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Is Plinko Master a Scam {Nov} Learn Truth And Decide!

Is Plinko Master a Scam 2020

Is Plinko Master a Scam {Nov} Learn Truth And Decide! >> This article tells you about the working and authenticity of a gaming app, which helps to earn money online.

Are you a game freak and looking for some fun game to build up your reign on the gaming world? What if you could earn money by just playing games? Yes, there is an app Plinko Master that pays you for playing. In this Plinko Master Review, we’ll tell you everything in detail about this app

Nowadays, online games are in trend, and people spend a considerable amount of time playing mobile games. These games are fun, engaging, and a great pastime. People of different age groups indulge in this popular pastime.

Plinko Master is quite the rage among youngsters in the countries, like the United States, United Kingdom, etc. But is it real or just another scam? Many people share posts online tagged ‘Plinko Master Scam or legit’, as they are eager to know about its legitimacy.

Here we share reviews on Plinko Master, among other essential details about the app, so that our readers can make an informed choice. Let’s find out what’s the mystery – Is Plinko Master Real or scam?

Is Plinko Master App Scam?

As per our research, the Plinko Master App has thousands of downloads, which confirms its popularity. This app has most of its players from the United States and the United Kingdom. The app is only available for IOS platforms, which makes it sound secure since IOS has a status of prohibiting fraudulent applications on its platform. But, that does not certify Plinko Master’s earning credibility

In our investigation, we found that it is challenging to withdraw the money you get by playing the game, and this money earning policy is just a strategy to incentivize users to install Plinko Master Application while some positive points are also there.

Is Plinko Master App Scam or legit? The answer to this question is – the app is legit. However, we’re unsure about the legitimacy of Plinko Master Cash Out.

What is Plinko Master?

Plinko master is a free online gaming application available on the ios devices. It is a fun game to play. All you need to do is click on the screen to drop down the ball, and in return, you’ll earn a big prize. The more you play, the more rewards you win! 

This app claims to pay you money for playing. The developer of Plinko Master has produced several online games such as Pony Go-an adventure game, Lucky Purser- Simulation and Lucky Dice – Boardgame, etc.

Within just a few months, this application has managed to earn a cult following among gaming enthusiasts.

Does Plinko Master Really Work? To know more, keep reading Plinko Master Reviews. 

How to earn money from Plinko Master?

This app is an online gaming application developed by Good luck Studio limited. It pays you as per the level of improvement and time you spent playing the game. It is an entirely free application you don’t need to spend on downloading or playing the game

Follow the steps described down below to earn from Plinko:

  • Plinko Master app is for IOS users currently.
  • To get the app, visit the apple store or IOS store on your mobile phone.
  • Install the game on your mobile phone and access the application once it finished installing it.
  • All the steps of playing the game display on your screen.
  • Afterward starting the game, you’ll get a small amount as per your progress.
  • Once you earned $100 (its minimum withdrawal limit), you can use Plinko Master Cash Out to withdraw the amount from the app and transfer it into your account. 

Specifications of Plinko Master

  • Application name – Plinko Master App
  • Developer – Good Luck studio Limited
  • Available – only in IOS versions 
  • Category – game 
  • Accessible – only on iOS 10 or higher 
  • Application price – Free
  • Application Size – 114 MB
  • Application language – English 
  • Age- 17+

Pros of Plinko Master App

  • It is tremendous fun to play the game, and it does not require any technical skill to play.
  • The app has an excellent rating, and you can also earn a small amount of money.
  • Thousands of people have downloaded the Plinko Master App, and it makes the App accessible. 

Cons of Plinko Master App

  • There is a limit to the withdrawal of money
  • It is challenging to earn a higher amount in the game
  • It is cumbersome to reach the withdrawal money limit

Plinko Master Reviews: Customers and User Reviews

As per the users, the application is reliable, and kind of addictive & best way to spend time. Most of the Plinko Master Reviews online show the users are pleased and extremely impressed with the App. However, a few of the users of the app revealed that it is difficult to make a higher amount on the app. And you can’t withdraw more than its minimum withdrawal limit; $100.

