Je Marche Pierre Lavoie {Oct} Find Out More Here

Je Marche Pierre Lavoie {Oct} Find Out More Here

Je Marche Pierre Lavoie {Oct} Find Out More Here -> Stay safe and at home but never escape from work-outs and a healthy lifestyle during a pandemic.

Are you frustrated by sitting and relaxing at home for months? If not COVID-19, then self-isolation will drive you crazy and make you lazy. Recently, a French citizen launched Je Marche Pierre Lavoie in the states via a Facebook announcement. The movement surged within hours on the online platforms. 

More than a million people joined together on the latest weekend and walked five kilometers in the Canada. Are you willing to walk in your area with neighbors? We know the power of social media platforms, and sometimes, it brings incredible positivity in our lives. This article is a compiled write-up of the event and aftermath. Please read it carefully until the last section.

What is Je Marche Pierre Lavoie?

The movement is named “The Great Walk” in the Canada. It was started with a live stream on Facebook that gained popularity and became a viral video. Pierre Lavoie went online to call Facebook users to come outside and enjoy a mass walk. Over 148369 people responded to the online call and joined the walk with their pets or other family members. 

Where did it happen?

The Je Marche Pierre Lavoie happened in the La Grande area. 2020 has thrown calamity shockwaves throughout the countries. The last weekend experienced a mass walk where over a thousand municipalities participated in the Quebec area. Besides, organizing the mass and a long walk is to adopt good habits and old lifestyle. 

What’s more?

Grand Pierre Lavoie claimed that are people’s records are maintained on the official website. It is surprisingly shocking to receive countless responses within a short period. Gathering over 100000 people for a walk is a challenging yet accomplishing task, which Pierre performed on a large scale. 

Regarding the pandemic’s unique context, the walk organized was compelled to revise the strategy for the 6th edition. As a result, the participants walked over 5 kilometers of the area encompassing their locality. 

Why Pierre started the mass walk?

2020 is the sixth year when Pierre decided to organize the mass walk- Je Marche Pierre Lavoie. However, the situation is different this year. She primarily focused on bring people and help them adapt good habits since the winters are coming. Besides, she finds it disruptive to stay at home and in self-isolation in winters. As per her, walking permits us to maintain the mental and physical balance. Therefore, it will be better to start a walking movement to keep positive vibes even though the coronavirus is spreading. 


Sometimes, it is better to take hold of something useful for others too. Pierre is among good-soul citizens who decided to go live and start a 2020 mass walk movement. Je Marche Pierre Lavoie is inspirational to follow or adapt. Its sole purpose is to induce healthy habits into daily lifestyle. Kindly share your isolation routine with us!

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