Is Ucxstore.Com Legit {July} – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Is Ucxstore.Com Legit {July} – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Is Ucxstore.Com Legit {July} – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> American-styled jewelry is finally here for you in this post!

Do you become a miser when it comes to jewelry? Many online stores sell cost-effective and beautiful necklaces, rings, etc. while upholding your miser character. Is Ucxstore.Com Legit?– this question will help you in understanding the security level of online shopping. 

With beautiful and intricately-designed jewelry pieces, you can attend any party held in the United States. However, you need to be aware of the involved risks, benefits, and features of an online store. It is because you only see an actual piece when it gets delivered to your place. 

Ucxstore Reviews will significantly help us in knowing the legitimacy degree of this particular online shop. We have back up of our resources and analytical skills to answer your queries thoroughly. If you like our write-up, please share it or leave your views in the end. Let’s begin our e-commerce thesis. 

Is Ucxstore.Com Legit? 

You will find the answer to this question soon. First, let’s observe the services and benefits Ucxstore.Com offers. Based in the Youngstown, United States, this company does not have a valid operational address. The email ID and company address are merely a snare. 

On every order, you are liable to pay five dollars for shipping. However high or low your order amount is, you have to bear an additional five dollars, which is expensive. It also features easy 60-days return and exchange. Even if you apply for an exchange, you have to pay for the return fee as well. This way, your order amount will only increase because there is no refund policy.

Now coming to pictures and company background- the information on these two sections are duplicate with many scammed online stores. Hence, we do not have any legit information about the owner or the company. It all seems that we are shopping on an authorized cloud where the chances of oppressive and destructive rain are higher.

Analyzing the above information, we can finally answer that yes, Ucxstore.Com is a scam. Our article does not end here. Read other details to acknowledge a scam store in the online world. 

What is Ucxstore.Com?

Ucxstore is an online jewelry shop that deals in American-styled necklaces, rings, chokers, bracelets, earrings, bangles, and much more. The company claims that the jewelry pieces express your passion, beauty, and free-spiritedness. This information can only be backed up if you visit the website and have a look by yourself. 

Being an American-inspired online store focuses on attention and excellent care to make your shopping experience easy and smooth. Go through the below specifications and Ucxstore.Com Reviews to know other details.

Specifications of Ucxstore.Com:

  • Website type: Women Jewelry 
  • Delivery time: Depend on your location
  • Shipping time: 3-8 days
  • Shipping charge: 5 dollars
  • Return: Applicable within 60 days
  • Refund: Not available
  • Exchange: 60-days policy
  • Order cancellation: No information found 
  • Company address: Youngstown, Canfield Road 847, Ohio 44511, United States
  • Contact number: (630) 835-8390
  • Email address: 
  • Payment mode: PayPal Only
  • SSL certification: Yes

Benefits of Ucxstore.Com:

  • Plenty of options for the jewelry
  • Designer and trendy necklaces and rings
  • SSL certification
  • Ideal shipping time
  • Attractive website layout

Cons of Ucxstore.Com:

  • Higher product pricing
  • Imitated product pictures
  • Copied company information
  • Young website
  • Questionable customer feedback dates on products
  • Snare email address
  • Five dollars applicable shipping fee
  • Only one payment method
  • No social media presence

Customer Reviews:

We find over ten comments on the enlisted products from existing buyers. All have given five stars rating.; however, they are highly questionable. The website has 28th May 2020 as its inception date, and the comments are showing January, February, and even April month. 

Nevertheless, the available reviews are positive in terms of product quality, delivery, and durability. Apart from that feedback, we do not have any more findings. 

Our Verdict:

As per WHOIS and our “Is Ucxstore.Com Legit?” section, this company is not three months old. On this note, we do not advise you to shop. However, the complete information on the company’s background, product, and even address is merely an imitation. You cannot trust the website on any grounds.

The Ucxstore.Com Reviews on the products are dubious because they date back to April, February, and January 2020. By that time, the company never existed in the online world. Hence, those comments are purposefully shown there to earn your trust. 

Also, five dollars fee applies to every order. Are you ready to bear this expense regardless of your order amount? Think wisely!

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0 thoughts on “Is Ucxstore.Com Legit {July} – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

  1. It’s a scam. I saw a bench I wanted. I should have researched further but the bench typically sells for $129 and I found online for $84.50 at UCXstore. It got interesting once I checked out & applied for an online account so I can check status. I put in an email and password. When I tried to login it said invalid password. I knew the password but I reset it. A reset link never came & it was not in my spam folder. I could never log in to their site. There was no “contact us” data.

    I paid thru Paypal who gave me a shipping #. The item said delivered ( in 2 days) and left on my porch. I was home all day & ring camera didn’t pick up any porch activity that day. I tracked on UPS and it said 20 lbs delivered. My bench was 80 lbs. I called UPS who told me the address it shipped to was not my address and the address was not even close to my address or a similar address. Only the city and town match. So it’s now a week later and I’m disputing with PayPal but in reading other forums they are a scam. Oh I did save the link to the bench I ordered but when you go to their site they don’t even sell benches.

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