It is simple to earn money initially, but it becomes tough as you progress at a higher level. According to the customers, the game is designed in a manner to stop you from reaching the withdrawal amount. They said money earning policy is a gambit to attract people to download the app. 

But it is normal for a money-making application to receive mixed reviews from users. There are a few negative reviews, but most of the users appear to be happy with the app. So, Plinko Master App Scam is a myth.

Final Verdict 

To conclude, as per the Plinko Master Reviews, the app appears to be legit and a fun pastime. Numerous IOS users have downloaded the game and play it regularly to have a good time.

The wonderful marketing ads and abundant social media presence make it a reliable app, and we suggest our readers give this app a try.

We believe our readers would have a great time playing this game. Download now the Plinko Master app for enjoying the game.

If you’re wondering about the question Is Plinko Master Legit. Then, the answer to that is yes. However, we are not certain of its reliability for earning a high sum of money.

Kindly comment below to ask your queries or provide us with your valuable feedback.


    1. Scam.fraud..been at 90.18 app says it pays you at 100….right.doesnt let you finish .Dont play a y games by this developer.shady business ethics..

      1. Up to 89.28 in 3 days. Then 10c on day 4. Not one penny after that. I really dont see where its all that fun either so will prob delete.

        1. Hier j’ai gagné 12 et arrivé jusqu’à 86.
          Aujourd’hui j’ai gagné 6 et arrivé 92.42.
          Il y me encore resté 200 ou 300 bols pour jouer et je n’avais rien gagné depuis.
          Comme toi plusieurs fois j’ai arrivé de avoir de blocks de argent sur la machine, mais les boules vert n’ont pas affiché sur tablo.
          Je vais reprendre jeux demain et suis très curieuse pour voir que ce que va donner

      2. This is true. When I downloaded the app last Friday I was earning money quickly, after a while the money I earned started slowing down. For the last past two days I’ve been at $90.37 and I used up all my free chances. When you earn all 25 of the different fruit you can win $1000. I’ve earned 21 and have been stuck on 21 since the second day of playing. I don’t think you can collect the $100. In my opinion it’s a scam

      3. I’m stuck at that amount for weeks. Seems like it has stopped adding the green money dots to the game. And on top of that, instead of cashing out you use your coins and green money coins to buy coupons. I’m deleting this game after I finish this post.

        1. Hi I installed plinko master and I also am at 21 out of 25 fruits so when I read the terms and services page there is a probility chart that shows all the fruits so the star and the last fruit on the chart have a 0.5 percent chance but I don’t think you can even get the star because I have never seen one yet I emailed the company and I’m gonna see if they respond but I just wanted to reply to ur review because I’m in the same situation as you

      4. I completely agree with you! I’m at $90.46 for months. Not one penny since. On 8/28/2020 I cashed my points in for a $5 Amazon gift card. I haven’t seen a penny of that either. I’ve sent nice and polite letters, I’ve sent mean letters. Nothing! They’re getting paid for all the videos you watch and you get nothing in return.

        Don’t waste your time!

      5. Same here. What a scam. Money pegs no longer show up. And when you get enough gold coins to cash out. They are out of the gift card


      Stuck at 90.28 for the last seven days…like everyone else mentioned. It allows you to build up to a certain point before it ever hits 100…never going to hit it…don’t download this piece of shit spyware. The commercials are ridiculous, at first they weren’t so annoying or long but towards the end they kept adding longer and longer commercial slots….GARBONZO!!!!!


