Is Subhamvastram com Legit {Sep} Read Detailed Reviews

Is Subhamvastram com Legit {Sep} Read Detailed Reviews

Is Subhamvastram com Legit {Sep} Read Detailed Reviews -> The website is mainly for women, including ethnic and fusion collection.

Do you want to buy unique ethnic or fusion dresses for yourself? You want to know Is Subhamvastram com Legit website or not? Please read this content till the end to grab more details on the same.

The website appears to be an inclusive Women apparel site displaying ethnic and fusion dresses, including sarees, gowns, combo cutis sets, night suits, lehnga choli sets, etc. 

The portal looks like based in India, and it offers free shipping within the country. It charges differently for all international orders as per the custom and other additional charges applicable.

The collection looks fab and very tempting. But the website itself lacks any reliability and appears to be a very new site. It docent even has any online reviews or feedback.

Hence, checking deep into its specifications becomes very important before getting lured and spending over it.

Is Subhamvastram com Legit place to shop or scam? 

There were nearly no Subhamvastram com Reviews found during our in-depth check on the internet. That thing does not indicate many positive things about this newly created website.

Either the portal is too new to have reviews or even customers, or it is some unreal thing to invest in.

For now, the website does not appear to any legit thing as per the too cheap prices being offered for the displayed designer pictures of the dresses. 

It indicates something unreal about the website, and besides all, the domain also appears very newly created.

What is Subhamvastram com? 

The website offers a fantastic ethnic collection for the women, including Indian and fusion dresses and night suit sets.

The website is based in India and hence provides a free delivery concept within the country. But for other countries, it does offer a chargeable shipping concept over its products.

It does provide some introductory offers, like 10% off on the first order. But with ultimately no Subhamvastram com Reviewsreliability over the website is extremely low. 

For more details about the website, read below.

Specifications about Subhamvastram com:

  • Type of Website: It is a website created for women displaying all the ethnic wear, fusion wear, and even night dresses.
  • URL:
  • Address and phone: Not shared.
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping: It offers standard and custom shipping options. But customs and other charges are born by the customers in international orders.
  • Payment mode: It accepts online payments done via cards.
  • Refunds and Returns: It does accept returns, but its portal has a discrepancy, although it claims 30 days for returns in its shipping section. But some of the products do flash seven days return policy.
  • No details about the cancellation of orders is shared.

Pros of shopping from Subhamvastram com:

  • The website offers free shipping to Indian customers.
  • The website does offer an outstanding ethnic and fusion collection for the women at unbelievable prices.
  • The website appears to have a safe and secure domain.

Cons of shopping from Subhamvastram com:

  • The website has no reliability with no revise and firm ownership details about it.
  • The website’s age is not apparent as of now and seems to be too new to try.
  • The website looks suspicious, and the primary domain and the contact email have a slight variation in spellings.
  • Besides that, its policies are not much clear, and the displayed pictures appear more copied than original.
  • The pricing offered for the products seems to be too low to be genuine in terms of the products being offered. 

What are the customer opinions about Subhamvastram com? 

There are no reviews available online as of now, and the portal also appears new to us. So, the reality of Is Subhamvastram com Legit or not might be hazy. 

The portal does not appear to have any social media presence, although it claims via icons on the website. But nothing was found upon research. 

So the things do indicate it suspicious, and hence it becomes unreliable to invest in it.

Final verdict

The website displays a complete and tempting collection of ethnic wear and fusion wear for women. 

But the portal appears new and has no reviews online, and that makes a question over its reliability. Further, the price range it offers for designer apparel is unreal to believe.

So either it might not offer quality products at the end of it might turn out to be a scam.

So we suggest in refrain from investing in the site currently.

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