Is Planetfocal Legit [July] Authentic or a Hoax Site?

Is Planetfocal Legit [July] Authentic or a Hoax Site?

Is Planetfocal Legit [July] Authentic or a Hoax Site? -> In the article below, you read about a website dealing with unique customized products in different categories.

This pandemic has made us more digital as everyone is switching to online platforms, rather than physical stores. Any product can be found on these platforms, with multiple options and varieties. In this article below, we have specified Planetfocal com Reviews

Planetfocal is an online webstore dealing with multiple categories. These categories further include furniture, sports, and outdoor products, vet products, and many other groups. 

The site is operated from the United States, and people are frequently visiting the site to check their products. Also, the site claims to have the best quality products at the best available prices. They have mentioned that they will customize the best products for you, and also assure satisfaction guarantee. 

We have mentioned some points and facts below, which will help you clarify the same. After reading the article, you will be able to conclude about the site and also will be able to find all the possible answers; Is Planetfocal Legit?

Is Planetfocal legit?

Planetfocal is a new online webstore. It offers products in multiple categories. We have found various loopholes on the website which need to be worked on by the site for smooth transactions. 

Firstly, the site is a new entry in the online market. This is why the least information about it is available online. Hence, it becomes difficult for the customer to know more about the same, thus reducing the trust factor. 

 Also, they have not mentioned customer reviews on their webpage. Links said at the bottom are also inaccessible. They may direct you to another page. This can question the authenticity of the site. 

Another loophole found was that the site is not well managed. The products are not displayed according to the categories. Hence, it becomes difficult for the customers to search for their desired outcome.

They have also not specified much about their returns and refund policies. 

Thus, we can conclude that there are chances of this site being a scam.

What is Planetfocal com?

Planetfocal is an online website dealing with products of multiple categories, which further include furniture, sports, and outdoor equipment, vet products, and many more groups. The site has tie-ups with many wholesalers and warehouses around the world. 

This thus makes it easy to make the product available to their buyers from anywhere in the world. They have contact with vet daily and production houses, which will help fulfill customer’s requirements. 

Read the specifications below to know more about the same.

Specifications of Planetfocal:

  • Website: Deals with furniture, outdoor products, and many other categories.
  • Email:
  • Address: Not mentioned on the site.
  • Contact Number: 618-348-6850
  • Shipping Time: within 24 hours of order placement
  • Shipping Cost: Free delivery
  • Delivery: 10-12 business days
  • Returns/Exchange: Within 14 days from the date of receipt. 
  • Refund: Within a certain amount of days, exact days not mentioned
  • Cancellation: Only before the order is shipped.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Credit, and Debit Card

Pros of Planetfocal:

  • Deals with products in multiple categories.
  • The site claims to have the best quality products.
  • The website is SSL Certified.

Cons of Planetfocal:

  • COD not available.
  • The website uses a third-party mail server.
  • Links mentioned at the bottom of the webpage are inaccessible.
  • Address not specified on the webpage.

Customer Reviews on Planetfocal:

Reviews available on other different platforms are thus mentioned below for more reference. Most of the reviews are harmful and not in support of the site. 

Buyers are not much happy with the products and the site. They have written that the site has copied content. The products they are dealing with can also be found on other sites at even lesser prices. 

They have also written that the products are not worth the money they have paid for it. They have found the prices to be higher and specified that the same products can be grabbed from the other sites.  

Also, they deliver the product in a longer time than mentioned. And. It is a tedious task to request returns from the same. 

Customers have also written that their queries are also answered after a long time, and sometimes they are ignored. Thus, the site is not responsive.

The above points might have given you the clarity on Is Planetfocal Legit. Read below to know the conclusion.

Final Verdict:

In this article about Planetfocal com Reviews, we mentioned all the facts and points about the site. In the end, we can conclude that the site is a scam, and it might be risky to place orders from the same, as they may trap you. 

It is also advised not to share any personal or card details with the same, unless entirely sure.

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  1. I’ve ordered from this company. I have not received my merchandise and their phone number is useless. I’ve emailed them and no reply. How do I get my money back??

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