    3. It is a scam, it never let’s you reach the £100 withdrawal amount. I’ve been on £91. 14 for over a week and over 5000 ball drops. Not even 1 penny or cent. Total scam and don’t waste your precious time on this scam and do something better. Anyting us better than watching thousandof ridiculous adds for no gain

    4. It’s a scam… I also got to 91 and got stuck. It’s the complain every other player get.
      I rather uninstall. It’s a software program in China to tap phones and retrieve info..
      No wonder the phone’s temperature increased, it get hot while playing the game…
      It’s a SCAM

    5. It’s a scam… I also got to 91 and got stuck. It’s the complain every other player get.
      I rather uninstall. It’s a software program in China to tap phones and retrieve info..
      No wonder the phone’s temperature increased, it get hot while playing the game…
      It’s a SCAM

      1. Unfortunately I have had the same problem made it over $100 as well.Still waiting even emailed them no response whatsoever ! I’m gonna delete this scam of a game


        1. Absolutely waay too many ads
          Never lets u get more coins after $80 or $90
          Been playing 4days still at 21 fruits
          Runs out of free plays quickly &
          1-2. Adds for every play
          So it may be a scam

        1. this game is a total scam I got to 97.98 then next day i was at 96.18 for no reason and stuck there I’m almost at 1 million purple points now will see if they pay out atbthev1 m spot

      1. Lol…….. Chill out dude, there’s no need to get so worked up over the little things, give yourself a cuddle and whilst looking in the mirror tell yourself “it’s not your fault ” keep your chin up bro and let this positive attitude off yours grow and surely there will be some happier times ahead! I love you man, all the best….
        Jerome Patel.. 👳🏾‍♂️

    7. Im at 90.28 with 21/25 fruits and I just got 2 10 coin blocks in a row on the slot machine and I got no green eyes on my screen. It’s a fat scam guys

    8. Will not let me casb my 100 out to paypall dont no reason why this is shocking as spent loads time playing just a shame not paying out for some reason as the comments on here saying its a ligit game but looks like another scam to me because not letting me get my money

  1. I have been playing Pinko Master an hour each day for the past 9 days as it allows you 30 chances each day to watch adds to get 30 additional balls. At first I was earning 10 bucks a day easily but by the 7th day when you are around $70.00 you can play 3 hours each day and only earn 3 cents. I am now on day 9 and I’m at $83.00 just $17 away from cashing out and literally plaid the game for 90 minutes and earned 1 penny. They suck you in by paying you large amounts $2.00 or $3.00 a hand but once you reach $75… it was stops. I will play every day until I get to the $100 then cash out and be DONE!!!

      1. It has allowed me to get to £90.68 but not going any further i had my doubts from the start and have been proven correct, they will cut you off at a certain point to stop you winning. That amounts to a scam

      2. I am stuck at $90.17 and am not even getting any money balls or any chance to even earn anymore. This cant be legal to do that to people…….

    1. Same. I’m at $90, and I haven’t been able to win a single penny in several days. Also, I won a fruit it didn’t give me.

        1. I agree with Jen and Disappointed Daisy – first few days the money rocketed (can’t cash out until up to £100) up until it reached 90.38 and has not moved for 5 days and the same as Jen, I won in the fruit machine and it didn’t pay out – if it seems too god to be true, it probably is! Don’t waste your time unless you enjoy watching thousands of adverts, usually the same ones over and over 🙄 I am just about to delete the app never to return 👍🏼

      1. Me too! I’m at $90.10 for awhile now and I cannot get to $100 to redeem it! They do that on purpose so they don’t have to pay! They SUCK!!!!

      2. I’ve just got to 92.16 from around 87/88 in about 35 minutes. I just watch all the additional videos to get the most balls.

        1. Same here been stuck at $90.29 for 2 weeks now without one offer of money and been stuck at 21 fruit for even longer, COMPLETE SCAM SPREAD THE NEWS! We need to figure out how to after these mainly Japanese companies for false advertising

      1. Same here. I started researching this “problem “ and discovered I am not alone. Still don’t know where the Bling points go or what they are do.

