Ios 14 Update Reviews [Sep 2020] Get Full Information!

Ios 14 Update Reviews [Sep 2020] Get Full Information!

Ios 14 Update Reviews [Sep 2020] Get Full Information! >> This article will find all important features of the new operating system update of the iPhone.

Every year once or twice, Apple comes up with its live event and shares all the updates and new launches with the users and the world. The last event was on 15th September 2020. 

In this event, Apple announced the update of its new operating system. The full views of the event were from the United States.

The article is on Ios 14 Update Reviews, and now, you can avail of all the major functions of the android phone in an i-phone. The features and updates you will see in the Ios 14 update are further in the article.

Compatibility of Ios 14 update with I-phone device

The compatibility of this version is the same as update 13, and if you can get that version, you will get the 14 updates as well. 

All the phones after iPhone 6S will get this update. The list is like –

  • iPhone SE ( first and second generation).
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11,
  • iPhone XR,
  • iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X,
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus,
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus,
  • iPhone6, iPhone 6S,

Features of Ios 14 Update:

The update is out on 17th September 2020 in a live event in the United States, and it has the following new features:

  • iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets: The widgets are now available on your screen in different sizes and are better than before. You can see them in the Today view of your phone and even on the home screen. They do not occupy much space.
  • iOS Application library and the interface: According to Ios 14 Update Reviews’, it is a new feature and is available at the corner of your home screen. Now, you can organize your files properly, and you don’t have to do it as now the system will itself arrange the apps systematically like all the social media apps in one folder, games in another folder, and so on.
  • You can also hide a particular app from the screen and find it in the application library. Also, the new interface does not take up your complete screen while you are on call or when you receive a call; you will see a small notification at the top. You don’t have to wait for the phone call to finish using the phone.
  • You can also set a default app for mails and browsers that can be Google Chrome and Gmail.

Changes in Media

  • iOS Picture in Picture: As per ‘Ios 14 Update Reviews’, you can now play a video while doing other tasks. You can multitask while watching videos.
  • App clips: If you want to use an app but do not want to download it, then the App Clip function is the solution.
  • Siri: Now, whenever you want to talk to Siri, it will not require the use of the whole screen; rather, it will be a small notification at the top.
  • Messages and emojis: The new update has many new emoticons with different hairstyles and looks that you can use while texting.
  • CarPlay and Smart home controls: The ‘Ios 14 Update Reviews’ say it has a new feature that can now unlock your car with iPhone, and you don’t need keys anymore. You can also use your phone to control your houses’ power, like switching on and off the lights and fans.


The new Ios update 14 has many new features that were only in androids before. You can now find widgets on the home screen, unlock your car with the iPhone, and control your smart home. Also, you find new emoticons and app clip function. Thus, the ‘Ios 14 Update Reviews’ is very helpful for all the iPhone users.

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