fake leather boots and the cost of shipping back to China. PayPal will never intercede as this would be a loss of profit for them. They are just as much responsible as they are part of the set up for the scam. So what you can do is be as loud as you can take it to the media Facebook, YouTube, these types of sites, bbb, consumer reports, econsumer and be aware he opens and closes domains constantly so where you purchased your boots is no longer there. I bought mine at That site is gone. Other new sites I researched are already gone. Has several physical locations including Delaware, Ohio, California and New York. This tells me he is always running and looking behind his shoulder. We need to bring him in to the FBI as a foreigner committing crimes in the us.

  25. It took one month to get my shoes. The tracking number never showed any tracking information. The shoes look nothing like the quality I ordered. They are cheap, cheap, cheap looking. They came in only a plastic bag with no paperwork. I am sending back today to the address they came from because they won’t reply with a return address. If they don’t credit me, I’ll have my card dispute the charge.

  26. I bought a pair of shoes from They are nice and fit me perfectly. It take around 10 -15 days to deliver. It’s worth to wait

  27. This site is like highway robbery. If you try to return a product, they give you a mailing address in China. Even if you can exchange a product for a different size at no cost, you are stuck with shipping costs that are almost as much as the product price.

    Stay away!

  28. Talk about good service. store had exactly what I was looking or. I did not trust online shops but this one proved me otherwise. There was a very wide selection to choose from and I dod not have a hard time. What I bought did not dissapoint me. I will still be checking just to be sure. Anyway I am grateful for the great service.

  29. This company is complete fraud. I bought these when the company called themselves “Xahera”. These ARE NOT LEATHER. Soon as you open the package there is such a chemical small. The arch support is virtually non-existent. The weight, or construction, is flimsy. They are BARELY worth $10. When I wrote them for my money back, all of a sudden their “100% satisfied with the products you buy from us” went down the drain. I said I was going to complain to PayPal and guess what- One week later they had changed their operating name! They are as dishonest as a business could be. They are crap (the boots and the company). NOT worth the money. PLEASE DON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY!

  30. I attempted immediately upon receipt of these boots to contact the company as specified by them on their website on Facebook. I received no response. I tried again the following day. Then I attempted to message them and again received no response. In my (tardy, admittedly) research into this “company” I find multiple examples of complaints of exactly the same problem: of an inferior product not as described and of a failure to respond until a deadline is passed. The boots are presented as well made, waterproof, and returnable if the buyer is not satisfied and contacts the company within ten days. I posted the following repeatedly on their website every time it showed up on my page:

    “The boots are cheap and uncomfortable, arrived in a plastic bag, and I cannot get a response from the company to return them. I don’t advise dealing with this business. They rely on deceiving you into believing that they are attached to Keen shoes, which are a trustworthy footware company. I called my credit card company to cancel payment after several unsuccessful attempts to return them.”

    I am unable to return the boots since the “company” has not responded. Yet, they did respond to Capital One and my refusal to pay. I understand that, if they do respond to me, the scam is then that mailing them to China to return them is prohibitively expensive for me. The latest news is that Capital is honoring the charge. I am outraged at the site and at Capital One also.

  31. Okay, I know better than to order from unknown companies like this. I just ordered them today and then decided to them out when I realized my payment went to Dang Thi Kim Ngoc! Chinese scam! I called the credit card company immediately and emailed this Chinese dude. I am sure nothing will come of it. Anyway I feel like a total idiot!!!

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