      2. I’m stuck at the exact same totals, $90.04 and 21 of 25 fruit. Haven’t had a single green cash token since hitting $90.04 and it’s been weeks. Game will not pay you. Plinko master now changed its name to Plinko Time even though nothing about the game itself changed. Guess that’s one way to get rid of bad reviews and not respond to support tickets.

      1. Been playing 3 weeks. Stuck at 91.07.not a penny won in 10 days. So still unable to cash out. I did reach the 5 million points for the amazon gift card which is a whopping..$2.00. Yep, a whole 2 bucks. 10 million=$10 & 15 million=$15. No fruit in 11 days.

    2. It’s a scam… I also got to 91 and got stuck. It’s the complain every other player get.
      I rather uninstall. It’s a software program in China to tap phones and retrieve info..
      No wonder the phone’s temperature increased, it get hot while playing the game…
      It’s a SCAM

    3. This app is bullshit I was 12.00 and some change away from cashing out, I had 23 fruits, and my coins were high. I did an update today and EVERYTHING is gone. Starting me over from the very beginning and I’ve been playing some March. Wtf! And now instead of cashing out to pay pal its giving the option to use coupons and the pay pal option is gone as well as Amazon card????

      1. Wow you’re the first person I’ve seen her past the $100, and if it won’t let you cash out it’s definitely a scam! I’m at $91.16 and it won’t give me any money coins to aim for just the gold. I’m also stuck at 21/25 fruit. Same as most other people!

  2. Dont know who your editor is but they should be fired, I quickly skimmed this article and found several errors.

    1. Hey cowboy, I’m pretty sure the point of this article is to verify that the app in question is a scam.
      PS: you forgot your apostrophe in “don’t”.

    2. I agree…its a scam. I am at 90 for several.days now and not even a single penny. It’s to attract the user into playing and then leave them when are close to $100.

    3. Total rip off, got to $90 and then not $0.01 for two weeks. On top of that, emailed their c/s twice w/o a reply. Lastly, have not heard of one person being paid $100 – RIP OFF!

      1. I’ve been at 90.94 for 4 weeks now and can’t get one red cent, and 21/25 fruit nothing else. And thousands and thousands of commercials rip off

  3. This is a scam. At $90 and it won’t give a penny more. Imagine that!!! Stopping at $90 when you need $100 to cash out. And the ads are ridiculous!!!

  4. Has anyone reached the 5million tokens? I’m at 2.7 million. Just wondering how much the gift card is worth once you reach the cash out on the tokens…. Also, I was able to get up to $90.05 in coins, then all chances of of obtaining any more has completely stopped.

      1. I got to 9 million tokens and got a £5 amazon gift card, which surprised me and worked, but stuck on £94.30 so no payout on that front

    1. It’s a scam… I also got to 91 and got stuck. It’s the complain every other player get.
      I rather uninstall. It’s a software program in China to tap phones and retrieve info..
      No wonder the phone’s temperature increased, it get hot while playing the game…
      It’s a SCAM

    2. The gift token for Amazon is £2 or $2 in us,I’ve been on it for a whole month not passed 90 if us regular people set up a similar scam we’d be hunted down hung drawn and quartered

    3. I’m over 5 million and instead of giving you a gift card, it magically gives you a discount to buy stuff n amazon… not a gift card. SCAM!

  5. I’m at 90.07 and 21 fruits and 2.1m coins, like one of the other comments said, I’ll play till I get something, maybe even the 5m coins mark.

    1. I’m at $90.21 and 21 of 25 fruit. it’s not giving me anymore green coins…. This is false advertisement 😳😳😳😳😳

    2. This app seems like a Big Rip off.. I’ve been getting close on £22 per day last 4 days and today I’ve got about £1.40, no green money tokens have appeared today in over 25 of the free rolls so that’s like 750 balls and not 1 more penny. I’m stuck in £88.61 also as most have said I have 21/25 fruits for the £1000. The Green tokens kept coming like nobody’s business for the last 4 days, Now it seems I’m shit outta luck!

