Is Genie Tlc Bra Legit [Sept 2020] – Is It the legit Business?

Is Genie Tlc Bra Legit [Sept 2020] – Is It the legit Business?

Is Genie Tlc Bra Legit [Sept 2020] – Is It the legit Business? -> In this blog, we see the advantages, disadvantages and the specification of the genie bra available on the site.

Are you fed up of the underwire bra and want to get a comfortable one for you? Well, this site lets all the women get the best and comfortable bras. But Is Genie Tlc Bra Legit?

A lot of women are not happy with the bra they wear and want to get a comfortable and a bra with optimum support and lift. This site provides a super soft product that has a high quality of lift and assures lift and shapes support to every woman and for every size.

Genie Tlc Bra Reviews help us to know the existence of the site that is in the United States. The web page provides the customers with access to buy these genie bras which have the best lift and comfort.

The developer of the site, Tara Cavosie, knows that the intimate apparel needs to be extra comfortable for the women to carry out their daily activities with ease. She creates solution based shapewear and soft, intimate wear for women. She is an award-winning designer.

Before we look into the details and the specifications let us know Is Genie Tlc Bra Legit?

Is Genie Tlc Bra Legit?

The site has been developed by Tara Covosie, who focuses on creating comfortable, intimate wear for women. The customers should have a clear view of the site and the usefulness of the products before they use it.

Therefore, we help them out in getting precise assistance about the site. We would advise them to go through the blog and only then end up on any decision.

What is Genie Tlc Bra?

It is an online store for shopping genie bras which are made keeping in view the comfort the customers need.

The bra is designed without using the underwire that makes it comfortable, and along with the cups used help in the lift correctly. Also, the bras have a convenient back panel that feels extra soft to you.

The bras can be ordered in combos as well as in singles. There are various colours for women.

What is so unique about Genie Tlc Bra?

The web portal gives the women access to shop extra smooth and comfortable bras for themselves. They can get double-lined comfort and soft band at the back that helps them to carry out their work with ease.

The bras have a patented lifting layer that lifts the breasts and helps the users to get a comfortable fit and let them feel confident. 


  • Product: Genie Bras
  • About the site: The site has been designed for women to get super comfortable bras
  • Developer: Tara Covosie
  • About the developer: She is an award-winning designer who creates comfortable, intimate clothing.
  • Aim: To provide the best lift and comfort to women
  • Features of product: Smooth band, and no underwire
  • It gives a right lift using the patented lifting layer
  • Sizes: All sizes are available for a comfortable fit.
  • Website:

Pros of buying from Genie Tlc Bra:

  • No underwire
  • Good lift
  • Various colours
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of buying from Genie Tlc Bra:

  • No details on the exchange 
  • No information on returns
  • About us page not given
  • No address provided

Customer feedback on Genie Tlc Bra:

We see that the site is valid and has lawful content. We find that the site has a lot of reviews which help the other customers in building trust regarding the website.

The customer reviews are very important for the other users to develop decision regarding the purchase. The site has positive reviews, and therefore it can be said that the product is useful.

The customers feel that by using this Genie Bra, they think no more digging and pinching, and it is super comfortable. The reviews show that these bras are suitable for plus size as well and have high-quality lifting.

By using these bras, the customers feel that they no longer need to wear wired bras to get a good shape and lift.

Final verdict:

After going through the reviews and the site, we feel that the product is genuine and of suitable quality.

The customers can rely on the product as it tends to meet the requirements of the customers. We feel that the product gives high-quality lift and that too without the underwire. 

Since the customer reviews are positive and the ratings are also good, therefore we feel that it is suitable. Thus, we can suggest the customers buy products from this web page.

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