Firemall Store Reviews [Oct] Will It Legit For Shop?

Firemall Store Reviews [Oct] Will It Legit For Shop?

Firemall Store Reviews [Oct] Will It Legit For Shop? -> The content shared throws a light on whether the website selling the electronic gadgets is trustworthy or not.

Today’s era is surrounded by electronic gadgets. So we are here to explore the Firemall Store.

During exploring the website, we will see the Firemall Store Reviews. Since electronic gadgets are widely purchased by the people nowadays so, we will examine whether the website is legit or a scam and what are its reviews.

There are many websites available that provide us with the latest models of phones, PC, play stations, and many more electronic gadgets. So, customers are always searching for new websites that can offer them with great discount, best shipping policy and are preferably cost-effective.

All over the United States, people prefer to purchase electronic items via online medium. So, this content will throw light on all important information that customers must see before purchasing any electronic device on Firemall Store, and we will also share Firemall Store Reviews that people are sharing online.

So, readers carry on your reading to know whether it is safe to do purchasing from this website or not.

What is Firemall

This website is available for purchasing the best-selling electronic devices of the most popular brand like Apple, Sony, Palm, and many more. One can easily have its favorite play station on this website. The smartphones and new models of Pc are also available on Firemall Store.

The return service or the service of getting the exchange of goods lasts for 30 days. The description of the shipping policy is available on the website.

To know more about this website, we come up here with some specifications of the Firemall Store.

Specifications of Firemall Store:

  • Type of website – an online store with the latest electronic gadgets.
  • Payment Options – PayPal, Credit Cards, and coin payments.
  • Delivery Time – 5 to 10 days
  • Shipping Cost-free shipping on all US orders or orders above $200.
  • Company email address – Company address – 1028 Stanley Ave, BROOKLYN, NY,11208, US
  • Company contact number – (917)960-8908
  • Return – Within 30 days from the date of delivery.
  • Refund – available.

Pros of using Firemall Store:

  • Best selling play station of top brands are available on the website.
  • It provides the customer with special offers and discounts.

Cons of using Firemall Store:

  • Firemall Store reviews are not positive.
  • Not active social media.
  • Newly registered, just 5 days back.

Is Fire Mall Store legit or a scam?

By searching online, we check the legitimacy of the website. The website has correct contact details with email and contact number. The about us page gives the brief description of the website. The website highlights the most viewed products as well as the best selling products, which makes the web page of the website to look good.

But there are some issues regarding the website as during our research we found the website to be very new. It is released 5 days back, but the website shows that it has 20 years of experience, so this leads to a contradiction. It is not active on social media as it has its page on neither on Facebook and nor on instagram.

Moreover, Firemall Store reviews are available online are not in favor. Customers have issues related to the service provided by them, and the items purchased by the customers are also not satisfactory. Moreover, customers still face difficulty in contacting them.

Based on the above information, we can say that the Firemall Store is a scam website.

What are the views of people regarding the Firemall Store?

On doing the research, we found that there are not many Firemall Store reviews available. The one available contains the complaints and the issues that the customer has to go through while purchasing the product.


The site is a scam as it shows 20 years of experience but has been listed 5 days ago. The website is not active on social media. Moreover, the customer reviews are not good enough that can encourage more customers to purchase a product from Firemall Store.

Though the Firemall Store provides us with the latest models and top brands, play stations, smartphones, and Pc, there is not any review of the site that can be helpful in trusting this website.

Due to the bad experience of the buyers as shared by them and sharing the wrong experience with the customers, we can conclude that the website is a scam.

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