  6. I’m at 84.09 and I got 21 fruits only been playing for about three weeks butni haven’t been playing everyday that’s where y’all mess up at 😅 you need to give it a few days that what the little green coins will constantly pop up Everytime you knock one our and don’t just drop one or two balls drop like 5 at a time you have a bigger chance of hitting slots and that’s where you want to be at when you hit the slots 💪💪 won all my fruits in slots ☺️

    1. It’s a scam… I also got to 91 and got stuck. It’s the complain every other player get.
      I rather uninstall. It’s a software program in China to tap phones and retrieve info..
      No wonder the phone’s temperature increased, it get hot while playing the game…
      It’s a SCAM

    1. I’ve been t 90.01 for over a month now, not 1 penny won in over a month. I’m also stuck on 21/25 fruits. I reached 5 million though and got a $2 Amazon token.

      Yes, it’s a complete scam. Stay away and waste your time doing something else instead.

    2. I’m on Android and it says only for iOS but people apparently yes apparently are not having any issues unlike apple customers but I say android apple there all sceeming lying scumbags!! Regular folks doing scams like this would be lite up and imprisoned

  7. I’m thinking that it is a scam because I’m at $91.27 with 21 fruits and haven’t won anything in several days….

    1. It did that to me now my other phone is apart decoration wedged in the wall it will do it more often than people realise 😭

  8. Been playing a couple of weeks, up to $85 and for days I’ve won fruit, but no awards given. The fruit is holding at 21 and no more. $ are few, only pennies a day. its a scam.

  9. Yea i also noticed the decrease in winning. I hit the $90.09 mark today and not a single $ was available today. 1st day no earnings just the coins.

  10. Playing this game – you will get to 90+$, 21 different fruits in 5-6 days but after that there will be no coins after that even if they appear on slot wins. Get to amazon gift card bonus will be really time consuming; i reached to 60% playing it for several days. Don’t think they will give any amazon gift credit as well. Also it become boring after watching so many ads everyday. Better utilize your time in something productive.

  11. I’ve been at $90.04 for weeks and I play every single day and nights and it will not allow me to get a si gel extra cent.
    In my eyes this is a scam.

  12. I am at $90.46, and have not earned a penny in days. Like other users said, this game pays you well to start with, but once you near the payout mark, the money stops. Do not play it unless you just enjoy it, otherwise you will be disappointed.

  13. 100% scam. Minimum withdraw 100 bucks that’s your first signal. 1 buck would be too much. If it is so easy to win free money by dropping balls, then imagine that If 1 million people dowload the game and win, then they would have to pay out a 100 000 000 bucks. This game is not fort knox haha, where would they get such an amount. I’ve downloaded the app to check, how is this possible, that they give away millions of dollars to anyone who drops the balls. I’ve played 10min. Dropped all 30 balls, watched comercial, dropped the next 30 and again for 10 minutes, They gave me 25$. I laughed so hard, easiest money in the world, so amazing hahaha. Then I checked redeem rewards box. Thats were it gets even funnier. You need to collect 25 fruits to win 1000 bucks. In 10 min I had half that, man,I would quit my job next and collect them fruits whole year if this was true haha. Its not. 1000$, yeah, use your brain. The next day I gave the app another 10min just for kicks. It went to like 40 bucks. I thought yeah if this goes this quick why not see what will happen when I reach 100$ for that withdrawal after an hour of dropping balls. What will they say, as did not expect no one to pay me 100 bucks… and … as expected. After round 42$ the green coins are really rare, the jars at the bottom dont give you dollars anymore. I gave the app like half hour to get 2 bucks. So 10min to get 25$, 20min to 40$, and about 1h to 44$. I am guessing it will take forever to get to 100$. All in all 1 hour wasted. It looks funny, but it will not pay you. I am guessing all the games where you can earn real money are like this. Imagine how much money they would have to have to pay you all 100$

    1. Game is OK if you justice gaming but a complete con if you think you will get to the 100 withdrawal. Like many I have been at just over 92 quid but playing all 30 sets a day for 2 months now not a single money coin. They stop when you reach 90.
      Google you should stop promoting this game as money wise its a con

  14. Same here. I have been stuck at $90.09 for a week, no coin block appears even when the slot says add 10 or 20 coin blocks it doesn’t add anything.

