Is Legit [July] – Is this a Scam Website?

Is Legit [July] – Is this a Scam Website?

Is Legit [July] – Is this a Scam Website? -> Read this to find out if a new online retailer of home accessories is legit or not. 

Are you looking to cover up those blank walls in your room? Then the canvas wall hangings available on are something you should check out. 

Simple decorations that can hang up your walls can add definition to an empty room. The canvas wall hangings are quietly replacing regular paintings in the market. They are available at affordable prices on online sites such as 

The site because if its recent creation date has had people asking Is Legit? The site manufactures out of the United States and has more to offer than canvas wall hangings. 

As you read these Reviews, you will find more about that and if the site is scamming you or selling you legit products. 

Is Legit?

Scam sites have become a common occurrence and with their somewhat legit layout manage to dupe customers. They all tend to have short life spans and seem to miss out on providing any transparency to its customers. 

So, Is Legit? It does provide full contact details, but the layout of the site is confusing. Although they categorize their products clearly, you will spot products that aren’t mentioned in the listed categories. 

It means they could not be legit even though the information provided is complete. 

What is 

The is an online seller of home accessories and hardware that has its base in the United StatesThe options of products are limited, with about 12 lighting fixtures in the LED light section. 

There is a mention of the online store selling select pieces to ensure they can meet the demands of customers on time. They also mention that they try to optimize the selections and the quality they offer. 

The details on the about us section are vague and show grammatical mistakes. Such mistakes tell you that the site was created in a hurry and shows possible signs of being a scam. 

What is unique about 

Their selection of the typographic wall art, as well as wall mirrors offered, is the most noteworthy thing. Even though the options are limited, but you will not need to search around the website before settling for the product you like.

There are precise product details mentioned on the site that tell you the dimensions of each product. Such information usually allows the customer to map out the except space the product would take. These features on the site could make it hit a home run with customers. 

Specifications of

  • Products- home accessories and hardware 
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Phone number- +16598009565
  • Shipping/processing time- 3-7 days 
  • Delivery time- 10-22 business days 
  • Shipping fee- free on standard shipping 
  • Return- 30 days from date of dispatch 
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Refunds- possible if the product returned properly 
  • Online payment- via PayPal, Visa card, Master Card, Discover or American Express 

Pros of purchasing from

  • It is secure with an HTTPS connection 
  • The website mentions a United States address
  • It shows the presence of a valid SSL certificate 
  • The contact details are complete with an email id and customer care phone number 
  • They provide with full product details with each 

Cons of purchasing from

  • Presence of grammatical mistakes in the about us section 
  • Absence of any social media pages 
  • The layouts make it look like they sell clothing 
  • It was created less than 6 months ago 
  • Products are available at unbelievable discounts

Customer reviews of the

The site currently shows no customer reviews, but online research will give you ‘website seems to be safe’ reviews. So, Is Legit?

Well, the site does provide necessary information that helps customers build trust with the website. These include precise shipping details, contact information as well as the possibility of quick refunds. 

But one cannot ignore the fact that the website was created less than six months ago and that is a staple with most scam sites. The images of some products is blurred. There are high chances of the product being visibly different from the information and image mentioned. 

Final verdict- 

The website in question in this Reviews has not been online for more than six months. It thus generates little traffic as a result, and there is a level of transparency provided by its makers. 

But since there are no customer reviews, we request all readers to not make purchases from this site to ensure you are not duped of your money. 

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