Everpup Reviews [July 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Everpup Reviews [July 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Everpup Reviews [July 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store that sells a popular dog supplement.

Are you always looking for new supplements for your pet companion? If so, then let’s check out Everpup.com. 

We found numerous Everpup reviews online. As we aim to provide essential information to our readers about established and new e-commerce sites today, we thought of sharing its details. 

Pet parents are always on a lookout for e-stores that sell products that can help their pets. Supplements that help dogs stay healthy and become more active are in high demand. 

Currently, this e-store that caters to dog supplement is quite the rage in the United States. Many pet owners are curious to find out more about the site and the supplement that it sells. 

If you want to discover a new product for your pet, then do read on. As here, we share information about the site and its product in detail. 

What is Everpup?

Everpup is a daily dog supplement that is claimed to be created with natural extracts. Its website claims that the supplement possesses multiple benefits. The site shares plenty of details about the product. They have listed the ingredients used in the product and also the name of the individual who developed the formula for this product. 

Unlike other supplements, Everpup comes in powder form. Customers who subscribe to the product can receive discounts. However, is the site legit? Is it safe for you to buy from this site? Here we share a few must-know things about the site and check its trustworthiness. 

Specifications of Everpup.com: 

  • Website type – an online store catering to a particular brand of dog supplement 
  • Delivery time – not specified 
  • Shipping fee – free 
  • Cancellation of order – Not mentioned 
  • Return/Exchange – No information provided
  • Mode of payment –PayPal, Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard 
  • Company contact number – 8889364226 
  • Company email id – cs@functionalnutriments.com
  • Company address – 1215, South Kihei Road, Suite O 155, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, 96753

Pros of shopping from Everpup.com:

  • You can buy the best-selling daily dog supplement. 
  • The supplement may benefit your canine companion. 
  • The site offers a discount on bulk orders. 
  • The store provides free shipping in the United States. 

Cons of shopping from Everpup.com:

  • The site does not accept cash on delivery. 
  • The website does not share any information about the return or exchange policy. 

Is Everpup.com legit or not? 

The website is SSL certified, and the domain is over 9 years old. The site is well maintained, and all the information about the product are clearly specified. Everything from the ingredients used in the supplement to the ways in which it can benefit the pet are stated on the site. 

The site does not share any information about its return policy or provides any detail about the average delivery time. However, the site maintains transparency with the visitors by sharing information about the company and its contact details. 

We checked the social media icons on the homepage, and both are active and direct to relevant sites. These are excellent signs that help us conclude that the website is legit and can be trusted. 

What are customers saying about Everpup.com?

As the website has been around for years, there are numerous Everpup reviews available online. We checked the site and found plenty of positive reviews. The customers share that the usage of this product led to a noticeable improvement in their pets. 

We continued with our search on other websites and social media portals. Most of the reviews we came across talk about the products’ effectiveness. Pet owners share that the inclusion of this supplement helped their canine companions in multiple ways. 

However, we did stumble upon a couple of reviews where customers appeared to be less impressed with the item. This is completely normal for any e-commerce store and its products. 

Final Verdict 

We evaluated multiple facets of the website. The site has SSL certification and looks well updated. The domain is over 9 years old, and a majority of the Everpup reviews online are positive. Consumers who have been buying this supplement for their pets have shared rave reviews for the product and the site. 

The site has laid out all essential information about the product and clearly specified its ingredients. After a thorough evaluation, we conclude that the site is legit. We suggest our readers who are pet parents to give this site a try. 

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