    1. Same here. I’m at $90.47 and the game won’t add anymore cash. Been on the same amount for over a week.

  15. Was averaging £10 a day,but as soon as you get you £80 it stops,been playing now for days and not got anything more…Don’t bother downloading it as u will never get enough cash to cash out

  16. I’m at $90.26 and haven’t seen a cent. You’re exactly right about the coin blocks not changing.

    Has anyone gotten close to the 5 mil worth of points to get the amazon payout? Do they stop giving you coins and it’s all just the black balls?

    1. There is no way to get any big payout. The fruits stop at 21 out of 25, and the coins stop around $90 (mine stopped at $90.06). I just got to 5,000,000 coins to discover that you win an Amazon gift card for $2.00. You can play to 9,000,000 for a $5 card or 15,000,000 for a $10 card. If you are willing to play the game for about 2 cents per hour then enjoy, but don’t expect to actually earn anything .

  17. Yep blocked at $90… For 3 days and not a penny has come up.. even watching all adds dropping 500 balls. I knew in the beginning there would be a catch and slow down to cents a day.. but it’s worse than way to win at all.

  18. SCAM I made it up to $90.12 within 8 days of playing the game. I have not received a penny in over a week now. I have 21/25 of the fruits as well and have not received a new fruit in at least 9 days. M husband has also been playing the game for about the same time and as soon as he hit $90. he stopped earning any money and we both need the same 4 fruits.

  19. I call shenanigans on this game…. You might be able to get the almost 5 million coins but you’ll never cash out with real money. I have 21/25 fruit and it shows you the 4 that I need but you never get them. I’ve played for the last 3 days and got 2700 plinko balls and I haven’t seen any money. you get to $90 and that’s it.

  20. I’m at $90.49 And 21/25 fruit, and beenthere for a couple weeks. I’m over 5,000,000 other points which awato$2 Amazon gift card
    I’ll try to reach 9,000,000 to get the $10 card and then quit

  21. This game is BS I’ve been at 90.24 for days fake game guys dont bother using your battery life the makers should be shot hung drawn and quartered nothing but lies

    1. Im sorry I couldn’t say before as I was still getting to the plateau. Didn’t realise it was a scam. After three days without getting anything or maybe a random 50 cent I asked a mate to look in to it.

    2. omg!! its only a $2 card? I am stuck at $90 and it stopped giving me any chances to earn more. I figured i would just continue to get the gift card with the coins,, but if its only $2 forget it!

  22. I have won 3 times = £100 each time .I have been playing for 4months .every day and I’m at my 4th win of 100 =86

  23. Im got to 92 bucks and 21 out of 25 never seen a green coin bottom or in the tumble… One user dissected the game. Data mined it. Like they do for hidden secrets. Tricks tips and speed running
    Apparently after 90 there’s a code that doesn’t spawn any green coins. Or fruits that you need. You can watch 100 videos then get a 20 coin but it won’t be on the play board. Its a scam and any communication is zero. As it’s a fake website with auto responses and have sold the premises. DO NOT EXPECT TO BE PAID ANY MONEY.. If you want to play to kill time cool. But I’d rather spend a £5 on a few bets than wasted my few hours a day thinking I was achieving a goal.

