Karen Killer Reviews [Sep 2020] Get Full Information!

Karen Killer Reviews [Sep 2020] Get Full Information!

Karen Killer Reviews [Sep 2020] Get Full Information! >> The article, as mentioned earlier, talks about an initiative to support the restaurants, read here.

A new campaign has been recently launched in the United States, and it is for protecting the restaurants. The campaign has been christened as ‘Karen Killer Reviews.’ Let’s know about this campaign’s details, how it came into existence, and the motto behind such a campaign.

What is Karen Killer Reviews?

Since March, the restaurant owners are fighting for survival. The restaurants are closed owing to the current situation of the pandemic in the country.

However, in such a situation, most restaurants rely on third-party vendors to distribute food for them. Though, it is something that is cropping up with a lot of issues. There is a food review platform named Yelp that reviews the restaurants and its food. On such a platform, the restaurants are suffering owing to the problems caused by the delivery partners. 

What is the response to the restaurant owners to Karen Killer Reviews?

We will take you into details about Karen Killer Reviews.Restaurant owners think that they are being thrown brickbats on Yelp that too is guilty of nothing. The delivery partners named Doordarsh and Postmates are the ones who are screwing it up, and it is making the restaurants face the heat. 

They say that usually, people see the negative reviews on Yelp. However, they don’t know what the negative reviews are for. The restaurant owners believe that it is already tough to survive in the times of the pandemic. It is even more challenging to survive with these negative reviews floating on Yelp.

What is the aim of Karen Killer Reviews?

Karen Killer Reviews is currently making a lot of waves owing to the positive impact that it is trying to create on the restaurants and businesses across the United States. It aims to tell the customers to support the restaurants in such crucial times instead of just bashing them because they form essential livelihoods for many. 

What all does Karen Killer Reviews offer

Karen Killer Reviews aims to create a nationwide awareness regarding the problems that have arisen due to the negative reviews that people are posting on Yelp. It also seeks to create a new contest where the owners will buy $250 gift cards to 10 restaurants, which share the screenshots to the worst third-party delivery-based negative reviews. 

And this program also aims to create a petition asking Yelp to resolve this issue as soon as possible. 

Public reaction to Karen Killer Reviews:

People have mixed reactions about Karen Killer Reviews. Some think it is absurd to appreciate cold orders, and it is unfair for the customers. At the same time, some believe that it is a great initiative to help the restaurant owners survive in such difficult times of the pandemic.


Thus, we think that Karen Killer Reviews is an excellent initiative as it asks people to be a little more thoughtful. In the times of pandemic, a small act of kindness will go a long way. So, we think that people should support this initiative.

We would like to know your thoughts on the issue. Feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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