  24. Got all the way to 90$ decided to drop 50cents rather then watch a video, dropped down to 40$ then worked my way back up; kept repeating this process. Lowest dollar amount was 32.49$ This is not a game meant for quick cash as they advertise. Notice how you can buy new backgrounds? In order to get the cherry or the star you have to buy the additional skins. 150$ for one of them. If you honestly though you would get 100$ with little effort please pass it to me next.

  25. As with other comments, it is a scam. Got to £88.77 and green coins have stopped. Really don’t waste your time. These types of games would be banned and authors sued for false advertising. I am using the Android version.

  26. Has anyone noticed that the ads that play show winners getting big checks and all the checks are dated back from 2016 not a single winner shown between 2017-2020 that says a lot to me

  27. I’m at £90.19….been at this cash for 2 weeks. My advice is DONT PLAY THIS. Has anyone really got any money from this?⁹

  28. They get paid. for exposing their advertisers to you, the audience. Technically you do win money but never enough to withdraw it so they are working within the rules but very deceptively

  29. Don’t make an article about a subject you have no knowledge about, you make yourself sound like a lier and a scammer, and it ruins your credibility.

  30. Fake
    There is no intention to pay . They will make the money from advertisers for us watching their ads but we won’t get paid. That’s communism at play.

  31. I am also stuck at 90 dollars, not a single penny in 2 days and the slot spin 2 times lines up all green coins and it gave none. So YES Definitely a scam. ALL Money games are a scam. NONE let you cash out below a certain amount which they never let you get to. Only thing you MAY get from Plinko Master is the 10 dollar gift card if you reach the 4 million Gold Coins and that is only because AMAZON is marketing their site by allowing them to give away cards. And i believe it is only 10 dollars. There is no way money games let people cash out. The chances at a big win are worse than a real casino. That is because no one is paying IN and they would go bankrupt paying everyone 100 dollars every week over and over again. Common sense will tell you that before you even download this app. But if a measly 10 dollars from Amazon is your saving grace then play for however long it takes you to get that 4 million gold coins. Just enjoy the game and eventually a token from Amazon.

  32. SCAM! I am at $89.64 and 21/25 fruits. It was allowing a chance for money every time I played, but have not had a single penny in a week. Does not always give rewards from spins and does not always award won fruit. If you haven’t begun playing, don’t. It is not worth the time.

  33. On another site I read that the game is run on a “sweepstakes” kind of deal. That each person who downloads the game is automatically “chosen” to win or lose. Once you get to a certain point, it’ll stop giving rewards if you’ve been chosen to lose. At which point you can remove the game and reinstall, starting over with another chance. Honestly it’s not worth doing that over and over unless you actually enjoy the game and have time. That’s how they are able to continue. I mean they have to have some kind of gimmick otherwise they’d go bankrupt. Even with all the ads, if they gave everyone 100 and 1000 respectively…they’d go broke. Ads alone doesn’t support that kind of payout.

  34. It’s a Scam artist company … they lock the cash when you reach $90 and 21 fruits they won’t allow any more cash or fruit after that … delete it and leave you live don’t spend any time on those fake apps

  35. I’m stuck on 90.42 and 21/25 I’ve even got the 3 green x on the wheel and it didn’t give me any green coins down below

  36. I have have 21/25 fruit and over high double digits of repeat ones I also have had $90.16 for 5 months now and I play everyday all 30 tries I even win extra balls a lot so I end up have 40-43 balls at a time the game never offers any cents after this point for 5 months now everyday so you will never be able to cash out they get paid by you watching ads just research has to prove right I am looking into what they can be taken to court for at this moment so in short do not waste your memory space on any of these games they are all scams I suggest bingo on Facebook that actually pays only problem is you must get a invite from a member and that’s the hard part

  37. It’s a scam… I also got to 91 and got stuck. It’s the complain every other player get.
    I rather uninstall. It’s a software program in China to tap phones and retrieve info..
    No wonder the phone’s temperature increased, it get hot while playing the game…
    It’s a SCAM

  38. This app is 100% a scam… They sell your info to china. Also, the reason they have such high star ratings is the app will pop up a star rating during agame and no matter what star you click, it will always be max star rating. S C A M! Apple won’t remove the app either.

  39. Not only does this app not give you any coin bubbles after hit get to about $90 but if you spin and win more coin bubbles it doesn’t give them to you. And, after you have 21 of the 25 fruits, it only gives you the ones you already have…NONE of the ones you need even if you do get them. This is BS! To no honest I kind of expected this. I mean, how could they pay this out with so many people playing it. However, they should 100% NOT advertise they do because then it becomes a scam in my opinion. Even the ad you see promoting this app shows people winning and cashing out with like $15. What? Then you play and it says you need to collect $100…THEN it never lets you get there? I think something needs to be done about this but I’m sure nothing will be.

  40. It is a scam because it is easy to get to $90 and impossible to get more. So, why pretend to be a money game- just have for enjoyment. But billing itself as an app that pays off in money is false advertising. Or make it more challenging from the start.

  41. Complete scam. Been at $90.06 for a few weeks. Fruits 21/25. I made it to over 5MM and before it said you could get an amazon card. Now it says coupon and when you click on it nothing happens.

    1. I tried to redeem my coins for the 2 dollars To Amazon….. it’s been two weeks and still nothing. Actually deleted the app today.

  42. Scam got to $91.08 and stick there with 21 fruits and stick there as well. This game is nothing but a scam going to delete it. Don’t waste your time with it.

  43. Like everyone else, I made it to 90.08 in a couple weeks. I also had 21/25 of the fruits. I have been playing for 3 months just to give the game a chance. I earned 5 million coins and went to redeem them thinking it was something good. You get 2 dollars for amazon. I have deleted the app as of today. Look at the reviews on the games app. The reviews that give 5 stars, are complaints. Why they complain and yet give 5 stars is a bit confusing. Over all don’t waste your time thinking you’ll get easy money. You really won’t .

  44. I got to 95.89 and even when money comes down it does not go up. False Chinese advertising to get you to watch adds and not pay out.

  45. Just like everyone else on here I’ve been stuck at $90.10 and 21/25 fruits for MONTHS!!!!! Since COVID happened my family could really use the payout money but they aren’t allowing anymore chances to increase the money amount. This app is Ridiculous!!!!!

  46. I have been playing for 90+ days, every day. I have been stuck at $90.07 for 37 days, not a $ earning coin has been seen for that amount of time as well. I am now questioning the truthfulness of the app. While the game is fun and one develops sense of skill being achieved but I would say that it’s a chance game. After reading numerous reviews from individuals as well as websites that review the apps, it is apparent that actually earning enough rewards to cash out to Amazon or PayPal is almost never going to happen.
    Play for the sake of playing a fun game. If your thinking that your going to be like the people in their ads and cashing out at a store to pay for sugar to keep you up so that you’ll continue to play Plinko Masters put the app away, go to sleep and keep the dream of having all that cash as in their ads.
    Bottom line, the app is legit, cashing out is something to be wished for and is most probably NEVER going to happen.

  47. I think scam. I am stuck at $90.02 for a few weeks now. I am sure I have had over 20,000-40,000 or more balls drop and no green money dots show up. I have played for 2-3 hours per day watching ads back to back to gain more balls and spins. I think this is a money maker ONLY for the developers for the ads they do within the game. Do NOT waste your time. SCAM

  48. I’m stuck at 90.33 and there are no more green coins appearing ever. Like many others I have 21 fruit super quick but 4 never show up. Total scam, should be false advertising in my opinion! Every add telling you how legit? No app will ever pay out, thats facts!

  49. Jo būtų normalus žaidimas,tikrai nebūtų tiek reklamų 🙃all these games looks come from one company, bigest shit never played beformė,tetris iš better

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